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Ooooooh, Kentucky! Maybe We Can Outsource A Contract Or Two While I'm Here

The Guv and Lite Guv are traveling the state this week to tout road projects that will be funded with cash from the "Major Moves" deal. We don't think for one minute that people will forget where that money came from, but we'll see come November. (By the way, did anyone tell the Governor that people get excited about education funding, jobs and other such things, but most Hoosiers aren't real thrilled when their roads are torn up?)

Anyway, you know how we love funny photos, and we found this one on the Louisville Courier-Journal's website. It begs for a caption, but you need not limit your thoughts to road-building. Have fun.



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Everybody in line for your Borg implant chip! Anybody back here got a grant application? Good, as we've got money-to-burn here in Indiana...

"He seems taller on TV."

"The last eight Mitch Daniels supporters in the state of Indiana gather for a rally to support their man."

"I had to stand close to the camera so it wouldn't pick up my stepstool."

"Stupid Louisville, announcing 5,000 new jobs today. Think they're so cool. Dumb rock. Kick it."

The Daniels' administration trying to understand where the road to nowhere came from.

Guv: "Hey, you with the red shoes back there. Click your heels together three times and tell the Wizard to GET ME THE HELL OUT OF INDIANA. Save me, Auntie Em! My approval ratings are tanking..."

Heigh-ho, his supporters go, and the cheese stands alone.

"Hmmmph. They should know who I am. I just want to be first in line!"

"No, I don't want to be first in line. I neeeed to be first in line. I deserve to be first in line. It's owed to me to be first in line. I'm the greatest. I'm the guv"

Constituents in background: "Don't mess with our clocks. Don't sell of our state."

Gov: "Did you hear something? Nah, must've been my imagination"

Oh, they can laugh & joke now; but soon I'll take off my shirt & jump on my Harley and let them feel the wrath of the "Midge"!
Bwah, ha, ha!

Ha Ha, we sure told the Gov. where to go! Look at him pout!

But I don't wanna go to bed without dinner!

who put the "I have no penis" sign on his back.

I suggest you put up more photos and seek comments. Here's a cut on it. The governor stands apart looking in a different direction from the overwhelmingly [indeed unanimously, as far as I can tell] white people he hangs with. the photo shows the "windbreaker" grouping of the Republican party. The suits are nowhere to be found. I wonder if the white shirted person on the left studying the ground is a governor's aid. He seems to be more "on the job, let's get a move on, bored expression" than the others [though none of them seem enthused], except for what I take to be a couple [in the middle] looking either at, or past, a bald spot or to a camera. only the governor and the couple seem to register the presence of a camera. They are ready to have their photo taken, stylish, but comfortable looking, red shoes or not. Is there anyone in the photo under 30? Maybe two but just barely. The governor seems squinty eyed on what looks like a cloudy day. irradiates irritation.

Standing in the foreground, we see Gov. Mitch Daniels (actual size).

Has anybody seen RV1?

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