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Federal Hurricane Finger-Pointing Leads Back To Indiana

How much did Gov. Daniels have to do with the underfunding of levee repair in New Orleans?  This story from govexec.com explores that.  Thanks to the three folks who sent the link TDW's way this afternoon:

"As levees burst and floods continued to spread across areas hit by Hurricane Katrina yesterday, a former chief of the Army Corps of Engineers disparaged senior White House officials for 'not understanding' that key elements of the region's infrastructure needed repair and rebuilding.

"Mike Parker, the former head of the Army Corps of Engineers, was forced to resign in 2002 over budget disagreements with the White House. He clashed with Mitch Daniels, former director of the Office of Management and Budget, which sets the administration's annual budget goals.

"'One time I took two pieces of steel into Mitch Daniels' office,' Parker recalled. 'They were exactly the same pieces of steel, except one had been under water in a Mississippi lock for 30 years, and the other was new. The first piece was completely corroded and falling apart because of a lack of funding. I said, 'Mitch, it doesn't matter if a terrorist blows the lock up or if it falls down because it disintegrates -- either way it's the same effect, and if we let it fall down, we have only ourselves to blame.' It made no impact on him whatsoever.'"

"Daniels, now governor of Indiana, did not respond to a request for comment."


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Clearly the one health issue that Mitch won't have to worry about is a heart attack ... he doesn't have one!

It will be interesting to see if AP or the Star pick up this story!

I really hope there are some members of the press corps reading this post. Mitch Daniels has never taken responsibility for ANYTHING IN HIS LIFE. Has anything ever been his fault? Think about it:

It wasn’t MY fault that IPALCO workers lost their life savings when I voted to sell the company to an unstable company; it was THEIR fault for not selling earlier. Oh, and it’s Osama bin Laden’s fault too, even though the stock tanked well before 9/11.

It wasn’t MY fault that, as OMB director, I plunged my country into the biggest deficit spending in our nation’s history. That was Osama too.

It wasn’t MY fault that I got indicted on federal drug charges, it was my evil druggie hippie roommates.

It isn’t MY fault when things go wrong in state government, even though I’ve been here for 8 months. It’s Joe Kernan’s fault, or I’ll blame it on Frank O’Bannon since he’s not here to defend himself.

Oh, and that Army Corps guy who points out the FACT that I slashed funding for levee projects? The guy who pointed to ME as an example of why we weren’t prepared for this storm? The guy who truly deserves to be saying “I told you so?” What should I do about that, because this completely irresponsible decision that I made a few years ago is coming back to bite me?

I’m going to do what I always do. I’m going to shirk all responsibility, because the buck has never stopped at my desk. And I’m also going to smear the reputation of anyone who dare question my decisions, my motivation, or my authority. I don’t care if that person is Mike Parker, a former REPUBLICAN congressman; I don’t care if it’s a former governor who literally gave his life to my state; I don’t care if it’s an elected legislator; I don’t care if it’s some mudball chucker from the Democratic Party; I don’t care if it’s some whiny teacher I just laid off.

I will belittle them, I will try and strip them of their integrity, I will discredit them and I will pursue them ruthlessly, because I am Mitch Daniels, and that is who I am.

Hopefully the people of Indiana will not decide that they want a leader who accepts responsibility when things go south. Hopefully Hoosiers will not grow weary of my childish finger pointing that reminds us if the “Not Me” cartoons from Family Circus.

Governor, you are a small man, and I am not referring to your stature.

Rock On Waylon! I could not have said it better myself. You only missed the part about the millions he lost while cooking up some hair brained scheme while at Lilly to buy some company they later had to dump at some huge loss. THe guy is not only small but he has bad judgement, really bad judgement.

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