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Wave Of The Political Future: Scouring The Internet For Naughty Things

FacebookThe Ellsworth photo flap made Hotline today:

"The '06 campaign could mark the first time online networking sites cause havoc on the trail. Facebook, where college students post their pictures, profiles, and interests, has soared in popularity over the last year, and already has caused several controversies on the political front. In October, Gawker posted pictures from the profile of Tim Russert's son, Luke, lying in a hot tub with beer bottles and bikini-clad women.

"Samuel Alito's son, Philip, removed his entry after his father was nominated to the Supreme Court.

"The latest online profile controversy is over IN 08 Dem candidate/Sheriff Brad Ellsworth's 19-year-old daughter, Andrea, who's a student at IU. Over the weekend, Indiana Law School student Josh Claybourn passed along Facebook pictures of Andrea drinking beer, while pointing out on his blog that she's underage. Rep. John Hostettler's campaign has begun to make light of the pictures. His spokesperson said the controversy illustrates "the serious consequences of violating the law." [JOSH KRAUSHAAR]

"In many other districts, this incident would merit little attention. And usually family members of candidates are considered out-of-bounds. But in a culturally conservative part of southwest Indiana where Dems need to get every vote they can muster, highlighting the sheriff's daughter's underage drinking -- however minor it is -- could have an impact.

"One of the responses to Claybourn's post contained personal information about Gov. Mitch Daniels' daughter -- also from her Facebook profile. It makes you wonder: will candidates tell their college-aged kids to stop posting for fear of public embarrassment?"


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fyi: joshua claybourn has won atrios's prestigious "wanker of the day" award. the truth is out there:

i would post on ITA to congratulate them, but i have been banned:

Think of yourself like a banned book. They're the most interesting ones, anyway.

People need to get a life.

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