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Reality Check: ICJI Exec Director Suspended Pending IG, Federal Investigations

BreakingnewsThis is never good. Especially when the loyal opposition knows where all the bodies are buried:

"Heather Bolejack, executive director of the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, has been placed on paid administrative leave by Gov. Mitch Daniels while an investatigation continues by the state's inspector general.

"A press release issued this morning by the governor's office did not say why the disciplinary action is being taken.

"'No one likes taking this kind of action, but public confidence can only be maintained by thorough and aggressive inquiry,' said Jane Jankowski, Daniels' press secretary. 'That is why the governor urged creation of the inspector general and supports his work, wherever it might lead.'

"Bolejack's leave, which was recommended by Inspector General David Thomas, began Tuesday. Thomas said that he hopes to have results within the next two weeks which then will be shared as permitted by Indiana law and that further comment at this time is prohibited by Indiana law."

For the troll who brought up Girl TDW's past at ICJI a couple weeks ago, anyone who read the Star at the time knows there was a scandal at the agency in November 2004 when it was discovered that an employee took a trip to Mexico with a media vendor who had contracts with the agency. The issue came to light, and the employee was terminated within two days. All the contracts with the vendor were immediately nixed, and everything was made public. Sometimes good people do bad things. Sometimes bad people do bad things. Sometimes people make really dumb mistakes. But when you're in government, your obligation is to be open and honest about what's going on, not to hide it under a rug.

The investigation into Heather Bolejack and others at ICJI has been going on for at least the past two weeks. It's time to come clean, folks. You can hide behind state law, or you can tell everyone what happened. It's a question of the public trust. The people are forgiving, but you have to be honest with them.

Oh, and for anyone who thinks Girl TDW might be delighting in the news that her former agency is flailing under Republican control, think again. ICJI is a good agency that does a lot of good work in this state. Among other things, it hands out federal and state money to promote traffic safety, fight methamphetamine and other drug use, improve the juvenile justice system and build a cadre of programs that help Indiana youth.

Sure, this is not a good thing for the administration, but worse than that, it's not a good thing for Indiana. These are good programs that deserved to be administered by someone more interested in being a public servant than in promoting her own interests.


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What kind of misdoings have Ms. Bolejack and her associates been up to? I'm very interested to see exactly how dirty you have to be before my bitch mitch will step in and remove you personally..

We won't know for sure until the Inspector General releases his complete findings.

Which means we'll probably never know.

However, it's my understanding that there's also a federal investigation, given that most of CJI's annual budget comes from federal grants (NHTSA, OJJDP, DOJ, et al).

This really does make me sad. CJI administers programs that reach a lot of people and affect public safety in our state. Most of the folks up there are there because they want to serve the public and their state.

Mike Smith of the AP is reporting: "The Indiana Democratic Party later said in a statement that it submitted a records request on March 17 asking the institute for Bolejack's expense reimbursement vouchers and travel and petty cash records. The party said it received a general letter acknowledging its receipt, but the agency had not produced any of the records."

Presumably the Democratic Party had a reason for making that request. Can you shed some light on it Jennifer?

WTHR's report indicated that Heather's been quite the frequent flyer since becoming the executive director. Also, a contract awarded to a friend of her husband's for a couple of hundred thousand dollars is also under review according to WTHR.

Do you suppose Michelle McNeill of the Star will pin this directly on Daniels, who actually DID appoint Bolejack, the way she blamed O'Bannon for the misdeeds of a PERF employee of whom he had never heard? Somehow I doubt it.

Sorry for the delay.

Gary, the party received a number of anonymous tips that there are travel and petty cash issues as well as some potential working-from-home issues at CJI -- with Heather and at least one other employee. We put in the records request, and we got a general letter back in response.

Nothing more.

I've heard that Heather gave a very costly no-bid contract to her cousin, but I've been unable to confirm that with the records available after hours. Rumor is the contract is in excess of $300,000.

This is bad stuff, and it doesn't make me happy that any of it's really happening.

Isn't this the guy who said he would "aim higher" in regards to Open Government? Does it really take over a month to produce travel records in a small state agency? How many other public records requests have gone ignored? Isn't this the Star's pet issue?

So many questions, so few answers. The Star is quick to praise the governor's joke of a jobs plan, but silent on public records.

Whoever posted this last one, you've got to know by now that Ryerson&Co are a joke as well. This is their guy, and they've invested a lot of capital in him. They can't expose the corruption on the editorial page, even though they unabashedly allowed Mitch to pin every state underling's wrongdoing on Frank and Joe. I'd like to see the trolls' defense of this one.

Looks like it's time to contact Karen Davis at the Public Access Counselor's office or call IDOA and get a copy of the contract.....

None of that will make any difference unless the statehouse press corps decides that Mitch's dodging of the public records requests is an issue. And so far, you can hear the crickets from Geist.

The Indiana Democratic Party, including Dan Parker and Mike Edmonson, are apologists for corruption.


Your guys have been so busy singin' that tune, Mark, that they forgot to look at their own people doing bad and unethical things. (See also: Tom Sharp, Earl Goode, Heather Bolejack, the former CFO at FSSA...)

So begins the legacy of 16 months of neglect.

Dear Mark Lubbers, we want to inform you that some jackass is posting stupid comments at TDW under your name.


Concerned Citizen

Is that you, ThEdiths?

It would be hilarious if Mark Lubbers actually were posting on this blog. It would be even more hilarious if he were still using the "corruption" talking points that worked so well during the campaign but clearly no longer apply to the Daniels administration.

Man, Mark, we thought you were supposed to be a brilliant political strategist. Turns out, you're just a playlist unendingly programmed with the same, sad song.

Mitch Daniels ran a great campaign, and we know you were part of that. But his campaign was largely premised on a made-up image and some promises he never intended to fulfill. Oops. The voters, they don't much like being lied to. And they really don't like not being listened to.

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!!" --"Mark Lubbers"

What corruption? Hey! What's that over there?! (Runs away)

She went to Hawaii? Are you kidding me. She has worked there for about a year, had maternity leave and made this many trips? Possible criminal violations aside, is this the kind of aiming higher Mitch was talking about? She is on paid leave now pending the investigation. WOW, seems like she has been on paid leave since she started the job, with a trip to Hawaii to boot.

Rumor also has it that she started the job, worked for two weeks and then took six weeks of paid maternity leave. I believe that's in direct opposition to personnel guidelines, which state that you have to have worked for at least six months to qualify for that benefit.

Say, here's another curious thing about the troll-by from "Mark Lubbers."

