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Unconstitutional By Reason Of Insanity

John Hostettler's up to his usual Ten Commandments craziness. But this time, even people on his side of the issue are, well, a tad embarrassed:

"U.S. Rep. John Hostettler's attempt to defy a federal order to remove a Ten Commandments monument from a southern Indiana courthouse lawn has bewildered even those who want the monument to stay.    

"Gibson County officials have distanced themselves from Hostettler, saying there was never any intent to defy the federal court order, which could prompt U.S. marshals to descend on the city to remove it instead."

Next thing you know, he'll be imposing a hunger strike while chained naked to the monument.


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Thanks for the vile image of Rep. "Gunslinger" naked, chained to a Ten Commandments statue.

Can someone explain to me how in the world he gets re-elected????????????????

Just, fwiw, I'm pretty sure the Ten Commandments monument was part of the promotional gimmick for the movie, "The Ten Commandments." According to the court decision, the monument in Gibson County was given to the county by the Fraternal Order of Eagles in 1956. DeMille worked through the Eagles to promote his film.

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