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The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette States The Obvious

The AP picked up a story over the weekend from Fort Wayne about the difference in salaries between those who served under Gov. Kernan versus those who currently are serving Gov. Daniels:

"Key leaders of Indiana's government agencies are earning slightly more under Gov. Mitch Daniels than their predecessors did under former Gov. Joe Kernan, but most of their paychecks remain far smaller than what they could command in the private sector."

Ding, ding, ding!  And the winner of this year's Captain Ya Don't Say award goes to the Journal Gazette.

This is not something new.  People in the public sector routinely take pay cuts to work for government.  It's not like Joe Kernan, Frank O'Bannon and Evan Bayh didn't have a bunch of talented people working for them who could've commanded three times as much elsewhere.

One thing that irks TDW is the focus on those making over $100,000 in the administration. It's hard for her to feel sorry for them, since they're still among the top earners in the State of Indiana when you look across the board at everyone who lives here. That's not class envy; it's knowing that there are clerks in the BMV whose income is below the federal poverty line.  Government taking care of its own.

But here's the kicker: Did anyone bother to ask the new administration how many positions they've created and funded?  For example, how many pimply-faced college grads did it take to replace the talented veterans in marketing and communications at IEDC?  How many employees does it take to run the state's Drug & Crime Control grant administration process?  Why does the executive director of an itty-bitty agency make it her first priority to go out and hire a personal assistant right before she goes on maternity leave?  Does state government really need to be a repository for former and now unemployed Galyan's executives?

Maybe these people were needed.  Maybe the expense is justified.  Or maybe there's a better story to be told.


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