If I'm an apologist for corruption, that would mean I'm apologizing for the Daniels folks now.

Which, I guess, might be true.

I'm sorry they don't know the difference between right and wrong.

I'm sorry they all came from business backgrounds where junkets, petty cash and insider deals are the norm.

I'm sorry Dave Thomas and Mitch Daniels don't have the guts to come clean with what they're investigating.

I'm sorry this isn't the first time this has happened in the last 16 months.

I'm sorry they promised to be open and honest with the people but have thus far only been secretive.

I'm sorry Hoosiers didn't get what they voted for: an administration that would aim for higher standards, ethical and otherwise.

I'm sorry this is happening.

So, there you have it. The biggest apologist for corruption ever. Change out those talking points, Marky. You're in power now. Which means it's your ass on the line.

I really don't believe that's the real Mark Lubbers posting. Why would he get on here just to take the slings and arrows?

I don't think it's him, either. But it'd be funny if it was.

However, I'm not sure whether it would be more impressive, from a celebrity right-wing troll standpoint, to have Tony Zirkle or Mark Lubbers giving input.

Does anyone remember that HB was one of the victims of former State Supreme Court Clerk Dwayne Brown?

Uh, yeah. It was in the Star story this morning:

"Bolejack's only previous involvement with a state investigation came in 1994, when she spoke out about ethics problems in the office of Indiana Clerk of the Courts Dwayne Brown. At the time, Bolejack was a 19-year-old Butler University sophomore and former Miss Indiana Black Expo who had landed an internship in the Democrat's office.

"Brown was accused of making inappropriate sexual comments to women in his office and of using employees, including Bolejack, to do political work on taxpayer-paid time. He later was convicted of seven counts of ghost employment for that illegal use of staff."

Time after time, the Daniels Administration finds ways to avoid releasing documents that ought to be open to we the citizens under Indiana's Access to Public Records Act. Reporters fall for this and rarely follow up later. The contract is quietly opened to the public but by that time every reporter is on the next story. Examples: Fort Wayne Developmental Center management contracts (details exposed only when the the contract was entered as state's evidence in open court), the New Castle contract (exposed, if I recall correctly, by the Indiana Democrat Party), and several other privatization contracts whose value in dollars to the contractor would not have come to light without the state party staff following up when reporters neglected to do so. Of course, when our party exposes the info, it's "political," wheras if the same info had been reported by an on-the-ball reporter, it be just another news story. I agree: Karen Davis: Where are you? Same goes for hoodwinked reporters.

Put this in the wrong thread...it certainly raises some questions about Heather's past and whether the administration checked into her history...




ASSETS: $ 299,795

LIABILITIES: $ 365,634

NUMBER: 0221865

FILED: 12/12/2002


STATUS: Dismissed





PHONE NO: 317-687-0000


151 N DELAWARE ST #1400
PHONE NO: 317-636-1062




AMOUNT: $ 97,009

NUMBER: 49D0602107MF00122


ENTERED: 10/21/2002




AMOUNT: $ 34

NUMBER: 04647409


ENTERED: 08/03/2004




AMOUNT: $ 3,153

NUMBER: 49K090207SC2111


ENTERED: 10/02/2002

Thanks for the background info, Fact Check. Some interesting stuff, though I'm not sure we can condemn a woman based on her past financial troubles.

I'll take your comment off the other thread, so no one is confused.

It appears that Daniels made the same mistake that many administrations before him made: He appointed an attorney to head a state agency involving an area where the attorney had had no experience or expertise. Legal training and mangaement/criminal justice training are two different things. Live and learn, Mitchie.

The key to having competence and integrity in government is to hire people possessing those qualities. Should there be findings of criminality, especially in the criminal justice system, that would be a red flag in regards to the Governor exercising poor judgment in the people he brings into government.

This is my first time to view a blog and I am amazed at the forum it gives people to misrepresent the truth - and make hideous personal attacks....it SHOULD BE UNLAWFUL!

Given time for the truth to come out it will be revealed:

There has been absolutely NO indication that Governor Daniels asked Heather to resign. In fact, quite the contrary is true. The office has been fully complying with the review.

Absolutely NO GRANT was awarded to a cousin of the Director's...AND THAT HAS BEEN PROVEN! All grants awarded by ICJ are board approved? There are board minutes so any questions about grants awarded can be answered from those minutes.

Are you aware that all travel is approved by the state travel agency? Did you read the amount of travel reported in the star news? Under $4000 in the past year...I travel for my job with a private firm and believe me $4000 in a year doesn't even come close to meeting the threshold of being a frequent traveler!!!

Is anyone aware of the details of the Director's contract regarding ability to perform some work from home? Is anyone aware of the hours worked in the past year -the hours given to the job and the state of Indiana? I suggest that people get their facts straight....

As to the information about the Director's 'past'...let's hope you never have a spouse lie to you and leave you with a child and a very bad situation to dig out of! As to 'was this known'...are you familiar with the review process for consideration of jobs to certain agency positions? If you are you know this information was known prior to the appointment and addressed. Are you aware of all the Director's achievements and committment to the state? Are you sure you know what and who you're talking about? Are you using this forum to spew hatred, venom and lies because you can? And what is in this for you to be malicious, vindictive and filled with hatred? Where is your accountability for your remarks? How easy to hide behind email...attempting to take GOOD people down for sport!

I'm appalled and saddened...

Apologist for corruption. If everything is sunshine and roses, what are they hiding? Why the refusal to hand over the documents Democrats requested a month and a half ago?

Oh, and by the way, you pathetic hypocrite, if you want to talk about "taking good people down for sport," I can talk you into next week. This "crew" is the most venomous lot Indiana politics has ever seen.

Hey guys - are you aware the Director gave up 12 weeks paid vacation from her previous employer and took a slight pay cut to take the job...then worked day and night right up to delivery? Also...do you really think she took 6 weeks off and did no work for ICJ in that time? Do you really believe that? And your proof is where???

Question??? Why do you hate so much?

I posted to a blog to try to give some factual information and you immediately resort to name calling...calling me a 'pathetic hypocrite'. Again, I really and most sincerely want to understand why and what you hate so much and how you possibly gain pleasure from such malicious attacks....why do you hate? Even me a stranger?

Why do you hate? What do you really want?


Correction I meant to say the Director gave up 12 weeks maternity leave...how many would do that? That must have been a very,very big decision for an expectant mother to make...don't you think so?

Quite a sacrifice if you ask me...

I'm looking at several of the posting times on this blog and as an employer I have this question to you all:
Are you posting to these blogs during your workday, effectively stealing time from your employers and using their computers?

