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TDW EXCLUSIVE: Something To Celebrate? Bolejack, Smith, McKenna Out On Town

In what can only be described as an incredibly bizarre move, look who was out partying last night with her husband and the man who got the $417,000 contract from her agency. Hat tip to the field correspondent who checks the INtake Party Crasher photos and caught this gem, which was taken at the Sushi on the Rocks opening.

Caption: "Corey Smith, 35, of Indy, Heather Bolejack, 31, of Indy, and Michael McKenna, 36, from Greenwood."



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yih... wha... uh...

It is a surprise Carl Brizzi wasn't there.


yep, wipe that smug smile right off those lips!!

The amazing thing about this photo is that it was taken a few short hours after WISH-TV ran its piece about McKenna. The missing link throughout all this has been the one between Bolejack and McKenna. Now we know there is one and that they were laughing and smiling about things.

do you think those crazy drunk people in the background had any idea they might be news-worthy today??


Anyone who was defending her judgment before, this is exhibit A on lack of judgment. Wow.

pure arrogance

what a whopping mistake. they just guaranteed a front page spread with photo. don't they know how the public is going to view this...? Un-freakin believable.

kate is just lucky no one has a photo of her like this!

Brizzi won't prosecute for this unbelievable foul up, just like he can't investigate his only ally left in Indianapolis - the guv.

Actually, Kate is luckier than she knows that yours truly doesn't have a photo of her whooping it up with her now ex-husband two summers ago at a mutual friend's wedding reception.

This truly is the smallest town in the world.

I was feeling kind of sorry for her because this was looking like a witch-hunt by the governor and IG, but this photo has changed things for me. It is not as if this was taken weeks ago. It was last night and she had to know this was all coming to a head. Whoever described it as arrogant is right.

No one will comment on the 92% of the people she fired as soon as Mitch Daniels appointed her so she could hire her friends. Rumor had it she hired all the people at her table at her wedding!

I think this whole thing is really sad. Why would somebody try to pull off what she did? It is really disheartening. I realize this makes the Governor look bad, and that I don't mind, but why would someone who seemed so promising throw it all away? For what? She was 31 and the head of a key state agency! Sad, sad, sad.



roxanne knew what she was doing leaving that place...they'll have a hard time finding anyone who wants to do that job again!

it is really sad that she threw away her career and reputaiton for something like this.

"I was feeling kind of sorry for her because this was looking like a witch-hunt by the governor and IG, but this photo has changed things for me. It is not as if this was taken weeks ago. It was last night and she had to know this was all coming to a head. Whoever described it as arrogant is right."

I absolutely agree, 100%. I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and actually hoped that the investigation would clear her and prove that she had done nothing unethical or illegal. That photograph speaks 1,000 words -- obviously, she, her husband, and McKenna have no problem partying it up while the state of Indiana investigates what in the hell happened with nearly $80,000 already paid in grant money to "SKIP".

I am absolutely flabbergasted. I honestly, truly, and completely had no idea that Heather would involve herself in something so shady, corrupt, and arrogant. Wow.

If I were Bolejack and I neglected not do it before, then after the I-Team 8 story I would not be caught within a mile of McKenna for fear of looking like he was a close acquaintence. Well, it's hard to get much closer than in this photo. We have our arms around each other.

By the way, can Bolejack produce a receipt showing she paid for expenses during the evening? If McKenna paid, then it's the shrimp-cocktail-in-Florida mess at BMV all over again -- except with the "new crew."

Good for the goose. Good for the gander.

Hey, TDW, can you post a link to the SKIP website. We should take a look at it before it "mysteriously disappears."

Bolejack should have been spending last night with her attorney, not her buddy-buddy contractor -- and getting photographed in the process. Folks, remember the two-week long ICJI thread that TDW patiently tolerated? Heck, it took me a half-hour a couple of nights ago just to read it all!

If anyone anywhere ever failed to "get it," it must be Bolejack and her defender(s) -- not to mention her contractor buddy, who is probably going down, too. The feds look down on fraud.

I can't find the SKIP website. I've been looking. Does anyone have a link?

Here's the website:

Thanks much, Anne.

It must have been one heckuva party. Off topic, but perhaps an indication of the somber ambience of the event, is that what I think it is in photo 8 of 27? The INtake photographer scored big at this party.

