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Bringing Out The Worst In People: Guv Gets Booed At Pacers Halftime Ceremony

PacersSo, did anyone watch the Pacers game last night where Reggie Miller's number was retired at halftime?

Sorry, Guv, but the verdict's in: They hate you. They hate you. They really, really hate you. (For anyone who didn't catch the game, Mitch Daniels was loudly booed when he took center court for the retirement ceremony.)

Some will no doubt call this classless. Others will say he had it coming. No matter what, it's a pretty clear reflection of what people think of the guy.

He'll have to buy a lot of advertising and get some new flannels to overcome this popularity funk.

UPDATE: We're told you can catch a replay of the ceremony on the Pacers website or by following this link.


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Everything is the previous administration's fault? Sounds awfully familiar.

Did anyone else's mother say never to point a finger at anyone else because three are pointing back at you?

That is a riot!! Not only does he not have his twang, but he's blaming everything on the Clinton Administration!

Go to and scroll down to February 5, 2002.


Along this line, a fun thing to do is go back and watch Mitch's Senate confirmation as OMB director.

There is no hint whatsoever of any drawl, Hoosier or otherwise. The guy's a total fake.

Maybe they give classes in such things as fake folksy diction in Ivy League schools? Send your kid to a high falutin' college back East, and s/he comes back talking like a hick. One is curious about Willam F. Buckley's thoughts on the matter...

That hideous rural drawl probably came from the same place as the one Dubya mysteriously acquired when he set out to be the "people's president" :-) Funny that neither of their siblings has any kind of accent!

I was at the game and very much enjoyed to booing of the gov. Truthfully, the Mayor did get booed too, though to a far lesser extent. I was also at the Kings game a couple of weeks ago and I find it funny to note that the Gov got booed much more than Ron Artest!

I saw the replays of Daniels getting booed on Channel 13. A reporter asked him what he thought of it during his media availability today, and surprisingly he stumbled and fumbled around for an answer (kind of like he did when he actually spoke during the ceremony last night, according to other posters?). Finally, he said, "Well, Mayor Peterson's video got booed, too." Waah.

The Governor boo is at 6:54 of the clip.

How did this graduate of North Central HS, Princeton, and Georgetown manage to develop that hideously affected rural drawl? Slick Leonard he is not...

Tully's blog is FULL of comments. The majority give to him straight, and then there are the idolizers who have not taken off their rose colored glasses who are as shallow in there gushing as their man Mitch.

People have figured it out. He's NOT their man. He's nobody's man. He's in it for the power trip for himself. Period. Last night's experience will likely just be an opportunity for him to beef up his rationalization skills.

If you go to you can watch the video -- the video doesn't do it justice as it was deafening last night (I was at the game). You can tell he was very uncomfortable and was somewhat fumbling his words, etc.

any way to get a video clip of the boo- morama?

Not good when 18,000 random people boo you. This wasn't a partisan event, these were every day people Mitch. Of course blowing your cue and trying to give you speech right away didn't help.

That said I'm still not sure why politicians from either side were allowed to speak. Seems like the Pacers should've known better.

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