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Run, Bambi, Run: Oh, That's Right, There's Really Nowhere For You To Go

DeerThis might be a stupid question from a gun-shy bunch o' bloggers, but seriously, who shoots deer in a pen?

Do we not have enough deer in Indiana that could be shot outside of a contained space? They seem to be pretty prevalent, especially during feeding hours and mating season. (Yes, yes, we know there are rules about when and where you can hunt. Psshaw. One of Gal TDW's exes once told her a story about how he and his buddies shot up one of those mechanical deer they use to catch people who shoot deer in places they shouldn't. This was not the sole reason he became an ex, but it probably did factor into the psychological decision.)

Anyway, isn't it kind of lame if you're a hunter to go back and tell your buddies that you killed a deer that couldn't go anywhere?

Honestly, this is just doesn't make sense to us, but there has to be a market for it. Someone, please help.


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I think there's a misconception about this issue. It's not like you are hunting in the back yard. These canned hunts are acres upon acres of woods. A canned hunt is like fishing in a big lake. The fish can't get out, but it's waiting to get one is still a leisure activity.

That said, I could give a crap if this passes or dies. Then again, I've never hunted.

I would argue that this is more like fishing at a fish farm, where the ponds are very small and there are hundreds of hungry fish who are put there by a business owner.

I think that this is very those who want to "hunt" but don't want to do any work (like: leasing land, getting up at the butt-crack of dawn, riding to your tree stand, waiting in the cold weather, shooting, tracking, field dressing, hauling the deer to the butcher). Probably another example of our consumer driven society seeking instant gratification and results from no real work.

Hunting's not my bag, but I know plenty of folks who enjoy it. This canned hunting is not hunting. I think it's called "canned" because it's like shooting fish in a small barrel or "can."

Who shoots deer in a pen? Country music stars, that's who. Think about it and yeah, it's for people who can't live up to their own ego. So they have to compensate some how, and what better way to impress the boys in Nashville (Indiana or Tennessee) then having a nice deer head mounted on the wall? They don't have to know that it was a setup, if you've gone this far with the lie, you can probably convince them as well.

And a canned hunt is still a lot easier then hunting in the open, there may be acres of land, but there is also that fence they'll never jump. Fish have to bite to catch them, deer don't have any choice in the matter.

Thanks for the insight. I've only shot a gun once in my life, so this is obviously not an issue that's near and dear (deer?) to my heart.

Could be a perk for execs from Kentucky businesses who've landed those big Indiana contracts. Down there at Walmart they put the deer food right across the aisle from the shotgun ammo. So it probably doesn't bother them to shoot things that can't get away!

Well, this crowd of commenters is at least honest about their limited knowledge. Consider that the wildlife in the state belong to everybody, not a few property owners. This is tantamount to using animals for target practice. Every sportsmen's group is against it. The pro argument is that some poor Amish farmers and a half dozen others will suffer terrible economic harm or deprivation if they are shut down and can't sell their deer to the live target enterprises. This is just business.
Compare the lost revenue not only in hunting licenses, but also in secondary industries that sell the hunting gear and process the deer if just one case of terminal Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is found in the state. That will be a huge impact! Do your homework.

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