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BREAKING NEWS: Richard Rhoad Asks To Return To Employee Status At FSSA

Cash1The Family and Social Services Administration put out this release very near the end of the day today. It took 'em seven days to get it right, but the most priceless part is that they're still defending the contract in the statement:

"Chief Financial Officer Resumes Employee Status

"INDIANAPOLIS (May 9, 2006) – Mitch Roob, secretary of the Family and Social Service Administration (FSSA), issued the following statement:

"'This morning, Dick Rhoad, our chief financial officer, requested that his personal services contract be canceled and that he be returned to state employment. His contractual relationship had been mischaracterized; rather than allow his compensation arrangement to cloud our efforts, we’ve agreed to Dick's request. While the contract was legal and ethical, we are sensitive to the public perception and wish to maintain the confidence of Hoosiers as we pursue our transformation agenda.

"'In his sixteen months with FSSA, Dick Rhoad has instilled a new financial discipline in all of our divisions. He has not been afraid to ask the hard questions and move FSSA to a new openness in both internal and external financial reporting. When we assumed management of FSSA, it was a $6.3 billion agency without an accounting system. I challenged Dick Rhoad to select the best system for us and manage the installation. Just last week the first parts of that new system became operational because of Dick leadership and tenacity.'

"Note: Dick Rhoad's annual salary was and will return to $100,000 annually plus customary state benefits (does not include housing allowance). In addition to serving as CFO, Mr. Rhoad will continue to oversee the closure of the Ft. Wayne Developmental Center.

"Media contact: Dennis Rosebrough, (317) 232-1149, dennis.rosebrough@fssa.in.gov"

UPDATE: Indy Star article. And an Associated Press story. More to come, no doubt.


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Oh, the arrogance!

Richie Rich, I mean Rhoad, returns to "public service!"

says nothing about whether he'll be reimbursed for commuting from Ft. Fun and dining at pricey Indy restaurants!!!


I wonder if this means he'll no longer be eligible to have "outside consulting relationships" -- or will they suspend the ghost employment rules also?

Think he'll keep the extra money he's made while he's been an independent contractor, or will he refund the difference between what his "employee" salary would have been and the amount he was paid under the contract?

From the penultimate paragraph of your post: "that new system became operational because of Dick leadership and tenacity.'"

I don't care who's responsible for it -- this is perhaps the best typo I've seen all year: it may have been unintentional, but it's a fact that the entire system that we know as the Daniels Administration is based on "Dick leadership".

Does Rhoad have to give the money back for the lodging and travel he was apparently reimbursed for? I don't know the personnel policies very well, but my suspicion is that they weren't supposed to pay those expenses in the first place.

I didn't want to make the "Dick leadership" joke, but I'm glad someone else did. It's not like they didn't have all day to proofread the thing.

As for whether they'll give back the lodging and travel money they mistakenly gave him in the first place, I'd say they should. Then again, it's not like they're overly familiar with the personnel policies, either.

We should file the equivalent of a shareholders' derivative suit to force the state to seek a refund of our misspent tax dollars -- is that a qui tam action? TDW -- focus on your exams, not on this question; maybe Doug or Gary or one of the other lawyers who patrol the blogosphere would know.

That is freakin' hilarious! That's what we're all paying for: Dick leadership!

See Dick Run. See Dick Cry. See Dick Fall On Sword.

See Dick do dick on the state's dime.

Hey, for all of you who were wondering how the hell to pronounce Mitch Roob's last name...here's something to help.

"Roob" does not rhyme with "Lube" it rhymes with "Crow". As in what Mitch ate, not...well, this is a family-friendly blog.

Thanks for keepin' it clean, anonymous. Just like no one likes a dirty administration, no one likes a dirty blog.

Great quote by Dan Parker in the AP story. Give 'em hell, Dan!!!

Only $100K a year? How will he ever survive???

Good thing he did not decide to leave altogether -- I would hate to think of the Daniels administration as Dick-less.

Defensive, defensive, defensive...

C'mon boys, you know you got spanked!

Naughty, naughty!!!