As an employer I can tell you I have the capability to determine if such practice is occuring and have taken action on a couple of occasions. I advise you all to think about what you are doing, when you are doing it and consider whether it makes sense to take such a risk.

We don't hate Heather--excuse me, The Director. It's not this blog, or folks on our side of the political fence that set the rules of engagement here.

On the contrary, this governor and his administration have repeatedly rolled good people out to the public square and have done their best to skewer their professional reputations and integrity without a leg to stand on.

Then, whattya know, one of their own comes under an ethics cloud. When we hold them and theirs to the same standards as they hold others, you label us "haters."

If Mitch Daniels and his ethically challenged new crew want to personally smear their predecessors in a seemingly endless string of hints and allegations, they'd better be willing to take as much as they can dish out.

So maybe we should ask you, Anonymous. Why do you hate?

When documents are requested there is a process for providing them. Any agency working to satisfy multiple document requests is given the time to do so.

Yet, you allege CJI 'refused' to do so...are you sure of that? Can you prove that? Do you know for fact of such a refusal as there has been nothing reported to substantiate that. In fact, it seems the opposite is true and that the agency has been working to provide information requested from several entities.

Welcome to politics and public service. When you enter that world, you're held to a higher standard. And yes, if you mess up, it screws your career and lands you on the front page.

We'll see where the chips will fall. Everyone agrees the story is not over. But the information on this blog appears to come from credible sources. Didn't the Governor himself say "we've never seen something like this before..."

If all were peaches and cream, I'm feeling pretty confident we'd have known by now. And the Gov. would have said: "There's nothing to this story."

I'm sorry for whatever her circumstances are relating to her bankruptcy, but she worked for one of the largest law firms in Indianapolis, where the starting salary is something like $95,000 per year. You're telling me things were so bad she had to declare bankruptcy? Maybe I just don't have all the information, but this is information the public has the right to know about its public officials.

Regardless, ole Mitch should know better than to appoint an agency head who is responsible for handling tens of millions of federal and state money, who has declared bankruptcy in the 2 years prior to appointment.

Mitch and his crew have it coming with all that stuff he talked about during the campaign about higher ethics...or was that just B.S.? That's what I thought.

What does 'our side' mean? I am a citizen of the state and concerned about a few people with an axe to grind who are highly politically motivated to bring a state agency to a halt on the basis of falsehoods, rumors and inuendo. From what I'm reading in this blog there is more fiction than fact in this matter. Also, it seems some of these comments are posted from people within the CJI during work hours and as a taxpayer I am very concerned about that. THAT IS A STORY! out...pever.

Obviously, anonymous, someone pretty high up thinks she did something wrong, or they wouldn't have taken the very public action of suspending her pending an investigation or two. (When you potentially misuse federal funding, the folks in D.C. get a little upset.)

By the way, she took her full maternity leave with state pay despite a general policy against such leave for new employees. Not a bad gig, if you ask me.

And forgive me if I'm not impressed by your argument that Heather took a pay cut. Woe is me. She's a state employee. You don't work in government for the cash. You do it because you want to serve the public.

Not yourself.

The Governor made a mistake with this hire, and hopefully he can sort things out and make it right before too much damage is done. What's been lost in all this is that Heather was at the helm of an agency that does a lot of good work in this state. Maybe if she'd focused more on that, she wouldn't be in the situation she is. Her legacy right now is shaping up to be more about neglect than about "new crew" spotlessness.

P.S. If you're an employer, maybe you can give Heather a job. She'll probably need a new one once this is all said and done. But she might do worse than surf a blog on your time.

Looks like someone here is determined to be on the wrong side of history -- and that's just what Heather Bolejack is. The thing about government work is that even the perception of a screwup is enough to cripple trust in the system. The governor needs to tell us what happened, fire the person who has caused all this negative attention and move on.

Some, including anonymous, will say Heather is a sacrificial lamb but most will see her for what she is...someone who didn't get vetted very well before she got hired!

Are folks aware that CJI is governed primarily by Federal law not State law? My understanding is that throughout the past year Federal oversight/audit of grants has occured. I believe Washington is very encouraged with the turnaround of the agency.

Are you posting from the agency? Is that a good idea?

By the way, Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous Employer, how is it that you know "the Director"?

Seems like you have an awful lot of "facts" that have been fed to you by a source with lots to lose if this ship goes down.

I don't work for CJI now, but I don't bear a grudge. New crew, new hires. But I loved my job, and I took it very seriously, as do most public servants. To me, the most shameful thing about this is that it ruins the reputations of a lot of good people who are in government for the right reasons.

And seems you are really working overtime to put a 'BAD PERCEPTION' out there aren't you? And in it for you is what? Seems the what happened is some 'sour grapes' inside CJI are behind this and need to go.

Not that it's any of your business, since you've spent a good chunk of your day trolling this thread, but I'm volunteering at a polling place today. And I'm not a state employee. However, if I were, I wouldn't be at work today, either, because it's a state holiday.

CJI is governed by both state and federal laws. More specifically, federal law and rules govern the federal money (about $60 million), but the agency also receives state funding. Its employees are subject to primarily to state laws, but if they misuse federal money, the Beltway troops can come down on them. Hard.

And let me tell you, those audits are not fun, even when they're just routine.

No sour grapes. And I'll tell you this, anonymous: The information on this blog and in the media isn't coming from one source.

Your dear Heather didn't make herself very many friends on the inside. If she goes down, it'll be a little like "Murder on the Orient Express." No one will know how she perished, because everyone had a hand in it.

if she did not give the contract to her cousin why was she talking about it to people around town?? and why is she telling people that david thomas is going to white-wash this investigation? it woudl seem to me that the governor's people would want to make sure she does not talk to ANYONE about this case!

Indianapolis is truly a small town and people cross paths. Not everyone is as politically polarized as some on this blog. Many agree with your statement about ruining people..and I want to address that thought further.

Let me ask you this..if you were abused as a child would it make sense for you to abuse children when you are an adult? No - two wrongs don't make a right do they? So my thinking is that if you have been hurt then why do you want to hurt others and what is accomplished by that? It's not a Christian thing to do, is it? I'm seeing a lot of emotion being played out here. There is a constructive way to handle hurt and a destructive way to do so - seems you have chosen the destructive way....for yourself as well as others. I pray that your heart will be touched and that you will move on to a happier point in your life where your focus is on the goodness of people in this world - its up to you.

No one likes this story but it's happening and there's not much use defending someone who is going to go down if anything wrong happened on her watch.. You have to remember that this isn't just about alleged wrong-doing by Heather. She's the boss of the agency and if bad things happened on her watch that she knew about when they were happening then she needs to be fired.

