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Senate Votes In Play: Earline Rogers To Support "Major Moves" This Week

GreenlightAnother Senate Democrat will vote for the Guv's "Major Moves" plan:

"Sen. Earline Rogers, D-Gary, received assurances from the governor’s administration that she will receive all of the concessions needed for her to vote 'yes' on Major Moves.

"'I am going to support Major Moves,' Rogers said. 'With all of the dollars for the RDA, this is too important for our area.'

"Rogers had asked for job training for minorities and small contractors to better position them for construction jobs expected under the governor’s road building program. A new 'Major Moves Construction Fund Training Program' should be unveiled on Monday, she said."

If Daniels is going after green lights in the 17-member Senate Democrat caucus this hard, one has to wonder how many of his own folks he's expecting not to vote for the proposal.


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First Sen. Howard and now Sen. Rogers??? I wonder what Sen. Minority leader Richard Young is thinking?

He's probably thinking, "gee, it's a good thing there are no leaders in this caucus and everyone hates Vi Simpson or I'd be in trouble."

worthless caucus

excuse me for a minute while I put on my hat of "Senate Democrat Caucus apologist."

You wanna know why this caucus has issues? Read post number 2 and post number 3 in this string... People are frustrated by some of the bizzaro acts of a few members, yet we quickly forget that Craig Fry used to force us to grovel to the Republicans on important issues all the time because he wanted to be his normal pain in the arse(see Restructuring in 2002).

Does the Senate Demo Caucus have some concerns/issues, yes. Why? Because nearly every Democrat in the state writes off that caucus everytime a discussion of election cycles and how to make gains comes up. You'll see how worthless a caucus is if we let it slip any further. If they lose the power to break quoroum, they do become worthless. If they do lose that power, I lay it at the feet of every person who walks around saying that the caucus is worthless.

Are the Senate D's going to retake the majority in 2006? No. Can they make strides to be more competitive? Yes, and I would argue they already have. Look at the number of challengers, and legit challengers, that are on the ballot around the state.

Could they do better? Absolutely. But why should they try when every time one member decides to start up their own drum and begin marching, you see posts calling them worthless and incompetent??? If you were told you were a loser for 30 years, you might believe it.

At least Rogers isn't out there telling people what a great governor MMM is like a house member of the Lake County Delegation did last spring... Wonder if Dr. Strangelove (or whatever he called himself on his crude cell phone message) has changed his opinion of MMM in the past year.

Before you cast stones at the Senate D's, remember that the House has its own crazies and those who march to their own beat and I don't see many D friendly comments here calling them a worthless caucus...

I totally agree with the above remarks and think as a Party, we the Democrats, need to do all we can to support all of our candidates, not just the House because we can take it back this year. While, we may not be able to take the Senate back this year, if they are supported then they have a real chance at gaining a seat or two.

They also have agreat plan called 2010, with the intention of gaining the Senate back by then, which is feasible but again Dan Parker and State Party need to take their heads out of the sand and truly support them.

We, as Democrats, have an excellent chance of seizing the momentum that is swinging on our way but we must support one another and craft a great message, which we failed to do in 2004. Perhaps, it means doing something different rather than the same old bs as usual.

There are some great Senate canidates on our side this year and just because we have some dissent among the caucus does not mean that they are not up for the challenge. They are and have been doing some great things the past few months. They have been getting a lot of press lately, thanks to their deputy press person, and really putting themselves out there, plus they have hired a campaign manager who knows what she is doing.

I hate that we are so quick to dog them, when what they need as all Democratic canidates do in an election year, is our support!

Maybe the Senate should work on keeping all its members on the same legislative page before it starts getting pie-in-the-sky ideas about taking back the majority.

Say what you will about the House "crazies" but that chamber has done a good job holding firm on the Toll Road issue.

The same cannot be said for the Senate and there are few less members there.

The best press they got this session was standing up for an unpopular health care perk just like a few of them are standing up for an unpopular lease. You have to earn respect.

