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Here He Comes, Mr. Advance America: Local Blogger Follows Eric Miller's Shady Antics

Eric_miller0Because we're short on time this morning, we want to direct your attention to a boiling controversy that's being tracked -- and investigated -- by local attorney and blogger Gary Welsh. Here's a hint: It has to do with our favorite far-right whackjob who ran for Governor in 2004.

Gary's done a remarkable job breaking and following this story, and we sure hope someone from the mainstream media will tune in soon. This is big, bad stuff, and there's no one under the sun we'd like to see brought back down to Earth than Eric Miller.

Holier than thou? Not this thou.

Give Gary's site a read. We don't always agree on fiscal policy issues, but this ain't a fiscal policy issue, though it has its fiscal twist. Spread the word. See if we can't get this some press.


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This was a great story. I intend to email it to the political reporter at the south bend tribune.

Great story .... I'd sure like to see Eric Miller hoisted onto a cross of his own making, but me thinks that Mr. B will not be pursuing this since he's damned no matter which way he goes. It will be interesting to see how this one plays out.

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