Hey, forget Heather Bolejack. I'm getting pumped about the next target...this is a target rich environment. Splash that sucker, yeah!

Please give the name of the 'cousin'...honestly you are 100% wrong on this 100% WRONG!

Do you think all black people are related?

For all who read this blog and anyone who takes anything in them seriously...THIS IS NOT TRUE..NOT TRUE...NOT TRUE!!!!!

As to the 'whitewash' comment - PEOPLE this again is another attempt to discredit by hiding behind email. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Let's be honest here folks...how would any of you feel to have your name bandied about in the paper and on the news with 'unspecified' allegations. How would you like to see EVERYTHING you've worked for on the line? Would you really be so cavalier as to not be concerned...NO WAY!

Common sense...

I have no idea what you're talking about with the hurt speech, but you're starting to sound a little, um, nutty.

Let me repeat, though this is not about me: I have no cross to bear against CJI. I knew my time was up there when Mitch Daniels won the election, and I was pleased to get a couple extra months before they asked me to move on. When you're in a flack job, you know you're getting replaced with someone on the other side of the aisle.

CJI is a great agency. They address traffic safety, drug and crime control, juvenile justice and victim compensation issues, and they do it all with an ever-waning budget.

My issue here is with the disgrace Heather has already brought to state government with this public investigation. It pained me to see scandals in Democratic administrations, and it pains me to see this one unfolding. Taxpayers need to have faith that their money is being wisely and prudently spent.

I don't think Heather's a bad person, but I suspect she made some mighty bad decisions. I'm doing fine, thanks. Pray for her.

Seems like a setup, doesn't it?

People taking state paychecks while consciously working to undermine the efforts of state agencies..


Calm down, anonymous. You don't need to yell.

I don't edit the comments on this blog, so people are free to post whatever they want to post.

If Heather didn't want her name bandied about, she could've stayed out of state government. If she didn't want it bandied about in this light, she could've avoided the issues she's currently under investigation for.

I've been told the cousin's name, but I have not posted it. However, other people have. I choose not to repeat it here.

And for what it's worth, this has nothing to do with Heather's race. People make bad decisions regardless of skin color.

It's like you're not even reading before you get your undies in a bunch and respond.

I'm not a state employee. Not. A. State. Employee.


What discrace? Be specific with legally provably facts!

These are not personal attacks against the Director of the agency in question. This is about good government, taxpayer dollars, and ethics. And a hypocrite Governor.

I have no pity if Director Bolejack and her employees abused their positions, or otherwise mismanaged an important state agency and taxpayer funds.

I think it is laughable that the Heather-defenders are wringing their hands over a little, relatively inconsequential political blog. I advise you never to consider moving to DC.

And to defend TDW, if you look at her post, obviously she is not out there on a limb in terms of truth, accuracy, etc., nor engaging in "the politics of personal destruction." She did not create this mess, nor suspend the Director.

So quit whining.

The person is NOT a cousin...you're going to eat those words.

And this is the rub...you are putting out information that is false..absolutely false.

I've been specific. She has disgraced the agency and state government by doing what she did to get this investigation started.

Let me repeat. Slowly.

It is a disgrace when an administration has to investigate one of its own for potential wrongdoing. It doesn't look good. It makes people have less faith in government.

Whether or not she did anything wrong is actually somewhat inconsequential at this point. She caused her boss, the Governor, to have to open a public investigation into her actions. That's disgraceful.

The facts, legally provable, will come out in the investigation -- at the state and likely the federal level.

I hope she's retained a good lawyer. I hope she's not speaking to the press. I hope she's cooperating with the investigation.

But when your name is splashed on Page One of a bunch of papers in connection with an investigation into wrongdoing as a top-level public official, then that's a disgrace.

Clear enough for ya?

What mismanagement? Be specific?

I am repeating information that I have been told, and I am casting it as rumor, not fact. That's what we do.

I have heard that she gave a very large no-bid contract to her cousin. If he's not her cousin, then do tell. Obviously, others have shared their information here.

The hateful one here seems like you, anonymous. I've explained time and again that this is about good government, not any one person within the governmental structure.

I'm sure Heather's a very nice person, and I hope she lands on her feet. But I think the Governor and his crew would be smart to show her the door to protect their own integrity.

I now know what a dog chasing its tail feels like. Yeesh.

The facts will come out in due time. Then we will all know. And none of this will matter.

TDW did not suspect Heather Bolejack. TDW did not write a front page story in the Star. It's not like this blog created this issue, so some of you are barking up the wrong tree.

When people play some down and dirty politics (as has been happening) anybody and everybody can be a target..

Just make allegations...any allegations and keep spreading rumors and spread them far enough and loud enough and they have to be investigated to preserve the public trust..and that is what is happening.

The discrace is the rumor mongers and axe grinders!

And Heather, let me give you some legal advice. Posting on a blog could be used against you in a future court proceeding.

Buy a clue, anonymous. I didn't start this investigation; the Inspector General did. In fact, I didn't even know it was about a contract until the Star story ran.

People facing financial difficulties often feel like they are the only ones having money troubles. They often feel embarrassed and isolated from the rest of the community. They are reluctant to file for bankruptcy because they are afraid they will be considered failures and irresponsible by the public. They do not realize that many people, including famous celebrities, have faced similar financial difficulties and filed for bankruptcy to discharge their debts. Here is a list of famous people including artists, athletes, authors, actors and businessmen, politicians who filed for bankruptcy.

PT Barnum
Mark Twain
Henry John Heinz
Oscar Wilde
Milton Hershey
Henry Ford
Mickey Rooney
Debbie Reynolds
Kim Basinger
Wayne Newton
Toni Braxton
Natalie Cole
John Connally - Former Texas Governor
Francis Ford Coppola
Walt Disney
Mick Fleetwood Fleetwood Mac)
William Fox - Co-founder of 20th Century
Ulysses S. Grant - 18th U.S. President
Dorothy Hamill - Olympic Ice Skater
Larry King - Talk-show Host/Author
Bowie Kuhn - Former Major League Baseball Commissioner
Jerry Lewis - Actor
Willie Nelson - Singer/Songwriter
Wayne Newton - Singer/Actor
J. Fife Symington - Governor of Arizona

I believe you just called me Heather and I assure you - AGAIN ANOTHER UNTRUE CHARGE!

You just don't quit do you?

