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Just Because They're Not Storming The Castle Doesn't Mean They're Okay With Things

PitchforkThe Times of Northwest Indiana has more on the Toll Road issue:

"If Northwest Indiana opposes leasing out the Indiana Toll Road, it surely didn't show on Wednesday.

"No one -- not a single interest group, local official or concerned citizen -- from Lake, Porter or LaPorte counties came to the Capitol to speak against Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels' plan to leverage more than $2 billion by turning the Toll Road over to a private firm.

"That's not to say the 75-year lease deal is without its detractors.

"'Nearly 90 percent of my (constituent) surveys have come back against it,' said Rep. Chet Dobis, D-Merrillville."

Well, one reason there might not have been anyone there is that it's an awfully long trek for most Hoosiers to make, and it requires taking a day off work.

For what it's worth, this guy wins the Quote Of The Day award:

"'The governor has asked us to be open-minded about this,' said William Boyd of Bloomfield, in southwest Indiana. 'I think the governor is so open-minded that his brains fell out.'"

Yeah, yeah, it's not new material. But it made us giggle.


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My favorite protest was during last year's voter ID debate. A busload of people came down from Gary saying they couldn't afford/couldn't get to a license branch to get an ID. Yet, they took a day off work (or sitting in the welfare line) to travel down to protest. Whatever.

You're so right, nothing better then laughing at poor people.

Wow you really do work for Mitch don't you?


I don't work for Mitch. You might actually be surprised who I work for. Most employees do have a mind of their own, you know.

my best guess is that you're a rokita drone

I doubt I'd be real suprised, you're a cog in the Republican run state gov, which means you work for Mitch. Yeah there may be a few bootlickers between you and the not so big man, but either way your marching orders come from the guy, who get his from the guy who gets his from Mitch. Give or take a few guys in between.

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