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Ohio River Bridges: Turns Out, Some Folks Don't Like The Guv's "Consensus By Intimidation" Plan

LouisvillebridgeLet's head down to Southern Indiana, where it turns out a former Congressman, state lawmakers and local mayors are similarly upset about the Toll Road deal, though for an entirely different set of reasons:

"Former U.S. Representative Baron Hill, campaigning to win back Indiana's 9th District seat, accused Gov. Mitch Daniels yesterday of blackmailing Southern Indiana legislators and local officials to get his road-leasing bill passed.

"Daniels said earlier this month that state funding for the bridges project and other road initiatives 'would be in jeopardy' if he's not given authority by the Indiana General Assembly to lease the state toll road to a private operator.

"'He shouldn't be blackmailing legislators and mayors down here if they don't support him,' Hill said at a press conference yesterday on the Jeffersonville riverfront."

Say, where's Mike Sodrel on this issue?

"Cam Savage, Sodrel's chief of staff, did not address linking the bridges project to the Major Moves initiative but said Sodrel 'has been an advocate' for the bridges for decades.

You know, we're advocates for a lot of things. Namely, millions of dollars falling from the sky into our pockets, free chocolate on Thursdays and the elimination of the requirement to attend law school before taking the bar exam. But, see, we're not really in the position to do much about any of those things.

Mike Sodrel, you kinda are.

And yet, you're eerily silent when the Governor of your state waltzes into your district and threatens a project that's been on deck for decades.

We think we know which Ninth District Congressman is willing to stand up for his constituents when the going gets tough.

Thank you, Mr. Hill.

For television coverage of the event, check out this story from the ABC affiliate out of Louisville (free registration required).


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Thank goodness someone if finally speaking up and not letting Daniels get a free ride. If Daniels needs money for his major moves, maybe he could rent out or sell the govenor's residence since it is not good enough for him.
Sodrel? He just listens for his "marching orders" from the Republican Party.

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