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BMV Makes Some Surface Changes, But We've Got A Few Procedural Questions

BmvlogoThis is a novel concept from an agency that couldn't even figure out how to change its outgoing voicemail messages to reflect different hours prior to the primary election:

"Residents can check average visit times at all Bureau of Motor Vehicle branches in Indiana through a new Web page announced by the agency Thursday.

"The new page also lists the 20 branches with the longest waiting times and provides links to nearby locations where average visits might be shorter.

"'We believe this page is a powerful tool for customers to examine if they need to visit a branch,' said BMV Commissioner Joel Silverman, who joined Gov. Mitch Daniels for a news conference at a BMV branch on the south side of Indianapolis."

Someone told us the other day that he renewed his registration by mail and received a "time ticket" along with the renewal. It displayed his transaction time as one minute. Has anyone else encountered the same thing? Do ya suppose the BMV is using these short transaction times to pad its stats? Golly, that would be a shame. Or, rather, a sham.

Oh, and one more thing that personally irked Girl TDW and her better half the other day: If you're going to have those cool remote terminals where people can renew their licenses, make sure they work. We like the idea of not having to go to a BMV branch, but having to drive around town looking for a functional machine kinda defeats the purpose of the convenience.


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