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Overheard: Real People At The New, Improved BMV

The walls of the not-your-father's-BMV may be free of footprints, but in TDW's imagination, they have ears.  Accordingly, here's an exchange you might hear now that Joel Silverman has blessed the remaining BMV branches with the wand of corporate America:

Two patrons are seated at the Virginia Avenue license branch.  Unlike before, when the chairs all faced forward, these two strangers are staring at each other.  An awkward conversation ensues:

Billy Joe: "So, sweet cheeks, what brings you to these parts?"
Bethany: "I, uh, I need to renew my license, and the television news reported that the BMV had changed its stripes to accommodate a different clientele."
Billy Joe: "Yeah, I heard that muhself.  In fact, my brother's wife, well, third cousin, well, whatever, she used to work at the BMV, but they told her she couldn't wear no jeans or flip-flops, and she told them to take that job and shove it.  Got a better gig at the Burger King down in Greenwood."
Bethany: "Wow.  That's interesting."
Billy Joe: "Shore is.  In fact, they won't let their employees put their feet on the walls no more, and Betsy Jane -- that's my sister-in-cousin-in-law -- had to take her child's crayon drawring off the wall.  That mighta been the final straw, to tell the truth."
Bethany: "So, what brings you here today?"
Billy Joe: *pause* "Is awful hot this afternoon."
Bethany: "I'm sorry.  Why did you say you were here?"
Billy Joe: *sheepish grin*
Bethany: *shifts in her chair, looks around the room for a clock -- or, really, any reflection of humanity*
Billy Joe: "This is kinda 'barrassing, lady, but I'm here cuz I ain't got no air conditioning at muh house.  And my brother, he told me this is a good place to meet wimmin.  Could I take you out sometime?"


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