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More Than Meets The Eye: Dickerson Police Report Details Assault, Fear

Ericdickerson_1Ask the blogosphere, and ye shall receive. Turns out, the police report about Eric Dickerson's arrest for domestic violence is a bit more telling than the candidate himself was on Abdul's show this morning. You'll find a scanned copy of the document below.

Also, the photo that accompanies this post is the mugshot that was taken of Dickerson when he was booked into the county lockup. If you'd like to see a full-size version, click on the image.

Here's an excerpt from the report, which was filed on August 24, 1991:

"[Aisha Dickerson] stated her father, an Eric Dickerson, had bitten her and was currently attacking her mother, Paula Dickerson. As we walked toward the house we heard yelling and saw Eric Dickerson and his wife arguing in the living room. The articles in the room were thrown about and it was obvious that a fight had and was taking place. We knocked on the front door. Eric Dickerson looked out the front window and promptly ran up the stairs in an attempt to avoid these officers. Paula Dickerson opened the door and then ran past us crying and bleeding with her baby in her hands. She stated he was trying to kill her and she was terrified. She also later said that he had tried to poke her eyes out and strangle her and that we have been there before."

If you'd like to read the rest of the report, have at it: Download dickersonpolicereport1.pdf

Interestingly enough, you'll note that one of the responding officers on the call was Vince Huber, now the President of the local Fraternal Order of Police. Wonder what he has to say about the incident.

TDW has heard the case was in the court system for almost a year before the charges were dismissed, which is a far cry from Dickerson's story that nothing ever came of the altercation.

UPDATE: The Indy Star posted a story on this situation late this afternoon.


A little behind the times, aren't you?

It is real. The cops said it was real. Dickerson said it was real.

But the election is over.

Clean cup, move down.

Okay. Come on guys. This is obviously not a real police report. Haha. Don't tell me you believe this...
For one thing, no police officer would be discussing the assailant on a first-name basis, haha. There is so much wrong with this so-called "police report," haha.

I think should like at a person's record since then. Has he ever been arrested since then? No he hasn't. You know its easy to condemn him for something that happended long ago. Now let's not forget what Julia was like some time ago. She was a slum lord funny how nobody brings that up. Its tike for a change and that change has to start now!

Dickerson's a Marine. I trust him. Is Carson a Marine or other vet? Far from it. Carson's a slumlord who stole from the purse of another Democrat at the 1988 Convention.

If the Liberal media would ever take even the slightest critical look at Carson, she'd be toast.

"Now it came out that Julia was arrested for stealing cash from the purse of another Democrat during the 1988 Democratic Convention."

Actually, that's just one bitter nut spewing a rumor. There isn't a party insider in this town who takes Jocelyn-Tandy Adande seriously.

See, the difference between Dickerson's police report and the Atlanta gossip is that one is substantiated.

From a purely PR standpoint, any time you have to say, "I am not a wife-beater, nor did I ever bite my child," and then you have to clarify what really happened, you usually don't win in the court of public opinion.

This really backfired on Julia and Jen. Lots of egg on their faces over this.

Now it came out that Julia was arrested for stealing cash from the purse of another Democrat during the 1988 Democratic Convention.

Will the Democrats have the honesty to make a full presentation regarding this theft? Will Carson come forard and promise not to steal, again? These are basic promises that any Congresswoman accused of such serious crimes should willingly make.

Until then, we're all wondering how deep the Carson corruption goes.

It's time to dump her old and failed ideas and get some new and real leadership for Indiana.

Vote Her Out,

I think you dropped your tin foil hat. They'll steal your thoughts if you don't wear it.

TDW and Anonymous - African Americans in the know refer to Julia Carson and Company as the Ghetto Mafia and she is their Queen.


Ghetto Mafia - 1] Inner city secret criminal society

2] a secret society of political terrorists

3] a secret organization composed chiefly of criminal elements and usually held to control racketeering , peddling narcotics, gambling, and other illicit activities

Carson supporters need to further investigate your candidate's background. You might be surprised with what you may find!

Over 100 posts in 24 hours. Any doubt this is a hot topic?

Can someone out there please describe what is meant by Julia Carson's "Ghetto Mafia"?

For shame, Eric Dickerson.

"Because you are on her payroll, that's how."

