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Brizzi Fundraiser: GOP Heavies Host Event For Their Last Hope In Marion County

BrizzilogoNo one really knows what former gubernatorial advisor and Conseco flack Mark Lubbers is doing for a job right now, but it looks like he'll be raising money for Carl Brizzi next month. A recent e-mail from the state GOP announced the fundraiser. If you're interested in who's hosting, here's the invite: Download april_18th_brizzi_eventpdf.pdf

Wonder if Mitch Roob will be at this one. We know how fond he is of his old pal, Carl, and his employee, Melanie. Too bad the Guv put the kibosh on agency heads at fundraisers after INDOT chief Tom Sharp hosted an event for top-dollar donors last August.

By the way, here's the language the campaign used in the e-mail announcing this event: "Your support of Carl is absolutely essential in providing the necessary funding to keep Carl as your Marion County Prosecutor. We MUST re-elect Carl Brizzi because he is the only Experienced, Tested and Tough choice."

Translation: We need your money because it's going to be an expensive venture trying to cover up all the mistakes this guy has made the over the last three years.


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Surprising that they would let Mike Murphy cohost the event. it seems like everything that guy touches turns to crap. Brizzi would be smart to distance himself from the county GOP but it sounds like he's having them do all the dirty work on this campaign.

Interesting co-host note: Kris Altice, wife of Judge Robert Altice. I think Judge Altice is actually presiding over a case that Brizzi is "personally handling".

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