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Privatize This: Welcome To The [Corporate Sponsor Here] Indiana Governor's Residence

HouseforsaleThe city editor of the Michigan City News-Dispatch is proposing privatizing the Governor's Office:

"So in his effort to streamline state government by privatizing major portions of it, it's worth wondering if he has considered privatizing his office.

"Why not find out what companies would be interested in bidding to lease the office for 75 years. It looks like Indiana is going to get $3.8 billion for leasing the Toll Road, so the governor's office ought to be worth at least half that. Heck, a house comes with it.

"The governor's mansion alone could be a real money maker. Turn it in to a bed and breakfast. It would be sort of like the Clinton White House when deep-pocketed Friends of Bill were allowed a night or two in the Lincoln bedroom. Except in this case, the money won't be going into anyone's campaign chest. The money would go right in to the state's general fund."

Well, it's not like Daniels and the Missus are ever going to live there.


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The Governor's Office has been privatized. You can find the purchasers' names at Aiming Higher dot con . . . er, I mean, com.

lord, i'd pay good, good money to read something like that on the edit pages of the indy star.

Why don't we lease state government to some other state (like all of Mitch's contracts) and then he could just sit in his office all day and figure a way to spend all the money? Heck, we could have enough surplus to get W out of a hole!

Like Clinton's Lincoln bedroom? Sheesh, old habits die hard, don't they? Bush has feted big-money donors at an equal rate, the difference being the current occupant won't own up to where they actually sleep.

You'd imagine that in 2006 the default sleeze position would have shifted to the GOP, wouldn't you?

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