Let me remind you all again...the DIRECTOR doesn't give out any contract/grants. THE BOARD DOES? Are you saying the board is corrupt? Is that your allegation? Do you have specifics because if you do they need to be brought to the investigators immediately.

...Fife Symington - Governor of Arizona...?That's not one I'd be proud of...convicted of bank fraud and other sundry crimes...and forced to resign from office.


NB, the Governor does not have the power to pardon persons convicted of crimes.

As for most of the others on the list...not in government. Mostly entertainers. Not top government officials handling public funds...

So you have a big bias here...is that the reason behind your vendetta?

So you were at CJI - what do you know about monies handed over back then without contracts...rumor I heard.

You clean on that?

one other point - exactly what funds does the Director or CJI personally handle as it seems you are very, very confused on that point...

Again, grants are made by the board (that's most of the money)
Travel is all approved/managed by state travel group

So...exactly where is this BIG POT you think is mis-managed and in what way? Specifics...

For the love of god TDW cut this wacko off!!!

You post lies...yet call me a wacko?

Don't take the name of God in vain...

Okay. Just got home. I'll admit this is a little nutty. Prove that those who've posted here have posted lies, and then we'll chat.

The no-bid contract went to M. McKenna. He is NOT her cousin. He is a close friend of her husband.

so no-one related to heather has received money from the Institute?

that's right! nobody related to the Director received grant money from ICJ - stop spreading false and malicious information...

All grants went through the entire review and board approval process...are you accusing the board of corruption?

somebody is whack!!! the board approves what they want to approve but everyone knows the exec director has the right to bid out contracts as she sees fit...and heather did just that...I wish this loser defender would go away...people know how Heather is percieved in government and in the community. She had it coming...

Didn't happen - again you are spreading lies!

tell the truth troll...unless you are afraid of doing so...

I hope TDW doesn't care at all about this person who has decided to come here and make an ass of herself. It's so silly.

ignore the idiot. she does not know what she's talking about. it is probably heather herself still telling people she is coming back to state gov't.

Seriously, Crazy Anonymous, you need some psychiatric help. Now. Really, please go get some help. And leave us alone. Also, some remedial English might help.

Good job anonymous. give the facts to the those who only want to dish from the sidelines without any real information only the soundbites from edited news accounts..and not the full story.

These are not rational folks you are crafting your arguments against. There attack is based on biased inform and not reasoned facts.

I believe Bolejack is beyond highly qualified for her position. Hopefully, she will survive the democractic attack on an African-American woman working under a Republican Governor.

She may have been highly qualified for her position. But if she has done wrong, she has to go.

It's just that simple.

"if she has done wrong"...is why there is an ongoing investigation..

Question: What is this so-called "reputation" about Heather that has been bandied about as a cause for her problems? From everything I've heard, she's well-respected, highly-qualified, and incredibly well connected. In fact, this entire situation is absolutely unbelievable to me. I don't really know what to think either way, but I find it incredible (to say the least) that a woman of her promise, potential, and excellent history (top of everything she does) would risk it all for a no-bid contract and a trip to HI.

What is her general reputation?

crap. she's bill may's girl and she screwed up big time!!!


Hold overs on a mission to destroy as well as racists (within some in ICJ) have falsely accused and attempted to destroy a bright, hard working, honest and dedicated person who has made great sacrifices for the State of Indiana - believing in making things better by working hard and bringing a new pool of talent to the agency.

Heather has been falsely accused with malicious lies...it is UNBELIEVABLE!

Note to racist: Heather's family is white -her mom, dad, aunts, uncles and cousins...so the supposed BLACK cousin STORY YOU ARE SPREADING IS A LIE!

Heather has many, many supporters including the Senator Lugar and many noted Democrats of ALL COLORS!

Seems more and more this investigation was based on jealously and hatred - burning racist hatred....malicious people misrepresented information, crafted lies, and manipulated people and processes to achieve their sick goals - a SETUP!

The Governor and the feds are racist for investigating allegations of misuse of taxpayer dollars? no one has any problem being mad at richard rhode because he is white but people are anonymously calling others racist because Heather just happens to be African American??? Doesn't make sense...Wrong-doing is wrong-doing.

Wouldn't it be racist not to investigate someone for potential wrongdoing because of the color of their skin? That is the flip side of the argument Heather's supporters are using.

Where is your proof Heather has violated anything? What specifically did she do 'wrong'?

Heather Bolejack: Black, Republican woman in a powerful office and that, quite frankly was the sin..Period, The End!

She had a huge target on her back the MINUTE she accepted the job. She has not done anything wrong..and you know that - don't you?

i feel really bad for Heather and her family for having to deal with the public vicious, unfounded attacks on Heather while also dealing with the death of Heather's grandmother and ongoing illness of a family member

no wonder so many good people stay away from politics

She is a role model who has shown great character and strength through out all this. In addition to the previous posting keep in mind she also has two young children, including a baby who has had lots of illness this past year.

She gets my vote for her courage, character and committment to her family, the citizens of Indiana and those who put their trust in her. Remarkable young lady, simply remarkable. C'mon folks - let's stand up and be heard! This is a person who we should be supporting - not tearing down.

Do any of you who believe she's guilty actually know her personally? Honestly, I have a hard time believing she's incompetent, corrupt, or anything else. Of all people, she seems to have her head set firmly on her shoulders.

I don't think Heather's a bad person, and I'm sorry she's enduring personal struggles right now.

However, let's keep this in mind: Democrats didn't publicly suspend her and put out a press release about the investigation. The Governor did. So if you want to be mad at someone, be mad at Mitch Daniels.

As a Democrat, it's my job to keep an eye on scandal in a Republican administration. This investigation and all of the information that seems to be leaking out about it have all the makings of a pretty big scandal.

I don't think it has anything to do with race, and I don't think Heather's incompetent or was undeserving of a position in government.

But if she actually did the things she's being investigated for doing, she has to go. No ifs, ands or buts.

Government isn't personal. It's just people doing the people's work, and they can be replaced pretty easily. There's no glory in it, but when you screw up, people take note, because you're screwing up with public money.

I'm not sure I understand the racial argument. Should Mitch Daniels not be investigating allegations that one of his agency heads gave a no-bid contract to someone because the agency head is African-American? Should he not be concerned about the problems within an agency that passes through a lot of federal money? Should he not look into the way taxpayer money is being handled?

Oh, and by the way, why is it that no one cried foul when the Guv and his partisan Inspector General took on former State Police Superintendent Mel Carraway, who's African-American. Why is no one decrying Heather for helping bring down Dwayne Brown in the mid-1990s?

