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Better Get That Money Back: Bolejack Reimbursed By State For Ethics Training?

Questionguy_1Does anyone else think this paragraph (emphasis added) from the Star update on the ICJI situation is just a wee bit ironic?

"In addition to her salary, Bolejack received $3,369 in reimbursements for travel expenses to regional and national conferences in Washington, Boston, Minneapolis and Hawaii, on topics such as methamphetamine and grants management, according to records from the state auditor's office. She also received a $100 reimbursement for ethics training."

Personally, we just hope they took the framed photo of the Guv with his arm around Heather out of the ICJI lobby this morning.


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Waste of money that's for sure- although I don't know why she needed to pay for the training seeing that chief councel is suppose to give training to all employees free of charge-

Exactly. What is the Chief Counsel's culpability in all this?

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