Say, this thread sure got animated while I wasn't looking.

The purpose of the post was just to point out that Senate support for the Guv's "Major Moves" plan gets weirder by the minute. Looks like he could have six or seven Republicans vote against it, but he'll have two Democrats in the "yes" column.

To me, the story is more about bipartisan opposition than bipartisan support, given that it's unlikely any House Democrats will lend their support to the plan. But it would be nice if we could have had across-the-board philosophical opposition.

Personally, I wouldn't trust this Governor any more than I'd trust someone selling a time machine on eBay (don't forget to add the crystals). He's proven time and again that he's got no problem parsing words that you think mean one thing into something completely different.

If the Toll Road was the only issue that mattered, "a bit of logic" might be on point. But it's not. As much as I understand that it is widly unpopular in parts of the state that will probably lead to success in the House, it is NOT the only issue that matters throughout the state. In Marion County, people care about education funding, property taxes and other issues that the Senate Caucus DID hold the line on... So, while Major Moves is a major issue in some races, it won't be in every race...

Here's another pontification... If the plan passes and there are $4B in a slush fund, voters are likely to forget that they hated the idea when they are driving on brand new, pretty, and smooth roads. So, all that to say, as a party, we have to have a long term plan for the state that we can convey to voters as we get ready to go to combat $4B in new roads, or else '06 is going to be a one year blip on our radar screen of success...

TDW, I would argue that the Senate is an animal that needs a little shake-up... And bashing the Dems is not going to get it done...

I wasn't bashing the Senate Democrats. Sens. Howard and Rogers have made their decision, and though I think it's a bad one, it was theirs to make. But I sure wouldn't trust this Governor.

While "Major Moves" won't be the only issue at the polls this year, it'll be a big one. And whether or not the state has $3.85 billion in its coffers, people will still be riled up that the Governor sold off a piece of Indiana to foreign investors.

Yes, education, taxes and jobs are big issues, and I commend the Senate Democrats -- and the House Democrats -- for trying to address them.

The bottom line, though, is that we're in the minority across the board, but we've been speaking, especially on the Toll Road issue, for the majority of Hoosiers. That's what's going to matter come November. Vision and message are great, but right now, the best thing we have to sell is that we're listening to Hoosiers while Republicans are going forward, rubber-stamp in hand, with the Governor's agenda.

wonder how much glenn and earline got for their votes???

The toll road issue could well be a potent one this year. But is it enough, in itself, to do the job?

Historically, voters respond best to a positive agenda. They may be angry or disillusioned with the other guy, but you still have to give them a reason to vote for you - especially if you're talking about unseating in Republican in a GOP-dominated district.

It is clear to voters what we're against; it's not so clear what we're for. We shouldn't lose sight of that in all the back-patting over Major Moves.

We're for good jobs, easing the property tax burden and funding education.

Unfortunately, all our efforts on those fronts got blocked this session.

So, the message we deliver to people is, "If you want to see these initiatives backed, you need to elect Democrats."

Even those who've bubbled over with Senate Democrat love here admit there's no realistic chance to take back that chamber this year. Given that fact, is it so bizarre that people are more focused on winning back the House?

I don't disagree that we shouldn't be focused on taking back the House but my point is that we shouldn't be so myopic as to not support the efforts of the Senate Democratic Caucus. Of course, it is a long range plan but it is a plan nonetheless and one that needs the support of the State Party.

I am sure some of you will say that in order to take the Senate Dems seriously, then they need to pull together and take themselves seriously first. My point is that I think they have begun to take themselves seriously and they are making an effort as I pointed out in my previous post.

if they have a real messsage someone should tell them to stop sending out 8 million press releases a day about stupid crap no one cares about....

no to bill 1008 now send to all no bill
1008 now nomyman.org go their now no 75 years old foreign ownership at all
corrupt fraud censorship too send too all now stop this bill now 1008 send too all
house and senators now in indiana


Interesting that Rogers resigned her leadership position following her vote in favor of Major Moves... Still think this caucus has no backbone?


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