Nope. Try again.

Are you telling me that if you had a police report like this involving Julia Carson, you wouldn't do anything with it?

I have big, fuzzy Taz slippers that I wear around the office. They're great.

"You don't know much about women who go through this kind of thing, do you?

I'm in no position to judge whether she's covering up for her estranged husband or whether she's telling the truth, but if you've spent any time working with victims of domestic violence, you know that the former isn't uncommon."

Did you listen to the interview at all? C'mon... don't throw some vague generalizations about domestic violence victims out there... step up to the plate and speak to this specific incident.

Does it sound to you like she's covering up for Eric? If so, why?

Maybe I should call the police up on you, file a report, and make it gospel. Sorry TDW. We live in the United States, not Iran. We have a legal system and a consitution. The case was dismissed and his wife has also agreed that no domestic violence took place. Why must you carry on with these distractions?


Did you know that Indianapolis is in the top twelve cities, population-wise, in the entire United States? Why then, is our district in the bottom 3% in receiving federal money? BECAUSE OF MS. CARSON!!!! She can't negociate deals, she doesn't get along with anyone there. She treats this job with no respect. When is the last time TDW, showed up to work in his/her pajamas!!!!! Would you have a job after that? Who would? I wouldn't. This is the United States congress we are talking about. How can you realistically defend this madness?

Because you are on her payroll, that's how. Why would you sell your district out? The money is not that good. Just think if the amount of federal money our district received was equal to the size of our district in relation to the rest of the country. Everyone would benefit, big time, including you. Do you understand how much money we are giving away, by keeping her in office? You too would be better off, but you are blinded by the quick temptation.

There is 25 million dollars we could have in our district today, but your Queen Julia wont fill out the application for it. Don't you see? Please open your eyes and think long term for once. Stop selling us out. You can make even more money by empowering your district. Everyone cant think long term though.

"what motivation does Paula Dickerson have for covering the alleged incident up?"

You don't know much about women who go through this kind of thing, do you?

I'm in no position to judge whether she's covering up for her estranged husband or whether she's telling the truth, but if you've spent any time working with victims of domestic violence, you know that the former isn't uncommon.

Abdul posted up the interview on his the WXNT website... I suggest you listen if you missed it this morning.

OK, Carson acolytes... what motivation does Paula Dickerson have for covering the alleged incident up?

And since when is a police report adequate grounds for determining someone's guilt?

Please answer those two questions...

if he had any chance of winning he would be perfect in congress
a lying POS who will not take responsibility for his actions!

So, 5/3 sues Dickerson for failure to pay his loans, but he insists it was a misunderstanding and not his fault.

Dickerson gets arrested for beating his wife and daughter, and he insists it was a misunderstanding and not his fault.

See a pattern here?

"TDW you should be ashamed - and you should be part of a lawsuit. People that defend Julia Carson and her ilk are pathetic. Get your head out of your ass."

This is a public record. Anyone could go get those SSNs.

If I wasn't ashamed of posting the data, I wouldn't have redacted it when someone pointed out my error.

It seems like you guys are desperate to distract from the police report at hand, so feel free to attack the messenger.

Honest error my ass. The Dickerson's SSN and Drivers License were the first thing you notice when you scroll down. TDW, you should be ashamed - and part of a lawsuit. Defenders of Carson are pathetic. Get you head out of your ass.

Honestly, someonewhowouldknow, I didn't see the SSNs there the first time around. I was a little distracted by the summary of the incident. I've fixed the error, and I'm admitting fault.

Eric Dickerson seems to be doing a mighty fine job of destroying himself without any help.

I couldn't figure out why the GOP slated Ron Franklin over Dickerson way back when. Dickerson had better name ID and a seemingly squeaky-clean image. Maybe the party folks already knew what we're all just now finding out.

It always amazes me that people with this kind of record run for office. Public records aren't exactly hidden. And someone always finds them.

Incidentally, for those of you who think this report was manufactured or made up, you can go to a number of limited criminal history search sites and pull up Dickerson's history. Not a big secret.

Honest error my ass...that's the first think I noticed in the report as you scroll down....TDW you should be ashamed - and you should be part of a lawsuit. People that defend Julia Carson and her ilk are pathetic. Get your head out of your ass.

