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Coming Back From The Dead: SurveyUSA Data Show Long Climb Ahead For Daniels

Thumbdown3Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for Mitch Daniels, SurveyUSA releases a new round of polling data. The Guv's approval rating is at an all-time low of 35 percent.

Those numbers put him in a two-way tie for 46th place with California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. If it comes down to sudden death between those two, our money's on the Terminator. By the way, it's worth noting that nearly indicted Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher has pulled ahead of Daniels.

For more information on the latest national rankings, click here.

For this month's cross-tabs for Indiana, click here.

For the Guv's historical polling information, click here.


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He wanted to be a real Hoosier but he just couldn't quite make it.

Mitch Daniels scores a big ole Zero on the Bubba scale.

yup. the same way people empathized with bush right up until they realized he was getting thousands of our troops killed without much reason for it. it's all about the likability factor...

Empathize with Clinton??!!!! I can leave the office laughing now. Thanks.

Oh, Mitch is all over the ballot this year. It may not say Mitch on the ballot, but ever race is at least partialy about him.


for all his very obvious and publicized flaws there was one difference between clinton and daniels...people liked clinton and they could empathize with him...everyone knows what daniels is like now!

You know Mitch isn't on the ballot this year, right?

Yeah! Everybody hates your Governor, that means you're going to win!

One instance does not a pattern make. And guess what else-- we're not going to run Bob Dole.

Add the Bill Clinton poll numbers in March/April 1994. He was in the 40 pct range (close to Bush and Mitch) and was defeated in the house (just like Bush and Mitch will in '06).

However, 1996 came around and Clinton showed Bob Dole and the Republican Party that he was going to stay for four more years (just like Bush did in '04 and Mitch will in '06).


Perhaps Carl Brizzi should invest in similar software for his employees.

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