Heather wrote a wonderful piece in the Indianapolis Star in honor of Coretta Scott King's passing. It was poignant and (presumably) heartfelt. But it's ironic that she said:
"I am part of a living, breathing, ongoing 'movement' -- the living legacy of Dr. King and Coretta Scott King and countless others; my actions, reactions, words, and choices are opportunities to live up to a high mark set for us all that dayi n 1963."
"We owe a debt to all those who carried the torch for civil rights to 'forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline."

I thought the article was truly moving, but now it looks as if it was politically correct tripe and not heartfelt at all. Disappointing. :(

The only solid info on the indyskip.net website is that kids of incarcerated Hoosiers like crayons and construction paper. Who knew? I'm glad thousands of dollars produced this insight. Wait a sec while I change the Xmas shopping list for the youngsters in my family.

To 4:11, you know, the King family has not exactly lived up to the legacy, with having MLK in TV commercials just to make a buck, etc. They have also come under heavy criticism for their management of the foundation/museum in Atlanta. I take no joy in saying that, it's disappointing.

Does anyone else think SKIP is a funny and appropriate acronym?

State/Federal Grant: $417,000
Heather's Salary: $86,000
Ethics Training: $100 for her, free for every other state employee
Having your picture taken out celebrating the night before you're set to be fired: Priceless!!!!

On TV she walked out and said she did not "knowingly or intentionally" do xyz. Sounds like she's seen a lawyer, because that ain't normal talk.

Isn't she a lawyer herself?

yeah, but she's gonna need a good one now. Have you heard the expression, "It's Jimmy Iovine time"? (from the music business) Well, now, it's Jimmy Voyles time.

Its only a matter of time before Kate's transgressions come out also.

Heather's appearing in the photo is a lack of judgement, especially for a public figure under scrutinty, but remember, she's just 31 years old. How many of us did "dumb A" things when we were 31 or younger? There is no course in HS, college or even law school that trains you for knowing when or when not to do dumb things in public when you're a public figure. You learn that on the job, with experience and with mentors.
Who was Heather's mentor? Why didn't he/she exercise greater monitoring, mentoring of a young manager in their first manager gig? While all of us, who presumably have no sin, are casting stones on this blog what about throwing some stones at those in Mitch's office in charge of oversight of ICJI. What did he know and when did he know it?
Then, it's funny that TDW first pointed out this photo from the Star's own website and young-something rag InTake. Other blogs followed TDW's scoop. I heard Norman Cox tonight refer to the photo.
But as of this posting, the Star hasn't referenced the photo on its own website. The InTake photographer and editors didn't even know whose photo they'd taken.
It's embarassing when a blog scoops mainstream media with information from a mainstream media's website, while the mainstream media outlet ignores they had the scoop to start with.
Was Raygan in charge of photo and copy editing last night at the Star/InTake?

Well I've only been 32 for three days now, and I can say that at no point in the last year was I facing criminal indictment.

What exactly are those transgressions?

Your an idiot! Why don't you watch the news!

TDW needs to post a bigger picture of Gullans, seems she is getting off a little "scott free" with Bolejack taking the brunt of the attention

Hey, I'm not happy with every move Dr. King's family has made, but they certainly deserve the same rights every other American has. Dr. King spent his life, and gave it, in the service of his fellow man. After one of those fellows put a bullet in his throat for his troubles, Mrs. King received a $50,000 life insurance policy. The family lived in precarious financial circumstances for years.

You're certainly free to explain to us they haven't lived up to the high standards you'd exhibit in the same circumstances, but the suggestion that they've behaved illegally is odious. If you want to wag your finger at real public greed, corruption, and criminality, pick up a newspaper and find a proper target.

I would've posted a larger photo of Kate, but I felt I needed to crop that one to remove the kid who was sharing the stage with her. That's the only photo I could find.

And yeah, I just removed the "sideburns" comment.

Totally inappropriate.

Let's remember that this is not about Heather personally, and even if it was, that's a very pathetic thing to say.

This is about someone who made bad, bad choices in state government and is now paying the price for her poor judgment.

Here we go, the race card has been put in play! This thing will now probably drag on for the rest of the midge's time in office. We couldn't ask for a more appropriate ending for the most arrogant, non-personable man in state government!