Eric is going to find out that his SSN, and birthday were published on this blog. Where is the responsibility? I don't think that the publisher of this blog would be willing to post his or her SSN, and birthdate. That's pretty bad. Is this yet another way to destroy Eric. I know, let's have his identity stolen. It will be funny. All of you Eric bashers should really stop. It works against you.

Honest error, TDW. Thanks.

The slumlord thing has been beaten to death and answered to the satisfaction of most people. Believe it or not, Wilson's defense made the most sense on that issue.
Even a blind squirrel can find an acorn once in a while.

What else ya got?

To be honest, I didn't notice the SSNs on the original report, or I would have redacted them. I'll take care of that right now. Thanks for letting me know.

"He will open their eyes and get elected."

And if he does not get elected he will poke their eyes out.

Don't worry, she won't get elected this time. Eric Dickerson is in the streets of center township, where no other Rep has gone before to spread the word. He grew up in the ghetto. He's not scared of his people. He will open their eyes and get elected. She's getting very nervous now. No wonder she wont respond to interviews. The people will wake up to her deceit, and send her back home.

Well, Abdul's show was quite interesting this morning. He aired some of a phone interview with the wife. She stated while Dickerson was out of town their 17 year old son took out his Corvette without permission and totaled it. Dickerson coming home and finding his car in the driveway totaled became enraged. (I would too) It was a shouting match with the whole tribe screaming and crying but the one that did the act was not there.

It was misdirected anger. We all do that at times when we have bad days. She said he never hit her or touched her. Oh, and the baby, it was a bag of groceries she was carrying as she got the freak out dodge to take a calgon moment. The 15 year old daughter was watching the 2 and 3 year olds. Kind of big to be carrying around.

A police report isn't the whole story nor are they totally accurate. It's a brief description of the event written later after the fact from notes taken and observations. If they were true and just then the prosecutor would be able to try a case on that alone. Lets face it, this was nothing but election mud slinging.

So, on that note, why isn't anyone saying that Carson was or is a slum lord. It's pretty bad when the board of health has to condemn your properties because they are unlivable. The almighty Carson with her very bad wigs needed to maybe visit her homes and check on conditions while the tenets are there and fix problems when they come up. Painting and hiding mold doesn't fix the problem. One more item. What bills has she ever authored? Why does she disrespect the office by showing up to vote on bills in her PJ's where she was told to return to her chamber to change? One last one. How about the money that ended up missing when she was Trustee?

The list goes on but she'll get elected again by her blind voters that believe she can do no wrong and if she gets asked these questions in a public forum she cries and storms off stage. Just ask Andrew Horning about that. I was there and it was pretty funny. Oh well, life goes on and she'll get re-elected. She won’t leave until she turns to dust!

I'm working with a slow computer here, and the police report locked up my screen for awhile.

Did you redact the SS number, TDW?

Well, put dumbass. Now we know why Dickerson wasn't slated by the R's...

To Dumbass,

You are appropriately named.

The bottom line is this - if you are arrested for spouse abuse, or pretty much anything short of disturbing the peace during a protest, running for Congress is no longer an option. You know it's going to come up, no matter who pulls it out of the closet. It doesn't matter if it's your opponent or some journalist or just a party operative - you know it will come out and be discussed. If Dickerson thinks this is some sort of smear campaign, he's too damned stupid to be in Congress.

People need to realize that, once you file your candidacy for office, even local offices, everything you have ever done for which a record exists becomes a part of the election. Look at Jack Ryan in IL - the idiot. Dickerson is a moron for thinking he could mount a serious campaign with a mugshot on file, not to mention the nature of the police report. Good god. Thankfully he doesn't have a prayer to win the 7th.

Kind of off topic, but did anyone else notice this post?

"The wife would not testify and the charges were dropped a year later. There is little you can do as a dep. prosecutor in a situation like that.

Posted by: | Sep 19, 2006 at 02:08 PM"

Wasn't Kennedy just bashing Brizzi for not convicting wife-beaters and Dems scoffed when this was Brizzi's response?

It means police reports taken at a hectic scene are not always accurate... the police are trying to do 800 things at the same time in a volatile situation, and they don't always accurately record the events...


That's why we call eyewitnesses to the stand. That's why we don't convict people on police reports alone.

