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More Bridge Coverage: I've Got The Feeling Someone's Gonna Be Cutting The Thread

DamoclesMore coverage of the Guv's Ohio River bridge threat and the response it evoked from former U.S. Rep. Baron Hill and Indiana legislators and mayors:

"Not everyone is sold on Gov. Mitch Daniels’ 'Major Moves' project, a plan that includes the 75-year lease of Indiana’s Toll Road to an Australian-Spanish consortium for $3.85 billion.

"Former Ninth District Congressman Baron Hill led a group of Democratic legislators and mayors from southern Indiana at the Jeffersonville Overlook Saturday morning to express their concerns over Daniels’ plan. Hill said Daniels is basically threatening legislators from the southern Indiana area by saying they must support the road project or else not receive dollars for the project that would construct two new Ohio River bridges.

"'We shouldn’t play politics with the bridges across the Ohio River,' Hill said. 'It’s petty politics.'

"Local mayors and legislators should not be blackmailed, Hill said.

"'I think it’s a real threat,' Hill said. 'I take it seriously.'


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