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Be Nice To Tommy, Kids, He's Just A Little Slower Than The Rest Of The Guv's Cabinet

LightbulbThis may not come as a surprise to many of you, but apparently INDOT Commissioner Tom Sharp has been walking into walls these past 17 months because he had no idea what his agency was supposed to do. From a story about the Guv's road-building plan that hit the AP wire not long ago:

"'This is a joyous day for INDOT,' Sharp said. 'We now have a plan. We know what to do every day. Our contractors know what to do every day. Our consultants know what to do every day. We're not going to spend a lot of time with our customers guessing whether your project is here or there or suspended -- things we did in the past. We'll all be focused on the same plan.'"

It's so nice to hear that no one knew the status of road projects before this day. All hail Mitch Daniels for finally shedding light and vision on INDOT. Of course, we're pretty sure no one has yet told Sharp about the "Kick Me" sign that's been on his back since January 2005. Teehee.

Be careful, Mr. Commissioner, or we'll have to start calling you Tommy "Not So," just like we do to State Rep. Billy Bright.


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Tom Sharp's daily calendar, January 2005 until yesterday:

9:00 am: Sharpen pencils
9:30 am: Send out e-mails about how corrupt INDOT was when I got here.
10:00 am: Delete said e-mail from "Sent Mail," Empty Trash
10:30 am: Delete entire inbox, empty trash
11am to 1pm: Look out window, daydream about building roads
1:15 pm: Call Gary Abel, make sure he's deleting his e-mail
1:30 pm: Call Republican HQ, make sure the right people are "squared away."
2:00 pm: Surf the web for awhile
2:30 pm: Delete cookies, erase history, wipe hard drive.
3:00 pm: Read e-mail, delete.
3:30 pm: Delete.
3:32 pm: Delete.
3:35 pm: Delete.
3:40 pm: Empty trash
3:45 pm: Consider awarding huge contract to self, then realize that, although not a genius, still smarter than Roob.
4:00 pm: Trash Bryan Nicol. Again.
4:15 pm: Get on Secretary of State website, check Republican donor reports.
4:30 pm: Delete cookies, erase history, wipe hard drive.
5:00 pm: Call Gonso, see if he wants to go to Jillian's and play "Daytona 500"
5:15 pm: Give up and go home

Well done. I laughed out loud.

Just be glad YOU don't have to work there.

When's old Tommy getting a new wig?

If you need any more evidence - this "clarification" released yesterday. I think this is the third such incident.


Responding to a question about highway improvements and economic development during this morning’s Major Moves news conference, Commissioner Sharp referenced the interchange at I-74 and US 421 near Greensburg. The only evaluation that INDOT has performed related to the interchange was one requested in early 2005 by local officials to consider upgrading the half interchange to a full interchange. INDOT performed a review and found the upgrade was not needed at this time because of low traffic counts. Commissioner Sharp may have left a misimpression that the interchange was being reviewed because of discussion about a potential Honda facility; that is not the case.

Andy Dietrick

Communications Director

Indiana Department of Transportation


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