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Folks Had To Complain, But Fort Wayne Will Get Its Way With New License Branch

CarclipartWe haven't heard much from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles lately, but here's a story from the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette that leads us to believe Joel Silverman might actually have decided to start listening to Hoosiers:

"Fort Wayne residents will get a new state-of-the-art license branch this year when the Southgate branch relocates to the Waynedale community, state officials announced Tuesday.

"The surprising move came after a backlash forced the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to abandon a plan last September to possibly move the branch near Fort Wayne International Airport.

"'When we talked about the idea last year there was criticism, so I thought if the community was happy with the status quo we would leave it,' Bureau of Motor Vehicles Commissioner Joel Silverman said. 'But it became very apparent earlier this year in February and March when people had to wait an hour and a half we needed to re-evaluate.'

"Local residents experienced particularly bad service during those months, prompting dozens of complaints and negative letters to the editor.

"'This new location gives us almost double the capacity of the old branch but it does it in a way where we still have accessibility on the bus line and accessibility from the major thoroughfares,' Silverman said."


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I am occasionally a tactless person. I know (and even like) many tactless people. But Joel Silverman tops us all. "They didn't want the BMV moved. But then they complained, so we are moving the BMV. So there."

At least the guy is honest. Brutally honest, but honest. You gotta respect that.

See Tracy Warner's blog for some interesting statistics about the "convenience" of the new license branch:

Who owns the Waynedale building, anyway?

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