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EXCLUSIVE: BMV Tells Indiana Prosecutors That July Data Cannot Be Used In Court

Bmvlogo_15The BMV may be telling the public that all's well with their records, but behind the scenes, the agency sent a memo last week to the Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council with a slightly different take on things.

The memo, which has been scanned and uploaded below, states that "The Bureau has complete confidence in all driver records that are certified for use in judicial proceedings up to June 30, 2006. However, driver records for the month of July may be incomplete and should not be certified for use in court at this time."

Not only are law enforcement officers on Indiana highways receiving faulty data, but now our courts are being told they also can't rely on the BMV's new system.

Read more: Download prosecutorBMVletter.jpg


What a great find, TDW.

Are you a prosecutor in training?

This memo, and the conduct behind it, are shameful. If the computer output is unreliable, at some point, the fix ought to be made public, whatever it is. Scrap it altogether, spend more money on it, keep it..whatever the choices are, we have a right to know.

By the way, I was going to go yesterday to BMV, because my plate renewal, now seven weeks post-check-cashing by the state, is still not here. Silly me. Branches are closed Monday.

So I'm driving around today, to go to the BMV after work, with illegal plates. I hope I get a ticket. I can't wait to wander into court with my evidence.

Things just find their way onto my desk. I don't ask questions.

I'm just glad they didn't try to blame the problems on prosecutors like they did with law enforcement officers.

Sounds like this is just a "training problem."

"The BMV! Slowly I turned ... step by step ... inch by inch ..."

What a bunch of maroons! And Silverman is quoted in the Star as crowing that $34 million is the deal of the century and visionary because other states are paying more.

With that logic it's easy to see why Galyans went down the tubes and why these incredibly underqualified political appointees in charge of millions of dollars like Silverman, Roob, and Schneider are making such a mess of things.

Someone should ask Carl Brizzi how he feels about this!

If a systems analyst asked for training, and was rebuffed, and he documented himself...there might be some criminal negligence here, or at least the basis for an investigation.

12:58 (and anybody else who doesn't know how to spell this word)
"maroons" = noun 1 cap :a fugitive Negro slave of the West Indies and Guiana in the 17th and 18th centuries; also: a descendant of such a slave 2 : a person who is marooned. verb 1 : to put ashore on a desolate island or coast and leave to one's fate 2 : to place or leave in isolation or without hope of ready escape. noun : a variable color averaging a dark red.

I think the word you were wanting is "moron" ( pronounce it [mo' ron] and you won't misspell it, most likely.)
"moron" = noun 1 : a feebleminded person or mental defective who has a potential mental age of between 8 and 12 years and is capable of doing routine work under supervision 2 : a very stupid person
SOURCE: Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary
Sorry. I'm an English teacher and I had time on my hands. It's nothing personal. I have noticed from reading other blogs that many people misspell this word. Again, sorry.

Clovis: I don't think it was a spelling error. I know many people who use the word "Maroon" for "Moron" there is no rhyme or reason, it's just funny and isn't as much of a direct insult. So, I think the person knew the difference, they just use it instead.

Clovis, I think the use of "maroon" as used here was made popular by Bugs Bunny back in a time period my generation calls "the day."

You know, Bugs pulls the wool over Yosemite Sam's eyes, hides his mouth with his hand, leans into the camera and says, "What a maroon!"

Wow, after posting the Bugs comment, I did a quick Google and realized that Bugs' original "maroon" comment was probably just a mangling of the word moron.

Read this fascinating post about it here:

And listen to Bugs' audio here:

Does anyone know who made the call on purchasing this system?

Finally got my July tags today - after trying online renewal, which has worked for us every year until now; trying a BMV Express kiosk, which was not in service; going to a branch yesterday, which was closed on Monday; and going back twice today.

Oh, and you bet they charged me a $5 delinquent renewal fee.

What vendor(s) are they working with? Does anybody know if Accenture is part of this mess?

I read the Star article today in which a Quest rep said some bugs can't be identified until the system gets "real world" testing.

Well, today when I went to the BMV I spoke with an disabled senior who was making his 3rd visit to the BMV in 6 weeks to get a simple plate transfer processed. And today, the Branch Mgr. once again told the gentleman "The system just won't let us complete the transaction. We'll take your phone # and call when the system is fixed."

So let me get this straight. To ensure a basic transaction like a plate transfer requires "real world" testing and can't be figured out before rollout? Whatever....

10:58, didn't you know the reason all these R's are now running/ruining state government is because they couldn't run a business like a business. Government is not a for profit business venture--it's a service delivery system using tax dollars. BMV isn't the only place you find monumental, inefficient computer program screw ups. Internal workings are full of them. Try to buy a box of paperclips, or submit a job application, or record time worked, or get a reimbursement---it won't be a check, the Auditor demands direct deposit of all vendors, which drives some of them completely away. The technology mess is widespread, but not obvious to the general public. It does not work, or works poorly, and an enormous amount of time is being wasted by state employees trying to navigate and manipulate these 'new' systems.

IPD is not running any driver background checks right now; just asking you if you've had any other violations in the past 2 years, writing the ticket and letting you go with the fine. I know this firsthand because they popped me for speeding just this morning. Watch out on 16th Street folks...

Anybody check out these jokers, they want to blame the whole thing on the previous administration... when they have been in office for almost two years. no driver background checks? that was how the police got TIm McVey I beleive. oh well another day in Mitch's alternative universe... up is down and yellow is black and don't tell the little emperor anything he does not want to hear or youre fired!

I, too, had renewal problems...posted on this blog a few days ago. My check for plate renewal was cashed five and a half weeks ago, and still no plates. So, I went to the branch Monday. I got stopped by an off-duty policeman, for expired tags. I explained my problem and whe kindly waved me on. Said it was his fifth similar problem of the day.


Then I tried a kiosk.

Whoops, I did it again (apologies to Brittany).

Went to a branch yesterday, with a bank statement, proving BMV had cashed my check weeks ago. I got my renewal. And they wouldn't waive the $5 late fee. This after a wait over over 90 minutes. In a branch that was packed. (Doesn't anyone use Dial anymore?) The manager was a witch and refused to waive the fee. I'd watched her apologize and take crap for almost two hours. By the time she got to me her forgiveness factor was ziltch.

Run state government like a business, huh? Yeah, right.

As far as driving records go, this really isn't that big of deal. Driving with a suspended prior is basically one step up from a dismissal already. The punishment is a slap on the wrist. I am sure a few people who were locked up for HTV or HTV-Life might actually get a walk from this.

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