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Question For the Masses: How Many Mayors Did Mitch Get To Stand With Him?

From today's edition of Indiana Daily Insight:

"Look for the Governor to be joined by a score of mayors from across the state to promote his Major Moves economic development plan this afternoon. To date, more than 40 mayors have expressed support for Major Moves."

Anyone know how this event turned out? Haven't seen any media coverage, but the event was supposed to be at 3 p.m. Please share with the group if you've got the inside scoop.


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According to the indystar.com, more than 30 mayors endorsed Major Moves. I am told that the Star knows that Mitch lied out his ass about this, and knew it 6 hours ago, but still has the story up on their site.

You are correct, anon. Daniels completely fabricated the mayors' endorsement. It will be interesting to see if the press calls him out. My money says they let him slide on blatant lies.

It's truly amazing that in over a year now that this hasn't been said, so I guess I'll be the proud one to break the ice...


If you go to the states web site there's a press release that lists all the Mayors.

The voters in there Cities and towns should flood their Mayor's office with phone calls and e-mails. Asking why they would be willing to sell off our state and remind them that we will not forget come election day.

If you do call your local mayors, I think you'll find that quite a few of them shouldn't have been included on that press release. And that they're pretty hopping mad about it right now.


We're working on a longer post about this issue. Basically, it would appear the Governor's Office didn't dot any eyes or cross any tees yesterday. It's always a good idea to ask people before you publicly announce their stance on a very controversial topic.

There was a picture on TV (WISH-TV) showing him with the mayors but I didn't count them. There were quite a few in attendance for the photo op though.

Yeh, most of the crowd were a bunch of intimidated Republicans and blind Democrats!

Just bumped into this site. I guess not a conservative for miles eh? Bunches of liberals and wanna-bies.

Mitch is "leading" that something we havent seen for 16 years. Just wait there's alot more coming.

maybe you should bump into a grammar book

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