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Lite Guv Flinging Dirt! There's No Better Way To Pass The Time On A Rainy Day

You know, just the other day, we were lamenting that we hadn't received a good photo of the Lite Guv recently. Thanks to the TDW field correspondent who answered our prayers. This one's from the groundbreaking of the West Gate@Crane Technology Park earlier this week. Clickety here if you want to know the names of the lucky men flanking the LG.

Caption away, crew.



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That has to be the closest Ryan has come to a girl in several months...

"The Governor is a small guy, so one or two more scoops should make a large enough hole..." OR
"Oh my God - Becky just found Jimmy Hoffa..."


"Restart your shovels."

"Pass the dirt: Indiana's strategy for economic development success."

How come the LG is the only one holding the shovel backwards (look at her right/upper hand)? What a ditz!

Dave Crooks: "Hey Tony, pull my finger!"

How did Crooks get invited?

Ryan: I think I have a blister, can I stop now?

"Lemme go on, like a blister in the sun..."

- Vanderburgh County Center Township Assessor John Gerard

Apparently Becky didn't get the "muted suits in black and gray" memo.

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