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Destined To Die: Lawmakers Trying To Skirt DNR Canned Hunt Ban

Deer1South Bend's editorial board condemns canned hunting and a last-ditch legislative attempt to preserve it in Indiana despite objections from the executive branch:

"Lest anyone think this is a dispute between animal protection advocates and hunters, it isn't. Many of the comments that the director collected came from hunters who are disgusted by the unsporting aspects of shooting captive animals at close range, often while they are at feeding stations.

"This is not a practice that should exist in Indiana for the next seven years, or even the next year. It is not governed now by state law, which is the reason Hupfer stepped in. His judgment was fact-based and sound. It should not be second-guessed at the 11th hour by the General Assembly.

"The House has passed House Bill 1349. The Senate should vote it down on its merits. In the event that it does not, we hope that Gov. Mitch Daniels will support the judgment of his DNR director and exercise his veto."


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i'm *so glad* this story has come up again! what glorious timing.

remember the story from yesterday about cheney shooting another hunter? one detail that was not mentioned in some of the initial press coverage was the fact that the shooting occurred at a canned hunting facility just like the ones MMM doesn't want shut down!

so if you've been wondering what kind of sick individual would actually want to shoot fish in a barrel, now you know: dick cheney and friends.

oops, i misread that first sentence. MMM's appointee hupfer does in fact want to shut down the canned hunting facilities, which suggests that MMM would also want to shut them down. some in the legislature apparently disagree.

The reason given for not shutting down canned hunting is that it would be the government depriving people of their jobs/business. So what? A whole lot of state employees have been canned in the last year.

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