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This Is A Nice Gesture, But Where Was The Guv When DST Was Unfolding Locally?

Glassofscotch_1Funny, he didn't want to help locals with the time zone debacle until it became an issue that could generate negative national publicity:

"Indiana's bars and restaurants can change their clocks an hour after the official start of statewide daylight-saving time this weekend, Gov. Mitch Daniels said Thursday.

"Daniels said the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission will not enforce alcohol license laws until then, and he asked that local law enforcement exercise what a news release from his office called 'the same common sense approach.'

"Under a state law approved last year, all of Indiana will join 48 other states in observing daylight-saving time beginning at 2 a.m. on Sunday. At that time, 2 a.m. will become 3 a.m., the cutoff time for serving alcohol in Indiana."


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Just picking and choosing the laws we want to enforce now?

is melanie brizzi still on the ATC? you'd think being married to carl that she'd have more respect for the law...

is it "picking and choosing laws" when the legislature makes exceptions for serving alcohol on sundays when new year's eve falls on a sunday night?

it's called common sense. we're gonna make a ton of money off of tourists so let's make sure we keep the cash registers open.

Pffffffttt. All this took, all along, was a ruling from Excise * that they wouldn't enforce the 2AM closing, or that, say, since Sunday morning is still technically Saturday night under state liquor laws, there was no conflict. No doubt that's what they decided to do, and no doubt MMM ran around to the front to pretend he was leading the parade. State law enforcement does not routinely phone the governor to hear how to enforce the law.

* Mitch may have set the standard for state enforcement, but as his statement concedes, he can't do squat about the locals. It's doubtful IPD or Marion county would buck the Excise people on Final Four weekend, but technically nothing stops them if they decide to.

I'm buying the last round Saturday. Everybody drink up !

Stupid DST, stupid, stupid stupid.
How many people are going to be late Monday morning, miss meetings and deal with screwed up computers? Hiccups? Yeah, and a royal pain in the arse. Should have left the clocks ALONE. We were fine. Always tinkering to make a few bucks more for some and ignoring the lost revenue for others. I am voting in May AGAINST my representative who flat ignored the majority of constituents.

How about the Governor of the State of Indiana being roundly "booed!!!!" at Reggie Miller's number retirement.

MMM -- you're sooo loved by the PEOPLE because you listen so well!

That was absolutely hysterical.

Just speculation, but I wonder if the Guv would have made the same proclamation if it WASN'T Final Four weekend in Indy? I doubt it, since his loyalties do not lie with the "folks" in Indiana, only his high-rolling friends out East.

Ok folks, I admit I really liked NOT changing my clocks. The rest of the country hates changin their clocks. But I also think we needed to come back into step with the rest of them. Besides, we did change our clocks here in the 50's.

It isn't rocket science to look at a map and see that we're in the Eastern time zone regardless of how much we'd like to pretend we're aligned with Illinois. We're south of Michigan and north of Kentucky and they're on EDT. All our counties should be on Eastern time and if the people in Illinois don't like it, let them change. As for Lake County .... well perhaps we could leave them in Daily land.

I will say though if you're late on Monday, you're just an idiot. You set your clock when you go to bed and it wakes you up. You go to bed a bit earlier ..... what's the big deal? Your Blackberry might give you a bit of grief, but surely we're smarter than the machines!

That having been said, I still think Daylight Savings Time sucks. It's a pain in the ass to change clocks, the cows hate it and personally I think it makes little sense these days in terms of energy savings when people work all kinds of hours not just nine to five.

So the big question is, if everyone hates it so much, why does anyone do it? We'll probably get an answer to that when politicians figure out why we can't buy a bottle of booze on Sunday or why 18 year olds can fight for our country but can't legally buy a beer. Or why we should take the payday lending approach to our toll road!

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