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Healthy Living: What Can Indiana Do To Get These Numbers Down?

BelushiFat, lazy and smoking is no way to go through life, Indiana. But a new study tells us Hoosiers are doing worse than ever when it comes to personal health. From the Indianapolis Star:

"More Indiana residents are overweight and are smoking, and fewer are getting the exercise they need, a new study shows.

"'As a state, we’ve continued to gain weight, exercise less, smoke more, and eat fewer fruits and vegetables,' State Health Commissioner Judith A. Monroe said in a statement. Highlights from the study include:

"- Smoking has increased from 24.8 percent of the population in 2004 to 27.3 percent in 2005. Indiana is now second in the percentage of current smokers, behind only Kentucky. Indiana ranked 7th in 2004.

"- More Hoosiers are considered obese: 27.2 percent in 2005, up from 25.5 percent in 2004. Indiana is now 10th in the percentage of people considered obese, down from ninth in 2004.

"- 78 percent of Hoosiers eat less than five servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

"The data is from the 2005 Indiana Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance System survey.

"Gov. Mitch Daniels launched INShape Indiana in July 2005, challenging Hoosiers to make healthy choices. The free, Web-based program (www.inshape.in.gov) provides statewide information on physical fitness activities, nutrition and smoking cessation."


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What INShape didn't work? *shock*

I hate to say it, but selling my car, moving out of state/country, and winding up with a flatmate who studies nutrition has done wonders! Now, how to turn into good policy for Indiana...?

We live Downtown, so I walk almost everywhere. Which makes up for the fact that I can only make it to the gym once or twice a week on account of law school.

My parents have lost more than 100 pounds between them. They exercised. They ate right. And they lost a bunch of weight.

I'm terribly proud of them for basically changing their lifestyles to become healthier.

But you're right. I don't know how to translate that into public policy.

You can't. It's a choice just like where you live or who you hang out with. But you CAN educate people about the consequences of their choices. And they're not pretty. I'm not talking about those cutesy commercials where MarySue loses 2 dress sizes in a week or John becomes buff overnight. I think kids (especially kids) should see 400# Tessie in her 3X clothes carrying an oxygen tank or jockeying a wheelchair. They need to see the fat positively dripping off themselves in those computer generated "this is what you'll look like at 40 if you keep eating this way" programs. They need to see diabetics without legs and people on crutches with arthritis. Fat may be socially acceptable now, but it's definitely not healthy.

I didn't start out at 220# at age 21, I weighed 118 and was incredibly fit. I've made it back at 56 from 220 to 140. It wasn't easy. And it wasn't surgery or a diet. It was good old common sense eating and exercise habits. But I remember when I had trouble finding size 18 clothes and felt like a social outcast with the excess weight. Now I have trouble finding mediums and size 10's. The world is THAT FAT! Junior clothes now come in fatty sizes. What's up with that. I was overweight in high school .... I weighed 123 and wore a size 12!!!

Well --- off the soap box here and thanks to TDW for the kind comments :-) I'll sign this one!

I signed up for INShape ... it seemed like a good idea. What a joke. Haven't entered anything there since November. The links never work right. The pages don't display properly and I've yet to figure out what them having my Marsh card has gotten me. I think the money could be better spent teaching kids that 32 ounce colas, triple cheeseburgers and supersized fries will make you HUGE!!!!

We must not overlook the impact of stress on health - and frankly, this blog and its campaign of personal attacks and character assination have literally destroyed the health of many families in this community.
Moms, dads, children all!

And the GOP mud-slinging that the site has attracted certainly gives the blogmistress countless headaches.

No, wait.

That's not true at all.

If you don't like what you read here, go elsewhere. That seems like one of the easiest things a person who's stressed out by TDW could do.

I wonder if TDW could become a syndrome.

"Oh, darling, I'd love to come to dinner, but I've come down with a rather severe case of TDW!"

"I'm not sick, boss, but I just can't seem to get out of bed this morning. Must be all that TDW I ingested yesterday."

"TDW made me fat!"