The Governor's cronies delight in referring to Democrats as "apologists for corruption." Well, guess what? I'm not apologizing for his corruption. And I never apologized for the things that went wrong on our watch.

Good people do bad things. Good people make bad decisions. Good people get in over their heads.

It doesn't make them any less good; it does mean they can't stay in public service.

And it has nothing to do with race, gender or experience.

I empathize with Heather and what she's going through. It's not easy to see yourself on the front page of the newspaper or on the evening news being depicted as a once-rising star who's under investigation for potential wrongdoing.

If the Governor's Office wants people to stop speculating and gossiping about her plight, they ought to release the details of the investigation. What's she accused of having done? What is the IG finding? Why was she suspended in the first place?

I don't edit the comments on this blog, and I intend to leave that policy in place because I believe open dialogue is the only way to have dialogue at all. There are some people here who've said unkind things about Heather, but I'm not one of them. And if, at the end of the day, she's 100 percent cleared of any wrongdoing, I hope they'll come back and apologize.

For the time being, though, I hope the IG is doing a thorough job looking into ICJI, Heather and others who may be wrapped up in this investigation. Let's not lose sight of the fact that we're talking about government, public perception and beaucoup taxpayer dollars. This isn't about a person; it's about a system. And if the system breaks or appears broken, we have a much bigger problem than what one woman did or didn't do.

"I don't think it has anything to do with race, and I don't think Heather's incompetent or was undeserving of a position in government."

What you think and what it is does not have to be the same.

Check out Roob for dirty dealing..Rhodes...how can this be legal and ethical...from a state employee to a paid more (with taxpayer dollars) contract employee ( with less oversight)..give me a break, if you don't think it's not about a powerful African-American woman working for the rid Indiana of state employess and sell Indiana Governor Daniels!!!!

Heather was pulled from the private sector into the political arena by some heavy hitters, I don't think she is going anyway anytime soon..

Maybe you haven't paid attention to the rest of this blog, but I've been hitting on Mitch Roob and Richard Rhoad for the past four days straight.

It doesn't matter who brought you to government, sue me. It matters what you do when you get there.

If Heather has done the things she's being investigated for doing, don't you think she should be punished for them?

I agree that Rhoad and others should be punished, too, but I'm not about to carve out a special exemption for Heather because of race.

By the way, if you folks think the Governor should hire more minorities and increase diversity in state government, you won't hear any argument from me.

With respect to the argument that "heavy hitters" brought Heather to the game, doesn't it make sense to you that she'd have had to be accused of doing something pretty bad for them to take the very serious and public step of suspending her for an investigation?

It's not like Mitch Daniels is a big fan of looking into his own. Rhoad and Roob vetted their sweetheart contract with the agency counsel and with the Ethics Commission. Earl Good got an Ethics Commission opinion on the Sallie Mae contract. These people are good at knowing just where the law ends; they're less good about understanding how shady deals look to the public.

My point, though, is that I don't think the Governor wanted to suspend a prominent, female, African-American attorney. It doesn't look good for him at all to have this unfolding on his watch with one of his hand-picked appointees.

I don't understand the people writing here who cannot seem to comprehend that someone can be a "good person", have kids, be a rising star, or be a minority or disadvantaged, and still make mistakes.

When you make mistakes in public life, you end up on the front page. You get fired, or you become the fall guy. It ain't personal. Look at the long list.

And I am really disappointed that people posting on this blog have trotted out Bolejack's race as somehow an issue. These arguments suggest that because Bolejack is African-American, she should get special treatment, or protected, or coddled, I don't know, but it really is offensive.

She holds one of the most important jobs in state government, and if in the end it is determined that she made mistakes, whether intentional or not, there should be repercussions. And I'm not sorry for those repercussions, because she would have brought them on herself.

And we have the right to hold those in public service, including agency heads, to the highest standards, regardless of party affiliation, race, gender or whatever.

I believe in innocence until proven guilty...I am waiting on the evidences, real facts.

There is real facts on the croynism with Roob's distribution of dollars to Latham and Rhoads..

Heather is a personal attack.

Buth get over it. Race does matter, and because you would like to focus only on the other issues, than keep on that road and leave the race issues to the others who want to dialogue about the possibility that that race is why Heather's travel's expense 6000 may have been an issue. Mere pennies

I believe that criminal choices are made by good people every day..I only suggested that more facts rather than tearing down Heather in the blog, on the scandal.

Otherwise, why do we still have President Bush sitting in the white house??

"With respect to the argument that "heavy hitters" brought Heather to the game, doesn't it make sense to you that she'd have had to be accused of doing something pretty bad for them to take the very serious and public step of suspending her for an investigation?"

I believe there is more to the story and I want to know who are the ones that the governor and Heather are protecting.

The Governor's Office has made a choice not to divulge any information related to the investigation of Heather Bolejack and ICJI. Ergo, we're left with rumor and speculation. I understand that you want more information, and so do I, but again, I didn't suspend Heather. The Governor did. The onus is on him to tell us why. This blog, on the hand, is an open forum where people such as yourself can anonymously post information.

We agree that Rhoad and Roob should be investigated.

Finally, this is not a personal attack, and I don't believe it has anything to do with race.

There are instances every day where people are discriminated against because of race, gender, disability and sexual orientation. I haven't heard any rumblings that this has anything to do with the color of Heather's skin.

My question to you is one based in logic: Why would the Governor promote a talented, capable African-American woman to a powerful position in state government just to bring her down?

It doesn't make sense. If he wanted not to hire any minorities, he could've made that choice and avoided this controversy altogether. But he didn't. He picked Heather to run ICJI, and he no doubt thought she was a good pick at the time.

That Mitch has to have the Deflector General look into one of his own doesn't likely make him a happy man.

So, we agree that more official information is needed, but we're going to have to agree to disagree that this has anything to do with race.

That's right, innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. But we're not in court. We have only what the Gov. has announced to judge at present, and what is widely being discussed. Potential wrongdoing. And it doesn't look good (when there is talk about federal investigators from the DOJ coming to town, that makes me think that there might be something to the story).

As to the point on having heavy hitter supporters, I don't think race/gender or who your daddy knows from the country club ought to protect you when you are involved in wrongdoing. So sue me, why are you suggesting she's going to be ok no matter what. She'll be ok if there is determined that there has been no wrongdoing, or at least not enough to warrant termination. We'll have to wait before we can answer that question.

I think Rhodes and Roob should go down for their backroom secret crony deals. It's sad and disgusting, when Roob says $180K being paid to a public servant who works for FSSA is no big deal. And to cut deals behind closed doors to benefit friends' pocketbooks while all the social problems that FSSA deals with are still there, is pitiful. And look at all the problems at the Marion Co. juvenile court...? And where is Judge Payne...at FSSA. What a shock.

