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I Think I Thought I Saw You Try: Indy Star Finds Its Religion In A New Blog

OutoftimeThe blogification of the Indy Star continues.

Welcome, Indy Religion, a blog about, well, religion.

We'll see how ye fare flanked by the IU and Pacers blogs.

At least you're a blog about something. We dig that. Though we'll still clickety over to Tully first once he returns next week because, quite honestly, we don't know much about "The Da Vinci Code." Nor do we have the time to read it or go out and see the movie version. But we wish the new blog well and will stop by periodically to see what's going on.


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This isn't about religion, it's another place for the Star to pan for people's opinions. First it was Let It Out, then the "advisory panel" which is nothing more than a survey, and now blogs. Why don't they just turn over the newspaper to the marketing department and forget the news.

Love the use of the R.E.M. album as a tie to this post, TDW!

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