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Choose Wisely, Guv: Jimmy B. Not A Shoo-In For Alcohol And Tobacco Gig

GoofballHow dumb is Jim Bradford going to feel if he doesn't get tapped by the Guv for the ATC position? We didn't realize until late yesterday that he was one of several candidates applying for the job. Here's an updated story from the Star this morning:

"Bradford has applied to become vice chairman of the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission, he said Wednesday. If Gov. Mitch Daniels appoints Bradford from among several candidates, Bradford said he would give up his seat on the council and his bid to become Washington Township trustee.

"If Bradford leaves, Republican precinct committeemen would choose his replacement on the council. Bradford also won the Republican nomination for trustee in an uncontested election May 2. It's unclear who would choose his replacement in that race.

"The councilman has criticized the mayor for outsourcing management of the city's water utility and his plans to consolidate fire departments and merge police departments.

"Outside the realm of politics, he owns the Whistle Stop restaurant along the Monon Trail in Broad Ripple and runs a horse rescue organization.

"The state commission licenses and regulates more than 10,000 permits related to alcoholic beverage sales. It also oversees the Indiana State Excise Police in the enforcement of alcohol and tobacco laws. The position was formerly held by Melanie Brizzi, wife of Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi. State records show her annual salary in September 2005 was $36,100."

Of course, the question on our minds is who else is in the race for the job. We want to make an endorsement. We want to be part of the process. Heck, maybe we want to apply for the job. It seems odd, by the way, that Bradford would go flapping his jaw about a job that would require him to leave the Council and the Trustee's race without some assurance that he's actually going to get the job. Is he trying to make himself seem more valuable? Did he forget how small of a town this really is?

Anyway, we want more details. Share!


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Way back when, she was a candidate for the Marion County juvenile court judge position that Jim Payne vacated to take a job with the state. From a March 9, 2005, story in the Indiana Lawyer:

"Harry Gonso, Daniels' chief of staff, said the governor is not bound to choose from these recommendations. Oakes said he knows of at least four additional people who have been interviewed for the position, including Heather Bolejack, an attorney at Ice Miller, and Jeff Gaither, a juvenile court magistrate."

Speaking of rumored job changes, it is now openly being discussed that prior to her recent trouble, Heather Bolejack was the front-runner for the Republican appointment for the newly created judicial vacancy. Several weeks ago the rumor was only that a young African-American female had replaced Lisa Borges as the front-runner.

What about Mitch running for Pres? He's starting to travel and take some national leadership positions with organizations....

Thanks, TDW, for the update on Melanie Brizzi. I Googled it but couldn't find anything. Thanks too, for all the fine work you do here.

The story keeps surfacing that MMM's plan was to trash it all, piss everybody off, then right it and hope people forget by 2008. Maybe, but I don't think he'll run for gov. again. He'll pocket that ego builder and go on to something else. Senate? Hmmm. Maybe. Bart? He's a better possibility than outsiders might think. My money is on Kathy Davis. One savvy lady. As for Mitch's popularity in the north, I don't think so. Friends up that way have nothing but sputtering, very audible indignant contempt. They can't wait for '08!

If Mitch gets the GOP nom in 2012 expect Steve Buyer to go on a bloody rampage.

By the way, I stand corrected on this. It's not a rumor. It's fact. According to the March 6 edition of Indiana Legislative Insight, "Melanie Brizzi leaves her post as a member of the Alcohol & Tobacco Commission to expand her commitment to handling child care regulatory issues for the Indiana Department of Child Services, where she had been working on a part-time contract basis."

Rumor has it she's taken a full-time position at FSSA, which would preclude her from serving on the ATC. But that's just rumor. She's still listed at the ATC on the state's phone directory, though she's gone from the ATC website.

Why is Melanie Brizzi giving up the position? I must have missed something as I was unaware of this.