...and I withdraw from the blogosphere for the remainder of the day, to enjoy the sunshine and life. Peace out.

Thanks, Butch. That reminds me that if you want a good example of a potentially racially motivated prosecution, look no further than the man who's going to take the fall at the Marion County Juvenile Court for the recently revealed teen sex scandal.

Judge Payne should be on the record explaining how this could have happened on his watch, and he shouldn't be allowed to throw an African-American manager under the bus to protect his reputation.

Why was Heather selected for the position, is why she will be ok..I never said no matter what...I don't believe she is a criminal..

you don't have to be a criminal to be shown the door.

Are you saying that no matter what the outcome of the investigation, Heather will be okay because her political buddies will take care of her?

That's not the kind of government I want running this state.

And I think you're probably wrong. People in high places want to promote their own, but they don't put their reputations at risk.

If she goes down, her "friends" will disappear.

Trust me. I've seen it before, and it always amazes the person who's been voted off the island.

Power-brokers don't become power-brokers by backing people who make them look bad.

"Are you saying that no matter what the outcome of the investigation, Heather will be okay because her political buddies will take care of her?"

No. What I am saying is, I believe she is innocence and if under her watch some of her people have committed some criminal acts, she will not be held accountable for their behavior.


"she will not be held accountable for their behavior."

You're right ineptitude is a quality in a leader that should be rewarded.

If the daddy comment was directed at Heather someone again got it really wrong. Her daddy doesn't belong to any country club. He is a quiet man who just goes to work everyday and loves his family. Also he is dealing with an ongoing illness. The comment was off base - way off base and below the belt.

Just a guess here, but I think it that comment was directed at people who get jobs because of connections. At that particular point in the conversation, sue me was telling the blogosphere that Heather will be just fine because she knows all the right people.

Along those lines, it would be naive to think that people don't get jobs in government because they know movers and shakers.

However, it would be equally naive to think that people who screw up get to keep jobs in government because they know movers and shakers.

If Heather did wrong, she should and likely will be fired. If others under her did wrong, they should and likely will be fired. And if Heather knew that those under her were doing wrong when the wrong was done, she should and likely will be fired.

Again, it's nothing personal, but unlike in the private sector, when you screw up in government, the people want to see you held accountable. You are, after all, playing with their money.

It seems to me like the folks on here who are defending Heather know her personally and want to make this into a World v. Heather situation.

It's not.

But if she wants a little bit of free PR advice, I'd recommend that no matter what, she come out and issue a public apology for casting any doubt on the integrity of an important agency and of government.

She could even shed a few tears, talk about her hardship and beg for forgiveness from the public. We're a largely forgiving bunch, and we look with kindness upon those who are humble and admit their mistakes.

Just my two cents.

And she might want to do it before Mitch throws her to wolves, cause if there is something to it beyond her you can bet she'll pay for it all.

The funny thing about all of anon's complaining that this board is pinning unfair charges on poor Heather, is that Mitch, in order to wash his hands of this, WILL blame her for all the problems at ICJI.

So anon you might want to save your venom for the guy who really will drag her name through the mud.

Such ignorance here - do you not understand the Director cannot speak to this matter at this time - legally?

And speaking of ignorance - are people aware that there are cultural differences, for instance:

Some people refer to each other as sister, brother, cousin - the key point here is REFER...they are NOT related! However, people who are culturally ignorant might not understand that.

But she did award a no-bid contract to a friend of her husband for work that's yet to be done? Not sure that makes things any better anon.

Again you are spreading lies...where is your proof?

You need to apologize to the citizens and taxpayers of the state for not having your facts straight and running to the IG and media with wild accusations. The CJI board awards all the grants. Have you read the minutes?

Also - are you aware that people in Indianapolis sorta know each other and there is nothing wrong with that - otherwise we'd have to bring people in from out of state and make absolutely sure they know nobody in Indiana...get real!

Someone here said that it was not her cousin, it was a friend of her husband who received the contract. If this grant went through the board and got approval shame on them.

So it is okay to give this contract to a friend of her husband? Has any work been done on it?

Peace out chick - this is Sunday. How about doing something else on this holy day besides bearing false witness. We need a break from your hateful vendetta. Can we at least have peace from you on this one day of the week?

Amen to that, 10:14.

Give it a rest, anonymous employer. If you have proof that Heather is innocent, share it. If you don't want to hear what other people are saying, tune out.

I'm not going to block your IP address or anything like that, but this is the last time, unless you can find a new record to play, that I'm going to drink your whine.

I enjoy reading the comments. Assumption that those who support Heather know her personally. Heather's spending is the object of the investigation. We are waiting on what has been spent on what. The other issue is a contract..not Heather.

I believe that something is up with the department..not Heather..

It sounds like wanting the Governor to throw her on her butt and that you want Heather to weep.

Anon..has given valid points but wanting to cut her off for her strong argument appears to bias for true dialogue.

It's been two weeks, what does IG have to say on the issue???

I didn't cut anonymous off, sue me. I just said I was done responding to the broken record. He or she is welcome to come back and comment; I'm just done taking the bait.

As for wanting to see Heather go down, I don't think you'll find anyone here with that attitude. We just want to know what happened with the money and who's to blame for any mismanagement.

What money? How much money?

Comment about weeping and humble...

Because she is a woman..she needs to appear humble if she to apologize??

Looks like you're going to get the same treatment from me as your anonymous friend, sue me.

The rumors are all here for anyone to see. And it's been reported that the IG is looking into a contract issued on Heather's watch.

That's the money in question. It's not up to me or anyone on this site to account for it; that's Heather job as an executive director under investigation for potential wrongdoing.

You really need to calm down and stop reading into everything that's been written here. I'm a woman. I'd cry if I were to issue a public apology. But she shouldn't be humble because she's a woman; she should be humble if she wants to save her reputation and career.

No one is attacking Heather, but if she did something wrong, she has to pay a penalty for that. End of story. Yeesh.

wait til friday!!!!!

TDW - what would you do if you were falsely accused of something?

And then what if the false accusation was public?

And what if your speaking out publicly in your own defense to clear yourself would be against the law - a Class D mis. And what if you had to live every day in GREAT FEAR of finding youself jobless with a family to support, mounting legal bills and perhaps unable to practice law?

Would you really be thinking about some 'public apology'?