"There is no course in HS, college or even law school that trains you for knowing when or when not to do dumb things in public when you're a public figure. You learn that on the job, with experience and with mentors."

BS. How about professional responsibility (which is mandatory in law school), ethics (which is offered in many colleges and even high schools), not to mention any number of courses on the operation of government. The state has guidelines on ethics and inappropriate business relationships that would have taken her about an hour to review. Your $85,000 a year agency head shouldn't need a mentor, and 31 is not young by any stretch of the imagination.

Agreed on the age comment, 8:29, and not just because I've been a young person in state government.

Age is relative. I know some pretty immature people in their 40s and 50s, and I've met or read about some pretty amazing teen-agers. (Ryan Nees of Kokomo public records acclaim springs immediately to mind.)

That being said, government is a different kind of creature, and I do think part of the Governor's problem is that the GOP lacks mentors who've done it before. They'd have to dig back 20 years or so to find the Mark Lubberses and others who might be able to get the newbies educated.

I'm not making excuses for them, but it's a huge help to have people around who've done it before.

Which is a big reason not to come in and fire every last person with institutional knowledge before you know what you're doing.

By the by, I'm just getting around to reading other blogs this morning, and I noticed that Gary Welsh over at Advance Indiana actually had this photo first, so my apologies for claiming it was a TDW exclusive.

I've been told it was in wide circulation in the Star newsroom as soon as it hit the website, though I'm pretty sure INtake had no idea what it had done.

I'm not much an INtake reader, so an outside pair of eyes had to point it out. Thanks, still, to that person for the tip. And to Gary for getting it up first.

"What exactly are those transgressions?

Posted by: Coupon | May 12, 2006 at 10:32 PM"

She traveled with HB on these excursions, and is in bed with an OJJDP member.

Jennifer--thank you.

Regarding the back seat 'judgement' calls..

Fact: Heather has been under terrible stress for months due to work and an unbelievable string of awful family situations. How much do any of you think she has actually slept in the past few?

Fact: Neither Heather nor her family are rolling in dough so she has to take on the Dems, disgruntled employees, and Power Happy Reps pretty much on her own..no cash and no sleep!

Fact: Heather is not a political insider so no strategy team came to or is going to come to her aid.

Fact: Heather is black and we still live in a society that will target people solely for that reason...so there is ALWAYS that concern...and even sometimes being a woman pisses folks off as well! Some of you will not like to hear this and deny it is true or a factor - you'll just have to take my word on that.

Fact: People who KNOW Heather have NOT walked away.

Fact: Some people who know and love Heather and her husband, seeing the handwriting on the wall, insisted they get out of the house on Thursday night and have just a few hours away from the strain to share hugs from supporters and maybe even have a laugh. People encouraged them to go out (and yes, they knew M.M. would be there) because they knew the hell that was coming. Now you all may argue till the cows come home about was it appropriate and perhaps there could have been some other way to show support, relieve stress...but hey ITS OVER! DONE!!
And yes, they smiled for the Pictures...what a crime!

Bloggers - even for folks you think you hate - LIFE HAS TO GO ON.

Sorry, but I just don't understand why you'd let an INtake photographer snap your picture. It makes no sense.

I've said time and again that I feel bad for Heather and what she's going through. I don't hate her. I don't know her.

This is all about perception, and she hasn't done much to help her image lately.

It's not over. It's not done. Money is owed back to the state. The IG and DOJ are still investigating. And all the connections have not yet been made.

I appreciate that you're defending her, but this is bigger than her family and friends. It's about embarrassing government and breaking the trust taxpayers should have in the institutions that guard and spend their hard-earned money.

I realize that it's difficult to see that being as close as you obviously are to the situation.

heather is arrogant and foolish...she probably still thinks she is going to get out of this with her reputation in-tact. she sounded so guilty on the news last night...someone should tell her that saying "knowingly and intentionally" makes her look like a cocky lawyer who is trying to make a legal case when she ought to be making a public apology...

she just doesn't get it and she didn't when she worked for the agency.

the DIRECTOR needs some new direction!

How come only two got the axe? I thought more people were on the line?

I graduated from law school with Heather and it was a well know among the student body that she cheated on a final exam. I am just glad to see that her unethical behavior has finally caught up to her. She pulled the race card back then- it was only a matter of time before she did it here. Some people never change. It is too bad Mitch's administration will suffer because of this.

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