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Ready For Your Close-Up, Counsel? Decision Today On Cameras In Courtrooms

Videocamera We'll be watching what promises to be an interesting legal announcement this afternoon in Vanderburgh County:

"Indiana Chief Justice Randall T. Shepard is expected to make an announcement today on a request to allow still and video news cameras in Indiana’s trial courts.

"Cameras have historically been banned in such courts in the state. A step toward allowing cameras would bring Indiana closer in line with the majority of states that allow cameras, with restrictions.

"Critics of cameras in the courtroom argue that they could intimidate witnesses and cause lawyers to play to the camera. Proponents say they would help educate the public about the judicial system and prompt attorneys to be better prepared."

Given that representatives from the Hoosier State Press Association and Indiana Broadcasters Association are expected to attend, we can only guess that this will be a positive announcement for the media.

So, do you think cameras should be allowed in the courtroom?

UPDATE: Looks like Indiana's going to try a pilot program to see how cameras in the courtroom work out. Clickety here for more info.


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I'm sure the supreme court will spin this as being a means of "making the courts more open to the general public" ... they've made a concerted effort to do this themselves through their webcasts of oral arguments and holding court around the state. But it's been my experience that most people don't care about the judicial system unless they're either a) lawyers or b) embroiled in a case themselves or c) acquainted with someone embroiled in a case.

It's all very noble to make the courts "more accessible" but in reality I think it's just going to add to the chaos of an already overburdened court system.

I think you're right. I really like the fact that the Supremes put their oral arguments online, but that's because I'm three-quarters lawyer and 100 percent geek. It's not like I watch every single one, but it's nice to know the service is there.

Bravo Randy Shepard!

I think you are wrong. Every night I have to endure endless stories on the national news about some sensationalized crime that really only affects a few people. I submit that some cases will get alot more attention if there is some compelling personal story or the ability of the tv stations to sensationalize them. I can see it now every single child molestation trial that ends up in Giffords court will get lots of attention

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