No - you'd be scared out of your damn mind that someone, SOMEWHERE - FOR SOME INSANE REASON wanted to take you out and you'd be SICK, physically SICK and fearful as to just how far people might go to protect themselves at your expense.

No - I am not Heather so don't go down that road.

I will not be on this site again - but want to say this to you and your readers. I do know Heather and believe (as do many of us) with all our hearts and souls that she has not knowingly committed ANYTHING WRONGDOING. But, for some DAMNNABLE REASON it seems to serve the best interest of several parties if it is believed she has. Let me repeat that again - IT SERVES THE INTEREST OF SEVERAL PARTIES IF IT IS BELIEVED HEATHER HAS DONE SOMETHING WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These parties with self interests DO NOT WANT THE TRUTH to be told and it seems the manner in which things are going - the truth is being subverted to find something -ANYTHING to justify the witch hunt and SAVE SOME BUTTS!

TDW - you say you are interested in the truth. I have done my best to give it to you. However, there are powers that I fear and I will not be back. Things are getting really scary!

did that sound like someone trying to justify heather's soon to be termination or WHAT?

i really like the use of the word 'knowingly' in your comments anon.

if you want to blame someone for heather going down blame the governor who is taking her down. TDW does not seem to have an ax to grind...but it sounds like you do!!!!

you have said nothing on this site that remotely constitutes a defense...it is all just venting and screaming about how Heather can do no wrong...my guess is that she did wrong and she is about to be feel what it is like to do wrong under mitch daniels watch...just remember she took the job and knew what she was getting into.

there are no accidents when you are talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars...

Well, looks like Heather is going down on Friday. Crash and burn.

I'm sure if the Gov. is indeed firing one of his agency heads, there sure as hell is going to be a mountain of solid evidence backing it up.

And if she finds herself jobless because of some unlawful or unethical act on her part, tough cookies.

We won't forget the Gov's rants about ethics during the campaign. The Gov's top employees/appointees, and ultimately him, need to be held to the highest standards...his own self proclaimed standards.

anon - what does wait till Friday mean?

word on the street is that the inspector gen. will be releasing something on friday. by the tone above i am inclined to believe it will not be favorable to Ms. Bolejack.

Friday is when the bad news comes out just in time for the weekend.

The IG is a busy man these days. I'm really glad Gov. Daniels appointed him to make sure state government got cleaned up. Pull it out of the ditch, so to speak.

Time for a little spring cleaning at ICJI...

GM? That you commenting on Heather's behalf??

Good thing they passed her over for that juvenile court nomination! What a mess that would have been...

The truth will be told on Friday and I think everyone will know that Heather is getting what she deserves.

I still hold out faith that Heather will be exonerated. I do not disagree with the investigation because I think it's important to weed out corruption whenever it occurs. However, based on what I know about Heather professionally, she is way too smart to risk losing everything for a few free plane trips and helping out her husband's buddy. As personally grating as she may be to many (and it appears she is), I still believe that she is possesses integrity, dedication, and a shrewd ability to come out on top.

I will be very surprised if Friday results in Heather's dismissal, although if there is ample evidence to support the claims against her, she should be dismissed. For the life of me, I can't imagine why she would leave after only a couple of years at a fabulous law firm to go into a lower-paying, more publicly situated, potentially contentious, appointed government position . . . *shudders* I can see it happening later in her career, but wow, that's awfully early.

For those who are more in tune with Indiana politics, what might happen to a person removed but not charged or reprimanded in any other way? Would that make a person still politically viable? Dead in the water? What about practicing law?

To serve - she left to serve - plain and simple. She was honored to be asked.

Don't they have a General Counsel over there. How did GC sign off on this contract? Did GC raise any objections?

including heather they have three lawyers and a paralegel...

Didn't one of those three act like a lawyer and speak up about the potential conflict of interest?

Are these good lawyers?

heather gave one of them a $12K raise so one would hope they are good!

I've mostly left this thread alone to do its thing, but I want to comment on what Anne said.

Being a talented, capable lawyer doesn't necessarily mean you're cut out to manage a state agency, especially one that has a hand in so many different areas.

That being said, I believe Heather is both talented and capable, and hopefully she'll be able to make it out of this with her reputation in decent shape.

However, if she has done the things on which this investigation is focusing, I think there's going to be some real trouble. And I don't think she'll be the only one in the agency to be penalized.

Unfortunately, Heather is in the top position, so she bears the brunt of the responsibility if something bad happened on her watch. I'm hearing things may be resolved this week; I'll withhold my judgment until all the facts are disclosed. (That is, assuming Dave Thomas has any inclination to disclose anything.)

With respect to the person who anonymously posted that Heather should have been honored to serve in state government, I couldn't agree more. Public service offers a lot that private life at a big law firm does not. However, it also brings with it a host of duties that some in the private sector have never encountered.

Namely, public accountability.

The thing about government is that if you're doing a good job, no one notices. Average Hoosiers aren't going to bang down the door of any state agency to give the executive director a hug or a pat on the back. It's thankless work, and that isn't what some people are looking for. Not to mention the fact that if you screw up, everyone's going to take note and condemn you.

Lots of risk. Not a lot of glory.

I feel sorry for Heather and what she's going through, but I don't think the administration would have done what it did if they didn't have good cause to investigate and potentially take action. These are not people who like being wrong, and if Heather messed up, it reflects very poorly on them.

We'll see what's to be seen whenever it's to be seen.

rumor has it the second one in charge resigned today

Kate resigned? Do tell.

i also heard she quit but cannot confirm it...anyone?

Who's the second one in charge? Is #2 also a lawyer? How many people will be out on the street because of this?

If the Number Two reference is to Deputy Director of Programs Kate Gullans, no, she is not an attorney.

So who all is gonna' get the boot, either voluntarily or otherwise?

Wish I knew, friend. Wish I knew.

what is the word on Gullans??!!

everyone got so quiet...makes me wonder whether something is about to pop!

today word is she did not quit but have heard through an inside source there is an emergency board of trustees meeting on friday afternoon cannot confirm though

Your comments regarding someone taking a fall for Jim Payne are right on track.

Apparently, the Guv isn't having his regular weekly availability on Friday. Wonder if this means the board is going to take action or if there will be other announcements made.

Did they place Kate on leave, too? You'd think they'd be a little more forthcoming with information if they don't want the rumor mill to keep on churning.

Mitch is shirking the weekly avail? What a shocker. Roob. Rhoad. Bolejack. Gullans. Public Records. Yeah, that wouldn't be fun at all.

I don't think the Statehouse reporters will forget by next week, though. And by then, my money says there will be yet another scandal to deal with.

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