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Coach Hep Wants You...To Give Some Money To The Senate Republican Caucus?

Hepwantsyou Does anyone else out there think it's a little odd that a Big Ten football coach would be the featured speaker at a $300 per head fundraiser for the Senate Republican caucus?

If you're all geared up to hear Coach Hep speak -- though, as usual, IU appears to have started strong against weak weak and faded out with no bowl hopes -- you can catch his live act on December 12 at the Downtown Hyatt in Indianapolis. (See linked flyer below.)

If you've got lots of extra cash around the holiday season, you have the option of ponying up $1,500 to become a "Platinum Sponsor" for the event. Or you could give that money directly to IU or the academic institution of your choice. At least then you'd actually be supporting education, which is something this group at the Statehouse seems reluctant to do.

If you're feeling downright cheeky, write that check out to the "Search Fund For The Next President Of Indiana University."

Download HepKickoff_flyer.pdf


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I must say I am shocked that IU athletics would get involved in partisan politics. Doesn't Coach Hep want to do everything he can to fire up Indiana about his football team?

This certainly doesn't inspire me. Even big-R Bobby Knight knew enough not to get involved in politics.

Course it may be that Harry Gonso, the Gov's quarterback, turned the screws.

Oh, and doesn't IU have a former bigtime R lobbyist from Florida as its (flailing) president? And didn't longtime R operative Bill Stephan work there for a few years? Scalia-lover Larry McIntyre? And others...? IU seems to be a big R hangout for people who's careers are in transition...

Disappointing IU, very disappointing.

THis pisses me off.

Did IU give it's permission to use the IU football helmet and logo in a Republican ad?

Seems like there's gotta be rules against that, copyright and ethics.

WHo on the IU administration, faculty and staff helped coordinate this on public time using public resources?

I don't consider the IU president as "flailing" - a couple of disgruntled faculty members does not a troubled presidency make. Keep in mind that the Board of Trustees stands behind him 100 percent. Somebody needs to look into this political use of the the IU logo though - very troubling.

Look, all of our big-time boosters are Republicans. Why do you think I want to ban those heathen tailgaters? Sinners!

Just wait till next year, when over half of our players will be Intelligent Design majors.

Kiss the Rock. Long live the Rock.

herbert is one hundred percent toast. the rock wont save him.

Well, I sure won't feel bad a second about hanging up on whatever poor schlub student they pick to call me for a donation the next time. Probably some ass-kissin' Young Republican anyway.

someone just told me that hep's decided not to speak at the fundraiser. good call, coach!

I heard the event is not going to occur now, in part because of the publicity from TDW...


Say it ain't so. We just put the thing up for everyone to see. I'll post the new one momentarily.

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