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Willing And Abel: J-G Profiles Lawyer Taking On State's Toll Road Deal

LawbooksThe Fort Wayne Journal Gazette also carries a profile today of one of our favorite attorneys, Arend Abel, who's taking on, among other things, one of our favorite issues, the Indiana Toll Road lease. The piece is definitely worth a read:

"Abel’s clients argue the [Toll Road] bill that authorized the state to enter into a public-private agreement to run the Toll Road is unconstitutional because it spends proceeds from the “sale” of a state asset instead of paying down debt.

"They also contend several provisions of the law constitute 'special legislation' – which is prohibited by the Indiana Constitution – because the language affects only specific areas of the state. This includes monetary payments from the lease proceeds to counties along the Toll Road and specific language affecting the route of an Interstate 69 expansion.

"'This is what the Indiana framers were concerned about – giving special consideration to one area to gain votes,' Abel said.

"The 45-year-old has been practicing law for 20 years after his graduation from Ball State University and receipt of his law degree from Indiana University. He has been with the law firm Cohen & Malad for nearly three years."


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