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Rumor Has It: New State Blocking Software Puts TDW Off-Limits For Employees?

DonotenterSpeaking of fun First Amendment stuff, rumor has it that the state's new blocking software took effect this morning, and yours truly was among the sites state employees were no longer allowed to peek at. We're told that TDW has since been unblocked, but it's still kinda funny that we were perceived as enough of a distraction -- politically and professionally? -- to merit an official restriction. What do we do with ideas we don't like? We blockety block 'em.


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I once heard Bob and Tom were grounds for dismissal for that site.
I do NOTHING but work at work, not even de minimus use of the phone--which is permitted, so it's said. I use my personal cell phone and check out the blogs when I'm at a pc not owned by the state.
Remember the post about the INDOT Comish's day? In the context of this item, it may now seem funny to others who might not have understood.

Apparently there were issues with IOT this morning and a ton of sites were blocked. However, it's since been fixed but there are still sites that state employees are not allowed to visit. I hadn't checked TDW yet...

Yeah they blocked everything, we couldnt go to online bank accounts, or things such as myspace or college email accounts. The blocking was for all non legislative staff. They blocked the legislative staff on accident apparently. It was only down for a half hour or so, but it was interesting what was all blocked.

Guess they don't subscribe to the Tony Soprano mob concept of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer :-)

Just to have all information, you should probably do an Open Records request for the block protocols.

I never think I'm special. I just thought it was funny. Even funnier that they'd block a bunch of blogs.

TDW: Check to see if you can still access the right-wing web sites as well, or if it blocked only Democrat blogs. The software in use by several local educational groups allows the System Admin to select certain categories to block within the software. However, the manufacturer doing the blocking is NOT consistent on those rules and is letting through many right-wing groups (Free Republic, NRA, etc.) while blocking Dem sites. I'm betting you've got the same system and every time they push out an update in the future, it will hose the settings and re-block the TDW access. Keep your eye on this one, as that's another cheap Repub trick...

Nothing is blocked right now. Seems this morning was a trial run. Hope you don't feel too special though. Others that were blocked include frugalhoosiers, fw observed, indiana barrister, redstate and others.

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