November 27, 2007

Opting In To Get ZIP-Specific Ads

Newspaper_2 Hat tip to the kind reader who forwarded this Washington Times story about a new Gannett advertising module that's already been tested in the Indy market:

"Gannett Co. this month started an approach for its newspapers that targets advertising to specific ZIP codes.

"Market research suggests it could succeed, but the option is being introduced during a long slide for newspaper ad revenue.

"Borrell Associates, the market research firm, predicted newspaper ad revenue from real estate brokers would fall 37 percent by 2011 as more subscribers turn to the Internet for news.

"Revenue from all sectors of newspaper advertising continues to decline, compelling owners to invest more their Internet presence and innovate in newspaper advertising."

More on the initiative:

"McLean-based Gannett"s newspaper division this month introduced Sunday Select, an option for consumers to receive national and local pre-print advertising wrapped in an editorial product called 'Yes: Your Essential Shopper.'

"'What sets this program apart from other targeted delivery methods is the opt-in process,' said Leslie Giallombardo, vice president of advertising for Gannett's newspaper division. 'In our early research and development efforts, we discovered a group of consumers who are intensely interested in shopping information, whether or not they read the Sunday newspaper. The distribution is targeted to select ZIP codes that are highly desired by our advertisers on a distribution day that is important to their businesses.'

"Gannett tested the concept on 1,800 consumers and in focus groups in Des Moines, Iowa, and Indianapolis."

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