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Will TDW Be Among The Sites Blocked By The State's New Software? Our Bet's On "Yes"

Computer1Well, state employees, it looks like you'll have to start surfing TDW on your own time. Here's an RFQ for Internet blocking hardware and software from the Office of Information Technology.

We'll miss you. Especially those of you who spend hundreds and hundreds of minutes and clicks on the site each day. But don't worry. We'll still be here, and we'll still welcome you with open arms after hours.


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CRISIS! Time to look for a new job... I better polish up that resume!

Perhaps Carl Brizzi should invest in similar software for his employees.

No cigarette smoking, no tdw, take away Flextime and the state employees may actually have to work...

Naw, they can always crowd into the RV for movie night.

Or they could take the $250,000 microwave to pop popcorn at the empty Governor's Residence on movie night. Whatever works.

Mitch says the Residence is haunted.

"I'm watching your every move. And I gotta tell ya, Mitch, you've been walking a little funny lately."

Hey TDW, you've become the talk of the town on that little GOP blog Fix Indy Now! I think they talk more about you than they do about whatever it is they're supposed to be talking about! Just thought you'd want to know...

I'm flattered, though I'm sure what they're saying is far from flattering.

Someone told me the guy or gal behind that site is afraid to debate me on the radio. I have no idea why. People who know me know I'm only intolerably unpleasant in cyberland.

Oh big deal. Any state employee with half an ounce of brains doesn't surf the net or check out TDW on state equipment--on or off the clock. You do NOTHING, repeat, NOTHING that hints of a personal nature at work anymore. Not even de minimus use. Nada. Not nuthin' on the phone, fax, copier, printer or pc. I don't. I'm surprised we are allowed to park our own cars on state property!
There are spies already checking e-mails, and some of us swear our phones are tapped.
You gotta' know some big the R's are reading or hearing about this blog when you look at some of the comments.
I think that's hilarious. It could be educational, but, nah. There are the MMM cronies out there who idolize their pedestal occupant and feel compelled to defend and jab. And that is always good for a laugh. This is a pretty good microcosm of the feelings and opinions of a whole lot of people. The elections will be soooooo interesting. I can hardly wait! If I can vote, that is.

Fix Indy Now is a joke. A blogger wannabe who can only manage a post every three days and 115 hits. Big whoop!

they're totally lame...and totally afraid of TDW!!

those dumb kids wouldn't know humor if it bit them in the ass. they'll be gone in a matter of months because no one reads them or finds their stuff relevent...

If "Brody" was smart he'd be a Democrat, but all he can find to talk about are the little things that will never matter to the average voter. That's why the Marion County GOP is sucking eggs right now. They hire punk kids that think they know what they're doing but who are really just not good enough to work for government. Mitch's castoffs!

And, FIN stole my name as the pen name for the Marion County GOP.

Yeah, that's definitely not cool.

TDW rocks. FIN is a crock.

Bean crock?

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