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Down For The Count: Chocola Trails Donnelly In New South Bend Poll

Chocula_4Great news for Democrat Joe Donnelly in Indiana's Second District: He's upped his lead over GOP incumbent Chris Chocola, despite the fact that Chocola has dumped several hundred thousand dollars into negative media since the last poll showed Donnelly with a five-point lead. From the South Bend Tribune:

"Democrat Joe Donnelly appears to be increasing his lead over incumbent U.S. Rep. Chris Chocola in what is still a tight 2nd District congressional race.

"A weekend Tribune/WSBT-TV poll of 400 likely voters showed Donnelly with a 50 percent to 42 percent lead over Chocola, with 8 percent undecided and a 5 percent margin of error.

"That compares to a July poll that showed Donnelly with a 46 percent to 41 percent lead over Chocola, with 13 percent undecided and the same 5 percent margin of error.

"Both polls were conducted by Research 2000 of Rockville, Md.

"'We're pleased to be ahead,' Donnelly said in response to the poll, adding his belief that the outcome will be close because of the makeup of the district.

"'We've got a ways to go,' Donnelly said.

"'I think we've got 50 days left,' Chocola said, adding, 'I've always said it will be a competitive race. It still will be.'"


That's awesome, Donelly doesn't even have to convince many of the Undecided to vote for him in order to win. As it stands, Chocola has to get ALL of the undecides to vote for him just to tie it up.

Sorry Count, better luck next time.

The Drunken Mick doesn't stand a chance.

Don't believe the Commie-biased polls.

The GOP once again exposes its naked bigotry with ethnic slurs and delusional redbaiting...

"Don't believe the Commie-biased polls."

Actually, I believe this poll oversampled Republicans by a plus-four margin.

I agree with TDW, the lead is actually larger than this poll would indicate. I've been doing door to door and phone banking in Kokomo for Donnelly and it is very interesting to hear people's comments. I believe it will be very hard for him to make up enough ground to retain his seat.

Excuse me 9:49, but this is the twenty-first century and your racial and ethnic slurs are offensive. Besides you're showing your age if the best you can come up with is "commie-biased ". That went out with the Nehru jackets and polyester pantsuits!

I live in the southern-most tip of the 2nd and have to deal with the count's propaganda in my mailbox. There is a lot about the evil immigrants and how we will all somehow be vaguely but seriously harmed by them if we keep "doing nothing". Also, he loves to mention that he saved money for the taxpayers by making NASA bigwigs fly coach instead of 1st class. That's about it. Nothing more substantial like oil dependency, ending the war (or at least coming up with a plan to end it), budget deficients, the healthcare crisis, etc. He is a typical robot for Bush. I've found many people in the area to be seriously considering Donelly. By the way, my wife's maiden name is "Murphy". The comment was a low blow...

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