You know very well the local press and others have read comments here and formed bias based on those comments..bias which has caused great pain and anguish to innocent people and their families. How would your Mom feel to know her daughter's name and character was being maligned? What if your name appeared on blogs - open to the public (press and all) and along with your name you were called a shiftless slut, liar, criminal, etc. and it wasn't true? Words hurt - and words can kill, yes they can. Words can cause hatred to a level that it costs people their lives. Make another joke about it - I'm sure you think this is funny...

Dear Anonymous: Your bad spelling, clumsy syntax and ridiculous, incoherent accusations are causing this reader great stress and as you know, stress kills, yes it can. For shame. Don't you care about the health of your fellow Hoosiers, or do you just want to "assinate" us all?

I've been called worse.

As my mom, an avid reader of this blog, always taught me growing up, you can count your true friends on one hand, and if you're really lucky, you marry one of them.

I don't think I've called anyone any of the names you referenced; I don't edit the comments here, and others are free to say what they will.

That's America.

Welcome back, Bolejack troll.

give it up dale and julie

No really, it's true.

It is funny. Heather gave a "fat" contract to a pal who was going to pay himself gobs of money to "help" some kids. I'm sure it was totally selfless, just for the kids, ya know. THey all should be ashamed! Even if they don't go to jail, which if you polled Hoosiers, you'd be in the small minority on that question, Bolejack troll.

No quarter.

Well, when you have of these obese state workers who are too lazy to take the stairs and eat cheeseburgers everyday or snack on ice cream, what do you expect?

no kidding. they limp off the elevators all out of breath. and that's in the morning. must be a tough way to live. meal to meal.

shiftless slut? Raygan is going to be pissed you said that!

I hope you are not implying that TDW ruined Heather Bolejack's career in state government. Heather Bolejack did that. She got what she deserved and she does not deserve public mercy. The more she talks the worse the story gets. Thank God she finally shut up. She and Katalina Gullans ripped off the citizens of this state and they deserve to be punished for their "work." Heather might be a good person but she made some very stupid decisions and she should regret them the rest of her life. Kate gave up her marriage and career for a guy who will probably leave her in a few months. It does not get any worse than this but people who do wrong get theirs in the end and that is what is happening to both girls. It is sad to see bad decisions ruin people's lives but I do not feel all that bad for either of them. This was our money and our trust and they could not perform. Pathetic...



No one cares about this story any more but the best is yet to come!

I think this blog is a stress reliever. I read it when I can, and I laugh more than anything, and you know laughter is good medicine. Nobody ruined anybody's life here. It's a blog.
What I do notice is how defensive some folks are getting. If there really isn't anything all that bad about the current Administration, then why all the need to protest and defend? And to paraphrase someone else, if this is such a rotten site, why do the trolls and apologists come here and read anything at all? Go back to your self styled pedestals. When you fall off, it will be another subject for this site and another source of merriment for me.
Keep up the good work, TDW, and good for you "Mom." It's great to have kids you're proud of, isn't it? Congrats.

"I think this blog is a stress reliever. I read it when I can, and I laugh more than anything, and you know laughter is good medicine. Nobody ruined anybody's life here. It's a blog."

I couldn't agree more. I will admit that I wandered into this blog while trying to find out more about the unfolding story of Heather and Kate, but I find myself sticking around to read the well-written, amusing posts. In fact, in the midst of the mocking of Raygan, I wondered for a moment why TDW isn't writing for the Star . . . hmmmmmm? You're now a regular stop on my daily blog round-up!

As for fatties in Hoosierland, I will admit that I have gained quite a bit of weight within the past couple of years (which is odd because I've never previously had a weight problem -- ahhh, the beauty of middle age). But I'm working to take it off, and TDW's mom, you're an inspiration! Congratulations!

Thanks, Anne and 10:48! Maybe I should put a disclaimer on here that informs people of the blog's harmless intent.

