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Ain't God Good To Indiana? He Gave Us A Solicitor General

Attorney General Steve Carter has appointed special counsel Thomas Fisher to the newly created position of a solicitor general. According to Inside Indiana Business, Fisher "will be assigned specific cases of constitutional challenges as well as other cases with issues of vital interest to state government. The solicitor general will also review and make recommendations to the Attorney General on the state's participation in filing or signing amicus curiae, or 'friend of the court,' briefs."

Tom, make sure to bring the following things to your new office: Bible, Ten Commandments tablets, Planned Parenthood personnel directory, second Bible, some fresh ideas.

Of course, this may be more than an internal promotion for Fisher.  If you rewind the clock to March 2005, you'll recall the flap over John Lewis, who was chief of the tort litigation section in the AG's office before Steve Carter awarded him a $1.3 million, two-year contract to take the work into the private sector. The ethical snag: Lewis actually bid on and won the job while he was still working for state government.

Not until Mitch Daniels took office did the contract get the approval it needed from higher-ups in various departments. TDW wonders who'd handle the case if the AG's office had to defend the Governor in a lawsuit involving the misuse of his RV, which may or may not be state property depending on which day of the week it is and which set of ethics rules he chooses to apply.


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