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Why Opinion Pages Are Fun: South Bend Tribune Presents Turkey Of The Year Awards

TurkeyJack Colwell of the South Bend Tribune hands out annual Turkey of the Year awards on the opinion page today. Federal recipients of interest to this blog:

"The Turkey of the Year Award for the most memorable quote goes to President Bush: 'Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job.'

"John Kerry gets a turkey stuffed with sour grapes for his revisionist portrayal of his losing campaign."

As for the statewide gobblers:

"For his unique contribution to the time issue, Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles Commissioner Joel Silverman is awarded a turkey for ordering clocks off the walls in license branches in the hope that folks won't realize how long they've been in line.

"Gov. Mitch Daniels gets a turkey with a pop-up timer -- set, of course, for daylight-saving time."

Thank you, Mr. Colwell, for a couple Sunday laughs.


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Maybe State Senator Pat Miller should get the Turkey Baster of the Year award for her "unauthorized reproduction" bill...

We all know she doesn't believe in using those things...

LMAO @ Commissioner Silverman. I just googled him because I went to school with his middle daughter Tamarah and I think that's hilarious. Thanks for the tidbit of info regarding the fact he still has his wacky sense of humor!

Don't forget the "turkey lips"..ie Dick Cheney.

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