As for working for the Star, Anne, I did several years ago. Covered government at the Statehouse and City Hall, but I left to go to law school. Journalism is one of those professions I view with a great deal of reverence, which is why I get so upset when it's thwarted by marketing and advertising goofballs. I suppose I'm living in the dark ages, but I always figured that so long as you produced a good product and got it into the marketplace, you'd be successful.

As for my mom, you don't notice that someone has lost 80 pounds when you see her every weekend or so, but it's amazing to witness people who haven't seen her for years meeting her again.

Have a great day, y'all. More entries shortly. But first, the dog requires attention.

I guess Indiana has a lot of "Fat Cats" living in it.

The Governor's health initiative seems to consist of threats to jack up insurance premiums if one doesn't conform to his perception of a "good" lifestyle.

"Stress causes fat", "Working odd shifts causes fat", Having babies cause fat", "Mickey-D's causes fat"...... Bull-S#$%^T!!! Calories cause fat! The only proven is that stress puts the fat in bad places, like your belly, but you still have to EAT the CALORIES!

Sorry for yelling but intake 3500 calories and it equals one pound of fat unless you burn it off. Having witnessed a family of fatties at Wendy's EACH eating 2 triples with cheese, supersized fries, 32 ounce soda and large Frosties, it's not difficult to see why the 400# mom had to shoot up her insulin before she ate and the kids were all jumbo sized in their teens. And this wasn't in the ghetto - it was in Carmel!

You are what you eat and sadly while we're all on this obesity kick, we haven't even touched on the normal weight people who eat junk and are malnourished. We're the richest country in the world and we're most likely the most nutrionally starved. Now what are you having for lunch?

OK. Facts are - bad eating and smoking habits are tied to economic class. As our economy slips to second tier, is it any surprise that our citizens turn to simple bodily comforts?

The other night in Connersville -- yeah, that's my hometown-- home to rednecks, gun racks and the highest umemployment in eastern Indiana-- I went to the Promenade --where the couples parade across the auditorium stage before going to Prom. Now, mind you.. some of them could hardly MOOve..

My sister pointed out, "wow, I didn't realize how many fat kids there were before seeing that" as we pulled into the Dairy Queen afterwards. Of course, she doesn't see how her own habits of buying fast food, chips and candy at home are affecting her own kids. Yeah, they play baseball-- maybe run a couple bases-- and they are busy all the time.. running three kids different directions all the time-- in the car.

I am no slim Jim.. but I know that my own eating/exercise habits cause my body condition. And I know how to lose the weight-- have lost 40 lbs and kept it off. But it's a constant struggle against my genetics.

YES-- economic and social level determine your likelihood to smoke and overeat-- as Nancy said, those are the only comforts you can afford. Until the heart attack/ stroke/ cancer hit ya....

Oh Nancy - you need to take a drive to the Fashion Mall. Yep, home to the upper crust shoppers and just as many fatties. Maybe once upon a time it was limited to Appalachian folks living in cardboard boxes and trailers, but I'm here to tell you that there are plus sizes in all the finest stores now and plenty of shoppers to buy them. And by the way, junk food ain't cheap!

As a longtime friend of Dennis Mondoro's, I am saddened by the situation he has found himself in. He was once a very respectful man that I deeply admired. He had a family that truly loved him. I hope, one day, he finds his way home.

I too am saddened by this. Dennis IS a respectful man. View his situation from that perspective. I'm sure there's an explanation. I have to believe he's followed his heart and done what was best for all involved. If this IS the case, he's found his way home.

Hmm, what's all this Mondoro stuff? I must have missed a news story.
And reading back through these old posts, for whoever said this blog "kills" people, I recently heard about a former employee who did take her own life. She was fired for no real reason after many years of employment. Tried, but just couldn't get over it.

Dennis Mondoro is NOT a "respectful man", "longtimefriend#2". Respectful men do not cheat on their wives. Respectful men do not expose their children to lurid and sinful behavior. Respectful men do not court another's wife, a mother of one, nor use their position in a federal agency to further that courtship. Dennis Mondoro is a dispicable boy, not a respectful man. How about you view his ex-family's or Kate Gullans' ex-family's 'situation' from THAT perspective???

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