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Hey, At Least They're Telling The Truth. For Once.

Sayeth both the Governor's Office and the BMV, with respect to the latest BMV closings:

"Hope is in Garton’s district, and Silverman and Daniels’ press office said Monday that Garton’s position and his past and future assistance in the Legislature played a part in deciding not to close the branch there."

TDW guesses that's better than saying Garton's position had nothing to do with the decision to screw over lawmakers in every other district. But not by much.

Props to you, Mitch and Joel, for admitting your game of favorites. Don't know that that will help you at the polls, but way to go. TDW supports your honesty. Really.


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this may go down as one of the funniest moments in the Mitch adventure. His press secretary admits that the only reason he kept a branch open was because of Garton? It was a backhanded compliment if you read it closely. So, not only were they pissing off the rest of the General Assembly (who had branches close) by telling them and their constituents that they have no pull, but they probably pissed off Garton and made a mockery of their own criteria for branch closings. Quite the trifecta

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