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The Education Of Mini-Me: Guv's Tax Amnesty Spending Plan Receives Somewhat Tepid Applause

EducationThe Times of Northwest Indiana brings us a look at the Governor's decision to spend $156 million in tax amnesty money on education:

"Gov. Mitch Daniels announced he was distributing $156 million of special funds to schools during his state-of-the-state address earlier this month.

"But that's not new money. It's money the schools were going to get sooner or later.

"The governor just made sure it was sooner.

"The move was Daniels' attempt to reinstate a payment system that was altered in 2002. At that time, the state changed its pay schedule from six payments in both the first and second half of the year, to five payments in the first half and seven payments in the second half. The governor decided to return to the allocation schedule to equal payments, meaning that the school corporations will be getting more money now but less in the second half.

"'It's a nonevent for schools because the money is coming in and it's gonna go right back out in September,' said Rod Gardin, superintendent of East Porter County School Corp. 'It's really just financial gimmick.'"

Oh, our broken heart. A gimmick? Enough with the crazy talk.


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Amnesty, schmamnesty! Rumor overheard was some folks were told they should not pay taxes and wait for the amnesty deal. That would make it look like the gov. had a real success story. And then for a fact, there were taxpayers who were refunded money they insisted was not owed them. Then when the amnesty thing came around, these folks got letters stating they should take care of their debt during the amnesty and pay up. At least one person stood their ground and refused to pay interest on the 'refund' (which was held in a bank for the day the "mistake" was discovered)and also demanded and got a letter stating the error and that the individual did nothing wrong.

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