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It Was Only A Matter Of Time: The Flogger Gets A Website And Some Mocking

FloggerTime for your Friday funny. Check out this new satirical website devoted to Greg Walker, who earlier this week ousted longtime Senate leader Bob Garton in the Republican primary. Victory on Tuesday leads to ridicule on Friday. Politics is a harsh mistress. But we love the background music.

This, for those out there taking notes, is Reason Number One no candidate should ever come out and say he supports public flogging. Although, given Tony Zirkle's somewhat surprising numbers in the Second Congressional District, maybe there's something to the strategy after all. If only Tony hadn't shredded that original Playboy, he might well have gotten the better of Chris Chocola.

Anyway, have fun and feel free to come back and comment on the site.

Side note: Is anyone else absolutely shocked that this website URL was still available? We were.


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i checked "flogger.com" a few days ago and it wasn't available. (unsurprisingly, it's a place to buy whips for bondage.) i didn't think to look up "theflogger.com".

Cruel and unusual?

Not sure but there might be a chance that flogging won't pass constitutional muster.

Right wing Republicans - sometimes I am not sure if I should laugh or cry.

Too funny for words! And to think this guy is for real and he WON!

Thanks for the tip, TDW. The really scary thing is that Mr. Walker seems to have put a great deal of thought into his position.

And by the way, looking at the website it occurs to me that beheading, for some people, may just be redundant.

I thought it was the perfect way to end a busy, busy week.

who said Hoosiers aren't creative!

Might not sell to the tea and architecure set in Columbus, but they have 90 volunteers to be the "flogger" in Edinburg. That's part of the disrict, too, you know.

Actually, I'm laughing at the satirical site.

A "good" time was had by all.

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