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Time May Be Up For Woodruff: Rep Can't Shed The Clocks Debacle

AlarmclockTime zones? Yeah, they're still an issue. Especially if you're Troy Woodruff, who told his constituents he'd never, ever vote for DST. Then he did. And now he's at the center of a controversy over the time boundaries drawn by the feds.

"Knox County's commissioners expect to vote next week on whether to join other southwestern Indiana counties in seeking a reversal of this spring's time-zone switch.

"Knox was among six area counties that the U.S. Department of Transportation approved for moves to the Central Time Zone. Backers of Central time argued that since Knox County borders Illinois it would be more convenient to have clocks on the same time across the state line.

"Others said they saw no need for a time-zone change since the switch only started April 2 when statewide observance of daylight-saving time began.

"The county commissioners on Monday were given a petition backing Central time with about 690 signatures, but that was far less than the 3,000 signature submitted by Eastern time supporters three weeks ago."


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Am I the only person having trouble following this debate? LET GO OF IT, FOLKS.

I think this truly is a local issue. It doesn't much affect those of us in Central Indiana, except for the folks who'd rather be in Central Time but aren't up in arms about it.

Hoosiers along the borders or who got the opposite of what they requested are still pretty ticked off. And they're aiming to take it out on those, like Woodruff, who they perceive as screwing things up for them.

DST, Mitch's answer to the question nobody asked.

Perhaps Mitch will spin this to say that Honda is moving here because of DST (even though Japan does not observe DST). Don't let Mitch get away with that one.

Woodruff is a good guy who is good for Hoosiers. It would suck to see a salt-of-the-earth guy like him get taken out by one of DitchMitch's needless ideas.

It's an extremely contentious local issue because it ought to have been a mildly contentious state issue. The problem is that, when addressing the inextricably linked Daylight Saving Time issue, the State failed to resolve the time zone issue.

First Hoosiers were told there would be statewide hearings on the matter, then the USDOT would issue a decision for the state. The Governor's application to the USDOT was deficient and ambiguous and the USDOT declined to exercise its discretion to resolve the matter in such a fashion. Instead, the USDOT came up with an ad hoc process by which non-petitioning counties would automatically observe Eastern Daylight Time. Petitioning counties could, if they jumped through enough hoops, potentially be moved to Central Time.

This ad hoc system was dumped in the laps of county commissioners who were given a very short deadline to decide whether to petition or not. Because they didn't (and couldn't) know what was going to happen with respect to neighboring counties, the commissioners were placed in a no-wins situationw where they had to try to solve a complex puzzle while only being able to move one of the pieces where the other pieces may or may not be moving at the same time.

Eastern time proponents by and large sat on their hands while Central time proponents were a bit more active. In counties that were placed in Central time, Eastern time advocates suddenly woke up after the process was done.

The time zone issue should have been resolved at the state level and the state itself should have petitioned the USDOT with a plan for the entire state. In my opinion, the state did a great disservice to the citizens generally and the county governments particularly by failing to address the time zone issue as part of the Daylight Saving Time debate.

It should not be forgotten that Woodruff not only campaigned on his opposition to DST he was the 51st vote that approved it in the House. So now he will answer to the voters back home. And he will be only one of many House GOP members that will be defeated becasue of Daniels.

If MMM had put Joel Silverman in charge of DST, it would have worked out well. Silverman doesn't care about local input, so he could have just made whatever decisions he wanted, taken some hits from various editorial boards and local elected officials (did I mention that he doesn't care?), then gone back to work on Monday ready to make some more unilateral decisions.

You seem to have missed the more obvious point. Maybe the folks in Woodruff's district are finally realizing that DST "ain't that bad." Why else would they now be asking to switch back to Eastern? The first post is right - LET GO OF IT, FOLKS! Indeed, if you read any of the editorial pages in Woodruff's district, that same sentiment is starting to emerge there.

And by the way, you might not find a connection between Honda and DST; but did you listen to the FedEx announcement a couple of weeks ago??? Number one reason for the expansion -- Indiana's adoption of DST. And as for Honda, do you think Major Moves just might, just maybe, have had something to do with THAT??

Okay, Bob, if you're going to talk about campaign promises and flops on positions -- all of which is completely fair -- should we also note the flops by David Orentlicher on this very same issue? Indeed, if David O and the Democrats had not been trying so hard to make DST a political issue, then Woodruff would not have cast the vote he did. He wouldn't have needed to because the bill would have passed without him. Sure, Woodruff should be held accountable for both his promises and his votes. But so should David O and other Ds whose stance on this issue was driven much more by negative politics than by constituent service.