It's not as simple as 'Eric lied or the cops lied.'

Get your heads out of your nether regoins, people.

So if the Dickersons are disputing the sequence of events, does that mean Vince Huber was lying?

Julia is taking off her mask and getting desperate. Paula Dickerson has also denied that her husband Eric Dickerson hit her. Julia likes to, and must distract her team from real issues. Why would Channel 13 report this soap opera, bullcrap story before the babies who died at the hospital? Absolutely no respect for its viewers. Please remember, OUR COUNTRY IS AT WAR! Why are we playing Days of our Lives, and General Hospital, Julia? Everyone who knows you, knows you're constantly drunk. We don't need alcoholics that help open bars in public buildings named after you, illegaly, that wont even show up to work, representing our district. REPORTERS, DO NOT SELL YOUR SOUL TO JULIA. PLEASE REPORT REAL ISSUES. PLEASE TALK ABOUT ERIC'S CREDENTIALS, AND WHY HE IS THE OBVIOUS CHOICE FOR OUR DISTRICT! AGAIN, OUR COUNTRY IS AT WAR AND NEEDS YOU TO DO YOUR JOB. This only applies to certain reporter who would rather sell out our district to line their own pockets, than have proper representation in our district. Eric has spent millions with you throughout the years. Stop making your decision based off of whoever spends the most money gets the good publicity. OUR DISTRICT AND COUNTRY ARE AT STAKE!!!!! ITS NOT ALWAYS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!!

"Inspire of what you think Wilson, my expertise is in demand and I have several winning office holders to my credit."

someone should block jocelyn from this and every blog she posts on
there is a reason the star dropped her as a "blogger"
that woman could not run if she was pantyhose

You should be ashamed of yourself for posting someone SSN and birthdate. You could have blacked that out, especially since you exposed an young women to what can be a lifetime of headaches. Please post your name, address, SSN and date of birth so all of the other good people on this board can steal your identity. You should be held responsible for your reckless actions.

UPDATE: The Indy Star posted a story on this situation late this afternoon.

Update on Update - The star has pulled that story from the online section. There is nothing in todays print version either ?

Now why would they pull the story given to them from Julia Carson ? Do they feel they have been used ?

I am all for free speech and Ms. Tandy-Adande has the right to speak, but is there any way we can show her how to start her own blog so I don't have to scroll through her rants. I have had to deal with her over the years and she is one angry woman. I am not sure she does not need serious mental health care help.

To Julia Carson:

It is time for you to go!

Rumors and accusations do not have to be true, only believable. This tactic has been used for a number of years by Julia Carson and Company to destroy an opponent’s credibility before an election.

Dirty tricks, sabotage, break-ins. You have prevailed for more than thirty years.

You have been very well connected and protected. Your sins and vices have been covered up or kept from public scrutiny.

Well Julia, it's your turn to have your life investigated and turned inside out looking for the dirt, the muck and the mire. Turn about is fair play.

I have the facts, and you know it, Ghetto Mafia Queen!

When you or your minions respond to the charges, do so under the penalties of perjury, otherwise your answers will not be acceptable.

Skeletons in your closet, there may be some dead bodies!

I interviewed his wife last night. We spoke for quite a while. YOu fols should listen and get the whole story. She doesn't come across as someone who would put up with being a victim of domestic violence.

"Everytime someone in the media mentions Dickerson, they refer to him as car dealer, trying desperately to connect any negative car dealer perceptions and stereotypes out there. "

Yeah, because it couldn't possibly be as a way of distinguishing him from the former Colt. Watch the evening news, who buys a large percentage of their ads? Car dealers. You really think they want to lose that money? Furthermore do you really think they have a negative image of car dealers? I think anytime they see a car dealer, only one thing comes to mind: dollar signs.

What is this election about? Electing a competent congressperson capable of being excellent at their job, or turning one of the most important races in the nation, according to the New York Times, into a soap opera. Let's make sure we dont talk about current events vs. 15 year old dismissals.

Everytime someone in the media mentions Dickerson, they refer to him as car dealer, trying desperately to connect any negative car dealer perceptions and stereotypes out there. Is everyone on her payroll? Are times that hard? Does she pay that well? No extra bonus check?