From Ken Kusmer's excellent AP story: "'Dick has never been in this for the money,' Gonso said in a statement."

Coulda fooled me.

Dick? Mitch? Harry? Is that you all hunkered down under that desk, hiding behind "statements." You know, a TV station might be looking to ambush you in the parking lot, so you might just try leaving by the back door!

Compliments to Niki Kelly (Ft. Wayne Journal-Gazette's Statehouse reporter) and Ken Kusmer of Associated Press for outstanding work on this story.

And a warning to journalists: The Daniels Administration NEVER makes documents or people available at the time it announces outsourcing news. They say things like "contracts haven't been completed" or "the Big Shots are not available." MMM's team always tells reporters to come back later -- but behind closed doors, they're betting the media will lose interest, move on to a puff piece story, and fail to follow up. Much of the time, their bet is correct. Go back and look through the clips. You'll see it's true.

Don't fall for this trick again! Demand to see the contract. Demand to see the newsmakers. Hold their feet to the fire. The Guv is fond of baseball caps. If he's going to be in the game, make him field the ball.

Maybe the emperor got a glimpse of his bare ass.
Keep your eyes and ears open, the next outrageous stunt (aka running it like a business) will be better camoflaged from you nosy trolls.

Is this the way to "end" the question of whether the contract was unethical and even criminal? I would hope not. When you steal a cookie, just because you stopped eating it doesnt mean you didnt commit the crime.

To the star: We need to know whether the conduct was unethical and was criminal. Please follow the IG's and Prosecutor's "investigations" until their conclusions so that we all know the result.Don't let up! And if there is no investigation, please ask why?

so let me get this straight... nothing was done wrong, he gets to keep the money, so why the hell did they stop the contract? Follow the money .. . oh wait we can't Rhoad is in charge of following the money, it all just gets more bizarre. Dylan said it best... steal a little they put you in jail steal alot and they make you king!

"In his sixteen months with FSSA, Dick Rhoad has instilled a new financial discipline in all of our divisions."

Wait, I thought it was still a "cesspool." Wait to drum up that employee morale, Mini Mitch.

Way to bring down the Gov, Boss! You're not so liked in 206 these days.

Anyone wanna bet that the Cheeseburglar sweeps this under the rug now?

Oh, hush. You'll make a girl blush.

Somebody has to keep these guys honest. Obviously, Dave Thomas ain't the man to do it. And we can't count on Carl Brizzi, either.

What can I say? Pity the poor guy who's marrying me. At least the Guv only has to put up with it for another couple years.

Dan Parker et. al. hit this one out of the park. Well done on keeping these sleazeballs honest. Go gettem kids, and keep attem while they drag Frank 'n Joe through the mud.

Two juicy scandals in two short weeks.

"You know, they're not bad people...oh, wait, they are."

Sounds like CJI is going to be even sexier than FSSA...

so when are going to hear something about ICJI?

Rumor has it on that thread that the Number Two at the agency resigned today. I keep hearing Friday's the day the IG will release his findings, but nothing's set in stone just yet.

If I had to place a bet, I'd say ol' Dave Thomas and/or the Guv will issue a press release at 4:45 on Friday.

The problem for them with this story is that it's dragged on and dripped out over the past two weeks. The mainstreamers and the bloggers keep getting snippets of information about the case, but we all know Dave's not wont to let facts slip out of his agency.

So, will everything be resolved on Friday? Probably not. But we may at least know Heather's fate and a few more details about the investigation.

MMM and crew pound the table, declare loudly that "We're going to run government like a BUSINESS," yet act more like the heads of a kleptocratic banana republic who are more interested in taking care of their cronies than the people's business. The level of arrogance is truly impressive... Based upon what calculus did they think that this would float?

"From the forest itself comes the handle for the axe... "

They are running it like a business. Like IPL, Halliburton, Enron...

Not to worry TDW, your future hubby will reap the rewards of your actions when your talent finally pays you what you are worth. Just make sure he knows not to piss you off and talk only when spoken to! Keep up the good work and I know it is early, but congrats on the upcoming wedding!!

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