The Governor would be foolish to try to claim he had any part of the Fed Ex deal.

Maybe Honda will be pulling out of Japan because it doesn't observe DST.

Did the governor say anything on this post about FedEx? I don't think so. But go read what FedEX has said about DST. Here's one quote from the March 2003 edition of Indiana Business Magazine:

Bob Palmer, vice president of national hub operations at the FedEx hub at Indianapolis International Airport, says not adopting DST is a sore spot for FedEx. Every day, dozens of planes fly in and out of the Indianapolis hub, where overnight packages are sorted. The operation must stay in sync with the rest of the FedEx operation, which means those flights arrive and depart an hour earlier in the summer than in the winter because the rest of the country has switched to DST. "It changes the employees’ schedules twice a year," Palmer says.

That can wreak havoc with child-care arrangements or employees’ other jobs (a large percentage of FedEx hub workers are part-time). That means extra-high employee turnover twice a year–more than 400 percent higher–costing FedEx as much as $1.5 million a year. "It also changes the cutoff time for our customers here," Palmer adds.

And here's a quote from the July '05 edition of Site Selection Magazine:

At a Site Selection-sponsored Indiana roundtable discussion in 2002, then-Lieutenant Gov. Joe Kernan promised, "We're not going to assign blame, we're just going to fix it." Was he responding to complaints about property taxes, road conditions or regulatory compliance? No. He was responding to multinational corporate executives seated at that table who were calling for "some sort of consistency in the time zones," which without that solution were frequently "an unnecessary complication and a nuisance."

I guess Kernan is ALSO wrong on this issue, eh?

Of course, Daniels should get all the blame for pushing an issue that was not needed.

Oh. Okay.

Did Fed Ex want Central or Eastern time?

Ugh. You post one little story on time zones, and the thread goes nuts.

Who'd have guessed?

Personally, I never had a problem with DST, but I would've preferred the Governor to follow through with his campaign promise to put Indiana on Central time.

Central time would suck, it just would. I would have had to travel in Ohio during the winter time for trips and such. No way I am going to do winter stuff in Indiana when it's getting dark at 4PM. Jump the state line (like 40 mins away) and you get another hour of daylight.

I could careless about DST, but the idea that _all_ of Indiana could be on one time zone is crazy. Evansville/Lake Co. would have always wanted Central. those counties near Louisville and Cinnci would have never gave up Eastern.

My advice is to observe what _you_ want to observe. If your job doesn't allow for this (because you just _have_ to have it light outside in April for your drive into work), then find another job.

Give us a year on eastern and we can see what happens. If it really is that bad, plenty of folks will be a byatching.

Here's a voice from outside 465-- the rest of central Indiana was screwed the moment Marion County decided NOT to make a petition. As we are controlled by (and from) Indianapolis, unhooking Lafayette (Tippecanoe County) from Indy was impossible.

Yes, the western half of Indiana should be in Central time-- and we're closer to Chicago. But at least this is done-- and believe me-- no politician in his right mind would want to actually open up the can for debate again. (Hear that Pat?!!!) While I opposed DST for decades -- and am now for it, because I like the extra daylight time in the evening-- it would be ludicrous to thinkt hat the feds will take the hit on this again.


"My advice is to observe what _you_ want to observe. If your job doesn't allow for this (because you just _have_ to have it light outside in April for your drive into work), then find another job."

Brilliant analysis Ravekid, especially considering it is hard enough for any Hoosier to find and keep a job in this horrible economy.

As hard as this is for me to do, I must agree with Ravekid on his/her 11:57 a.m. post. It is SO NICE to have evenings with light!

Personally, I dislike the extra hour of darkness in the morning.

Right now I agree it's not great, but in another couple of weeks it will be much lighter in the morning. What I will NOT miss are the birds waking me up at 4 a.m. from June through August.

I'll agree with you there, Doug. I hate getting out of bed when it's dark, and my friends with kids tell me it's a nightmare trying to get the wee ones to sleep when it's light outside.

DST is good, CDT would be better ... but the best would be if all the counties were the same (except perhaps for Lake which could justifiably want to remain with Chicago) As for EDT - it's horrible, we had the best of both worlds when we didn't change. But for God's sake, why didn't the guv do what he promised and get us all on the same page even if it means daylight at 10PM. I mean really couldn't Evansville have been with us and screw Illinois? Let them adapt to us for a change!

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