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Because It's Friday Afternoon, Here's A Trio Of Fun Things Overseen By Becky Skillman

TreeThe Department of Tourism advertising and website redesign RFP has been posted. Get out your proposal-writing pen, Bandy Carroll, and maybe you'll get another chance to develop a horrible ad campaign for a state agency.

Speaking of tourism, if you'd like to submit a suggestion for the state's new slogan or read what some other people think we should adopt, click here. There are a couple real doozies, and we empathize with the poor marketing person who's on the receiving end of that e-mail address. Still it's nice that the state's taking input.

Here's our favorite from the site: "Visit Indiana and enter a state of euphoria"

Forgive us if we more frequently align "euphoria" with acts that are not entirely tourism-related.

And finally, from the land of agencies under the Lieutenant Governor's purview, we give you this press release from yesterday:

"Lt. Governor Becky Skillman has announced the creation of a new position aimed at increasing economic development opportunities for the state's hardwood industry."

We promised a friend that we would say nary a word about the state's new commitment to hardwood, but we can't stop you from chiming in. Any way you slice it, that's got some seriously funny potential, both on its own and as part of a new state slogan.


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Given the current rate of obesity here in our fair state, I think Indulge in Indiana, while crude, is probably quite accurate!

Speaking of, it's Friday, doesn't the female TDW have a class that meets on Friday evenings that she at which she hs not yet made a showing?

Yes, she does.

What's it to ya?

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