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More On McKenna: Check Out S.K.I.P. Before The Website Skips Town

ClicketySomeone asked us to post this, so here's a link to the website for Michael McKenna's organization. Also, we found it interesting that he received this contract in November 2005, but according to the Secretary of State's website, he didn't even incorporate S.K.I.P. until March 2006.


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In all fairness, the website itself is nicely done.

Yeah, it does look good. Kudos to the website designer. But the site doesn't say anything! No track record! No information. No photos of mentors with mentees. No proof of anything except the website is easy on the eyes.

And this SKIP program already existed in the past -- how did it land in McKenna's hands? I wonder if it was effective in past years.

The site looks okay on the surface, but don't try it with a screenreader, it will die a horrible, painful death. This is pretty typical, but it's not supposed to be when gov't money is involved.

Try it yourself (non-geeks may need to find someone fluent in geek to understand what's goin' on in the link):

McKenna Consulting, LLC was established on Aug. 8, 2005.

Right, but the contract was not with McKenna Consulting. I just found that a little odd.

I hope you everyone takes exception to the Gov's comment. "Background checks were completed on all appointments" The checks were not thorough. News agencies should be asking the question about how these checks were done. They were not extensive as any have been in the past administration. Questions and personal interviews were not completed and many of the criminal checks were done under the table. There are devils in the details.

she did have a bankruptcy and foreclosure and they put her in charge of sixty milion

Ms. Bolejack is the ex-wife of a former colts player....Her current husband Corey Smith is the ex-boyfriend of a former friend named "Sybil" . Ms. Bolejack encourage the break-up of Sybil and Corey. Supposely Ms. Bolejack constantly told Sybil that Corey was beneath her.

Why do black republicans resort to the race card when they get caught?

Arnold Mickens
Running back

For those of you who commented on how nice the SKIP website looked, let me provide you with some key information that should have been a hint that the program developers had no idea what they were doing. Reference to the mission of SKIP includes the term "restorative justice." Restorative justice has nothing whatever to do with mentoring! It is a highly prescribed process by which an offender makes amends to his victims through a face-to-face meeting between the victim and the offender. One of the nation's premier restorative justice prorams happens to be in Elkhart, Indiana. Take it from me that whomever described mentoring using the term "restorative justice" has no idea what either process is all about!

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