"If Bradford leaves, Republican precinct committeemen would choose his replacement on the council. Bradford also won the Republican nomination for trustee in an uncontested election May 2. It's unclear who would choose his replacement in that race." I may be mistaken on this point but it will have depended upon whether the republican county reorganization resolved that the county chair could fill ballot vacancies. if not then a precinct committeeperson [including vice I think] holds a caucus within a certain number of days.

The rumor mill has heard many of the same rumblings about Daniels wanting to be Senator.

As timing goes, it would make sense for Lugar to get re-elected this year and then resign his seat to Daniels in 2008. The Guv could pick himself as the replacement and flit off to D.C. for at least two years.

I've also heard he broke ground on his Laurelwood home, which indicates to me that he's not thinking about a second term. (Legally, he has to live in Marion County. Ideally, he'd live at the Governor's Residence. A tony home in Laurelwood satisfies neither of those.)

Two comments:

1. I've heard Peterson speak and he is quite impressive, but is nearly completely unknown in this part of the state. That is a solvable problem, of course. Mitch would probably have to kill someone on live video to lose the 10 counties up here, but he's not as overwhelmingly popular as he was so Mayor Bart might pick up some needed votes even if he doesn't carry the counties.

2. Rumor has it that Mitch wants to be Senator, after Lugar's next term is over. What sayeth the rumor mill on this subject?

Mitch will do FDK with vouchers which won't make Hoosiers who believe in public education very happy. He has a lot of repairing to do if he wants to get his image out of the ditch. I do not think building roads is going to be the fix-all he thinks it is.

Go back to the Star msg boards Ravekid. You aren't adding anything to the discussion here.

Mitch will run again--that's why he did all the unpopular stuff in the first two years. What's he doing next year? Oh, that's right, full day kindergarten.

And Peterson won't run against Mitch in 08. As much as the Dems would love to have him on the ticket, guys that would have a real advantage on the race if they wait a few years to go for an open seat will typically do just that.

Ugh, you liberals need to open your eyes. Barf is _not_ very popular outside of Indy, or even in Indy for that reason. Indy is full of socialist welfare types and Dems steal from the haves and give to the have nots...which means Dems will continue to rule the People's Republic of New Detroit, I mean Indianapolis.

Barf is nothing more than a elite, status quo type person. Him and Mitch should run together on the "we love to bend over taxpayers" ticket. Have either of these two seen a tax increase they didn't like?

It'll be a gubernatorial free-for-all on the GOP side!

So if Mitch doesn't run for Governor, does Mini-Mitch or the Lite Governor run?

Hmmm...let's see,

(a) Mitch is hated everywhere but Central Indiana, and

(b) Bart is popular in Central Indiana, even among Republicans, and overall probably more popular than Mitch, and

(c) Bart is motivated to beat the little turd, and

(d) Bart is richer than the little turd.

You do the math.

That must be "FIN," the only person in Central Indiana who's trying and failing to make a case for booting the Mayor from Indy. Must be lonely in that camp.

If the Mayor runs for Governor, my bet is that Mitch won't run again. And he must be getting scared that that is going to happen. Why else would he be breaking ground on his multi-million dollar home in Carmel?

Please Bart, run for Gov.!!! That would be the best thing in the world. It would save this city, and it would end Bart's political career.

It would be a mistake for Mitch to hire an anti-Bart guy. He needs to be reaching out to Bart, not giving him more reasons to run for Governor.

I can't imagine the Guv was too pleased to see Bradford making all sorts of waves about this.

These part-time state gigs are, indeed, pretty sweet.

Melanie Brizzi had this position as well as a $40,000 contract from FSSA. Nice work if you can get it, and you can get it if your husband's the county prosecutor in the county that can prosecute state government.

You know that salary is for a part-time position, right? And you can hold another job at the same time. Its a pretty awesome gig.

I've heard the winds are blowing away from crazy Jim, but you never know.

Oh Mr. GUv - Please hire Jim .... Please!

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