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In Real Life: Right-Wing Indiana Cartoonist Arrested For Public Intox?

CuffsRumor has it that right-wing Indiana cartoonist Edward Bruce Tinsley, who created the "Mallard Fillmore" strip, was arrested for public intoxication on Saturday, Aug. 27, in Columbus, Ind. Apparently, the arrest was in Sunday edition of the Columbus Republic, but TDW can't find it on their site. Can anyone verify this?


No charges showing up yet in Bartholomew County via DoxPop:


As a conservative and a Republican, I have to say that I've always found Mallard Filmore to be embarrasingly sub-par.

It's certainly no Doonesbury.

Someone just e-mailed me with this information about the arrest.

"From Page A7 of Sunday’s Columbus Republic:

"Edward Bruce Tinsley, 48, 4521 Coles, public intoxication, 12:46 a.m. Saturday, at Two Mile House Road and Indiana 46, by Columbus Police Department, held on $5,000 bond."

Somehow this will all end up being Al Franken's fault, won't it?

Now maybe he will miss a few submissions, and I won't have to look at his cave drawings for a while.

Our paper's so bad, my bird won't even crap on it...

very interesting.

i read a lot of out-of-state bloggers, and they just dump all over mallard fillmore.

if this is true, it'll be very interesting.

Yep. It's true. And he's at it again...


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