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More Trouble In Election Paradise: MicroVote Equipment Not Certified

MicrovoteWhat did we learn today with respect to the May 2 Primary Election?

Apparently, 47 counties are currently using equipment that hasn't been certified by the State. But, you say, how did this happen? MicroVote, the vendor providing the equipment and software, says they told all these counties that they were updating the machines with uncertified software, but there are some doubts about that.

Regardless of who's at fault, here's what has to happen: The State must certify these machines before May 2, or all 47 counties are going to be left having to hand count their ballots.

The kicker? The only penalty the State can impose on MicroVote (beyond turning over information for possible criminal prosecution) is to prevent them from doing business in Indiana for five years.

Fat lot of good that's going to do the 47 counties that have shelled out millions for MicroVote equipment.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave.


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So does that mean that the State certified equipment that doesn't work (ES&S) and hasn't certified equipment which does work? What did I miss here?

I think this has to do with MicroVote not being entirely honest with the counties it was servicing. Basically, they gave them software that hasn't yet been cleared by the State.

Not sure what's new on the ES&S front.

Microvote has worked just fine the last 20 years or so in Hamilton County. Machine closing todelivery and tabulation at the court house in under 30 minutes.

Never saw a breakdown in 10 elections.

Neither is there any claim to be found that any of these systems will not accurately record the votes.

They just might not be programed to count all of them in some of these exotic combinations that local jurisdictions require.

So, horror of horrors, the folks who get paid to run elections might have to stop eating the Methodist Church ladies'chicken and noodles and actually count some votes themselves.

Tut, tut!

Just don't leave any Democrats alone in the counting room or they'll try to steal more elections. It IS what they do, you know!

While I rarely agree with ThEdiths, he makes a very good point about MicroVote's successful record in Hamilton County. And thus far, the public tests that the company has conducted across the state have gone smoothly. I've seen in recent media reports that other counties (Morgan and DeKalb, for example) have come to the company's defense, as well. All of the changes that have taken place between the last election and now have created a difficult situation for ALL election equipment and service companies. MicroVote is a good Indiana company and its people are working their butts off to get ready for the election.

They may be a good company, but they misled a bunch of counties into thinking they were getting certified equipment.

Amends must be made. And quickly. And once amends are made, it may be necessary to mete out some punishment.

I largely ignore ThEdiths. He or she rarely says anything that didn't come from a set of 1994 talking points, and there's no arguing with someone whose sole tactic is to scream about Democrats being evil and then run away.

I don't think all Republicans are evil, though this blog primarily focuses on the evil ones. Similarly, I don't think all Democrats walk on water. Whichever way you cut, though, it's impossible to have a conversation with someone who's hell-bent on spewing stereotypes.

I don't think there's been any evidence that the company "misled" anyone. And I would bet that most (if not all) of the counties knew what they were getting into, but now -- just like the SoS and the Election Commission -- they're covering their butts. (Sorry, lots of "butt" references from me today.) I'm not saying MicroVote didn't do anything wrong, but it's easy for everyone to jump on them when they were simply trying, under very difficult circumstances, to keep with all of the new things that are required of them.
Forty-seven counties work with them for a reason -- they like their product and their outstanding customer service.

Republicans like ThEdiths are frightening, but I so enjoy that they feel the need to monitor your blog...

My understanding is that some of those 47 clerks and/or election officials felt like they didn't have all the facts when their machines were updated.

Don't get me wrong: MicroVote is no ES&S. Not in my eyes, nor, I'd suspect, in the eyes of most election administrators.

Microvote put more than half of Indiana counties in an impossible position less than two weeks before an election. Micro vote's main responsibility is to assist counties in conducting a fair and legal election--instead they notify them now that may be impossible. 20 years of good service to Indiana means also that they are and were very, very familiar with the certification process. It seems impossible then that such an experienced company could find itself in this position. They are forcing the counties and ultimately the state to make impossible decisions even though the counties have done nothing wrong. The number of vendors in this state is small and many end up with Microvote becuse they have been well respected..but this is a serious blow to their credibility. It was better for the company to install the software when they did and hope for certification, but they gambled and lost...and took counties with them.

Vter, I'm sure you don't believe that the company chose to file for certification this late in the game. You certainly don't know what happened behind closed doors, why it took this long to get their product ready for the certification process. As you summed up in your last line, MicroVote made a decision to install the software early, so the elections would run as smoothly as possible. And the company is confident the primary will go off with as few hitches as possible.

DEMOCRATS STEAL ELECTIONS! Are you kidding me. We are all victims of the greatest election theft in the history of the United States. And this one was done behind the closed doors of the United States Supreme Court.

eorge Bush was a fraud, and has continued to be so and will go down in history as a complete failure, and he, his brother, and the supreme court stole the election.

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