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Rokita Compromises On Statewide Voter Mailing: Look For Your Purgecard Soon

Vote_2Awww, look. Todd Rokita's taking credit for the bipartisan process of cleaning up the voter rolls. What he's not telling the media is that he had to give up a few things to finally get things started. Specifically, he had to take his office name off the postcard, and he promised to omit a whole lot of information about the state's voter identification law, which was to be set out even though the law currently is under consideration by the Seventh Circuit in Chicago. In other words, it has to be a content-neutral mailing from the Indiana Election Division, not a mailing that might intimidate voters into not coming out this November.

Say, you know what would have been a really good idea? Doing this last year, when there were no elections to speak of. But, then, it always takes Todd a little longer to get things right. After all, he's only worked in that office for a decade, so it's natural that he'd need a little time for figure things out:

"The mailing is intended to identify ineligible voters and remove them from the list, Rokita said.

"'The need for this cleanup is indisputable by any rational person,' he said.

"'As my office, the Department of Justice, and statewide media have pointed out, when we determined that 19 of 92 Indiana counties have more registered voters than actual citizens, age 18 or older, we knew there was a problem. When our brand new statewide voter registration system found 290,522 possible duplicate records, we knew there was a problem.'

"Voters thought to be 'inactive' will receive two notices and have the chance to let election officials know they still live at their address and want to remain registered."

Speaking of problems, you'll no doubt recall that Todd's own name was one of those duplicated on the poll books in the May primary. Sometimes, the problems start at the top.


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Good, I can't wait to ignore this postcard the same way I did when he sent them out two years ago.

Sounds like another attempt to remove blacks from the rolls.

Manfred what do you mean by that? Are you saying that blacks might not have addresses? I think you are being very liberal and very stupid. The object of the GOP is not to hurt black people, we just don't patronize them like the libs do.

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