I would like for them to mention one time just one of his other accomplishments. Why havent I heard anything about Eric Dickerson, the former Marine Corp Captain? Who also by the way, flew Cobra helicoptors, Hueys, and Apaches. You know, not once have I ever heard, "Eric Dickerson the Cobra Pilot". Wonder Why? Wonder why I haven't ever heard that he was the first African-American in the United States to graduate from college with an Aviation Engineering degree. Haven't heard that out on the press lately. Wonder Why? I haven't heard anything about Eric Dickerson's former accomplishments while working for General Motors or Rolls Royce. He only worked for them for 20 years. From aviation engineer, to accident investigator, to director of public relations and advertising. Why doesnt Julia have a tag to go along with her name?
"Dickerson the car dealer" That's all. That's enough.

From what I've heard, Dickerson came up in Detroit, MI before he joined the marines. He grew up in one of the worst parts of Detroit and was able to dodge the distractions (like this one), and avoid becoming a statistic. Not only is he not just a statistic, someone please check his record. He is truly, by every means, a self made man, and one to be respected.


This election I remind you again is for United States Congress. It's not an Emmy award show, General Hospital or Days of our Lives. OUR NATION IS AT WAR!!!!!

Who will make better decisions in this office? Not to benefit the special interests, the corporations, the parties, or anyone else for that matter, but what is best for our country. What is best for all legal Americans?

Do not base this election off of the Days of Our Lives soap opera as some would have it be. Please, for not only your sake, but the sake of our distict and our country. Pick the better candidate always.

Dems and Reps. Please stop dividing our country. We will never be united until we erase all of the labels and become Americans. When we all believe that we are all equal, we will all want to do the right thing, and will all want to be called just plain old Americans. No more tags. Embrace being American for a change.

Adande = NUTBALL

no wonder the star dropped yur nutty asss shit

wow, Eric Dickerson is revealed as an alleged wife beater and child abuser and we should be embarassed. Now there is some twisted logic.

9:48 -
okay, then he would have been tossed from the home - that didn't happen. again, something smells here...

Of course Carson gave them the story... just like Carson's camp is where TDW got the report. This reeks of complete and total desperation, and I'm disappointed in how willfully TDW is abetting Carson, and how uncritically she's looking at this story. I may not side with her on all the issues, but I expected more than just her being a complete party line hack like this. There are good, honest Democrats who could use her support but she's throwing her credibility away for Julia Carson? Even the most loyal party members have to be embarassed by her at some point.

Don't they?

The Star is reporting the the old bat Carson was the one to give them the story.

That old woman is a joke and needs to go. There's nothing she won't do to win.

And if the story is true about her in Atlanta she should go

9:38--the child would not have been removed as long as Mr. Dickerson was under a NCO. They don't take a child out of his/her home as long as one responsible parent is there--they remove the offending parent.

Response to 5:49 p.m. and Wilson Allen

I support a person's constitutional right to seek public office. For your information, I was asked by Mr. Hildago's aunt to assist him with his campaign. Inspire of what you think Wilson, my expertise is in demand and I have several winning office holders to my credit. Problem with you, Wilson, you didn't who they were.

Mr. Hildago was smeared, harassed, and threatened by Steve Laudig, Democrat Party Chairman. Bobby Hildago Kern is a Mexican American citizen, was the Democrats nominee, he beat the slate in the 1998 Primary for 5th District Congress.

Did the Democrats respect the will of the people? No! Mr. Hildago spent only $25.00 for flyers and beat the party slate. He didn't steal any votes, didn't have hundreds of volunteers, and didn't have the help of the machine, but he did win a Primary Election and 15% of the votes in November.

I'm glad you remembered that campaign, because you have just shown the readers how insiders in the Democrat Party treat persons outside the circle.

He had just as much right to run as some of the crooks the Party has supported over the years.

We encourage our youth to participate in the election process, but we don't tell them that there are individuals who try to deny them access.

I have experience in every facet of the election process, and I would like to know how many bloggers have actually run for public office. Put yourself out there and let the public rip you apart. It really takes guts to be a candidate, there is no guarantee that you will win.

I can withstand the attacks, and smears, but when I began to publish facts and truths, don't complain. Turn-about is fair play.

Rest assure, before this campaign is over, the truth will be told about many things.

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